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Should William Ayers speak at Naperville North?

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William Ayers, who was part of a group named the Weather Underground which participated in domestic terrorism in the 1960s, is scheduled to speak at Naperville North High School on April 8.

During the election, Barack Obama was criticized for his friendship with Ayers, and now North is being criticized by many members of the community for hosting this controversial figure. The district is now re-evaluating the speech, considering moving it to an off-campus location.

Ayers is also scheduled to speak and sign books at Anderson's Bookshop in Naperville.

What do you think about Ayers' appearance in Naperville?

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First Ayers.

Now Obama? Via the idiot box? To all the students?

What is this school district trying to pull on us?

Don't they know Obama used to pal around with Ayers? Down with the school board and Mitrovich for letting this happen!

e^(i*pi) -- tongue firmly in cheek

It is disappointing that I was not allowed to make my own opinions on Bill Ayers. In a democracy, it is up to the youth to censor themselves, not that of the parents. Naperville North and Naperville in general has had a terrible tendency to duck and cover when things go against the will of the parents. It has hurt my education, because so many people feel they know what is right for me, like Consumer Ed.
A democracy, or even a representative republic, should be more willing to accept the extremists. They will not burn our country down, they are too extreme to have that kind of support. Having your children see and hear him would only make them more mature. If they had not agreed, they could have left the room. But to ban it for everyone was an exaggeration.
I have Eby this year, and I have already learned more about America from his (stated) bias and discussion than I ever did in AP Government. To understand history and human nature is to understand bias.

Yesterday, Ayers spoke in Elgin at a Kiwanis club event. This particular thread was full of debate on Ayers with a lot of people, including (presumably) high school students who felt the cancellation in Naperville was tantamount to extreme censorship and small mindedness.

I know it was a school day, and was all the way in Elgin. But I wonder if anyone actually made the trip to see the speech? Maybe there was a "freedom bus" or car pool that left NN for the event? The article in the Sun says the event highlights will be on U-tube later in the week. I wonder if it will be required viewing at NN?

Silly concerned parent and citizen. First, Ayers is never misquoted. LMAO! In this era of mass media technology, we hear his own words directly from his own mouth. Check him out on Youtube. He and his brilliant quotes are posted for your misquoted enjoyment. It is tools like you who support him that perpetuate his legacy of lies. Second, the community chose not to have this idiot deliver his "teachable moment" in a public school we work way too hard and pay way to much to support. We simply demanded that he be made to give his moment of "living history" some place else. Third, your red herring about free speach being censored by the school administration reminds me of the tiff between the NCHS newspaper and School District Headquarters last year about the content of an article that was pulled from that student paper. Free speech in the public schools is not absolute. You should be smart enought to know that. 204 is a defendant federal court now defending their right to censor free speech messages in the school if it does not like them. And so far they are winning.

Shawn Healy among others said it well in the Tribune recently:

"While public schools may place some limits on speech that occurs within the schoolhouse gate, the lesson Naperville North officials relayed to their students was that the heckler holds a veto over unwelcome or controversial ideas.

Missing a "teachable moment," the superintendent allowed dissenting voices in the community to override the supportive messages he received, and simultaneously censored the marketplace of ideas. While school administrators may have saved face with angry parents, students were taught that speech is free so long as a majority supports its content."

How can high school students make intelligent decisions without hearing both sides of a story. Ayers has much to say about the choices he made as a youth. He's frequently (and conveniently) misquoted so that his remorse is misconstrued.

Hober: and why do the ignorant ask stupid questions?

Why are the ignorant always the most vocal?


I now understand Mr. Eby invited Mr. Ayers.

Who official uninvited him and how was it done?



Terrorist, Ayers interview regarding how mean Naperville was to uninvite him from presenting to a captive audience of minors.

Shall we all review a few tidbits recently published on Ayers?

>Ayers is a weakling who has oft stated he was "Guilty as hell, free as a bird,"

>Ayers was proudly photographed stomping on the US flag

>Ayers was a leader of 60s mob rule who incited fear and intimidated lawful people

>Ayers was quoted saying "it's true his Weather Underground group intentionally broke the law"

>Ayers stated the Naperville cancellation had all the hallmarks of suppression of speech: incitement of fear, intimidation of well-meaning folks, mob rule. Sounds like how he made his living, eh?

>Ayers apparently has missed the point that parents and taxpayers legitimately expressed their disagreement, wanting some control over what their children learn, how their money is spent.

All in all, it was summarized beautifully with the statement that "..apparently a one sided presentation in a tax payer supported school, supervised by a teacher who is a disciple of the ex-terrorist, doesn't meet their standards. As is their right, they protested Ayers doesn't get it."

"Meanwhile Ayers' life continues pleasantly; he teaches, he writes and now he turns himself into a victim."

Now, if Comrade Kermit REALLY wanted alesson on the 60s, and REALLY wanted an informative exchange, he should have set-up a debate with Ayers and, perhaps, some war vets, or retires FBI, etc, from those days.

I think we all know why he didn't, though ---- this was an ill-disguised rouse to allow a terrorist to talk in the confines of "DuPage, land of righties" and get a giggle out of it at his next brie & chardonnay party with the members of PURE, the Civic Alliance of Aurora & Naperville, etc.

To: By a disappointed student on April 8, 2009 9:37 PM

Perhaps you should actually do some research yourself, youngster. Maybe, like, you know, read his book or, um, like, Google him?

You also might want to refresh yourself on the legal phrases of the land (you know, ones like concpiracy, after-the-fact, collusion, accessory, etc).

If you did the two minor things above you would see that your post was baseless and juvenile.

a disappointed student on April 8, 2009 9:37 PM


Dear Student, Why don't you stage a protest at North? Why don't you demand a meeting with the principal so he can hear your concerns? Why don't you start a petition of fellow students demanding to see Ayers? Convince your parents to do the same and you just may see some changes.

Aside from that why don't you read his book, and read as much about this man and judge for yourself if he truly is sorry, or if the victims of his groups crimes were simply collateral damage. Just because you don't see him in person doesn't mean you can't learn about him.

I am truly, truly disappointed by the reaction to Bill Ayers' invitation to Naperville North. People seem to believe that this will breed terrorists and murderers in our schools. This is simply not true. Did Bill Ayers do anything wrong? Of course he did. We students are able to tell the difference between right and wrong. But because he did something wrong does not mean that we cannot learn from it. We could have learned from some of his ideas and beliefs. Would we go set bombs because of it? Of course not. We would, however, possibly learn about many different things such as mistakes in the government, mistakes in the acts of protesters, and possibly even the media. If the parents in Naperville don't believe us students are not mature enough to have our own morals and values than obviously the problem is much deeper than Bill Ayers coming to speak.

In addition, we students would not be forced to listen to him speak. Any parent who didn't want their son/daughter to listen to him could simply not sign the permission slip and he/she would not be allowed to go. It's not as though the school was forcing students to go listen to this man.

Furthermore, a lot of the protests and arguments against Bill Ayers coming to Naperville North are based upon false evidence. In order to truly know who is being sent to our schools to speak some research must be done. He never killed anyone, he does not hate America, he is not a terrorist, he has apologized for his acts, and he is not still involved in his actions of the past. And do not misunderstand me, I am not excusing what he has done. He has done wrong but i believe that he should at least be judged fairly.

Please, at least consider my words and the words of others.

A disappointed student

This blog is a very sad commentary on this city... people stooping so low as to level vicious attacks at one another, even at children, for God's sake. People, wake up and look in the mirror at what you have become - apparently the worst versions of yourselves!

We have many issues in this district. Despite media hype to the contrary, our curriculum and services are NOT deserving of the world class moniker they get (our socioeconomic status has much more to do with 203's top national standings than anyone in District 203 will admit. I'm absolutely certain that our socioeconomic ranking correlates highly with our test score rankings). We should be focusing on forcing positive curriculum change and helping develop solutions, not freaking out and attacking one another over some speaker that clearly is viewed in different ways by people for different reasons.

I know sadly from personal experience that despite some great teachers, the elementary math and spelling/vocabulary curriculums are in serious need of an overhaul (I've personally heard over a hundred parents in ONE elementary school in the district complain in my presence about how bad the math program is...even heard fathers swearing, they're so upset about it - and I've got irrefutable personal data to prove 203 has done a lousy job teaching my kid math), and special education systems/processes and programs are lacking with parents too often forced to fight tooth and nail or hire lawyers to get their children what they need (and by law, what they have a right to as taxpayers).


1) administrators and some teachers are calling our children spoiled brats (to be sure, some kids living in Naperville surely are, but all of them?)

2) administrators and some teachers are snidely commenting that every Naperville parent thinks his/her kid is gifted when they aren't. ok, based on research by renowned experts in the field, kids in the 95+ percentile nationally are classified as gifted/talented and need a more challenging curriculum to help them thrive and grow, which probably makes up a large percentage of Naperville students if the rumor I hear is true that the average verbal score in 203 is above 90...so why do only 1-2% of Naperville kids get access to appropriately accelerated curriculum prior to high school? the standard curriculum is not meeting the needs of these kids - again, personal experience that nothing short of pulling out of 203 in search of a more challenging curriculum solved. No child should be bored for years at a time in 203, but it is happening!

3. Parents attacking individual teachers or teachers as a whole over salary increases (while I don't agree with the hold the teacher's union has over education at this point in history, I don't begrudge the good teachers their pay, and think many of them deserve big raises as long as the bad teachers get docked or nudged out of the system).

Those are only some of the many issues that need to be addressed in this district. We should be banding together to force 203 administrators to start working with parents rather than against them, by developing/implementing innovative, workable and effective solutions together rather than using media hype to try to keep us all fat, dumb & happy while we spend our time attacking one another on this blog. Gee, how Pollyanna (or is that leftist/right-wing revolutionary) of me!

Denise, you might have more credibility if you included the likes of Thom Higgins, Dianne McGuire, Dan Iverson, and PURE in your critique.

Remarks in the various postings above are scarier than the would be speach of Bill Ayers. The following comment which was posted above sounds like a Naperville witch hunt to me:

"I call on District 203 to (1) withdraw the invitation to Mr Ayers, (2) reveal to the taxpayers the names of the officials who either recommended or approved the invitation and (3) to dismiss those officials immediately."

What kind of a "civilized" society do we live in where we attack, destroy, and tear down a person or person(s)as suggested above? It will get to the point where no one will want to teach here, let alone hold a principal or superintendant position. You would have to be perfect, and I don't know any human that can measure up.

I have seen too many attacks and destruction of basically good people in this town and it is a shame. Why not start a facebook page the extolls the virtues of citizens, rather than tear a person down?

Remember - no one is perfect. Certainly not anyone posting on this blog (myself included).

After reading some of these posts, some thoughts. The disagreement is not about radical high school teachers trying to be hip or avant garde. It is not about good teachers or bad teachers or an incompetent school board. It is not about some idiots idea of learning from "living history". Nor is it about Republicans or Democrats, conservatives or liberals for you politically corrupt people. And it is not about all the good work Ayers did for public education. People, take a good look at the CPS and tell me Bill Ayers made a difference. He absolutely did not! This situation is merely about a thief and criminal who admits he is guilty as sin and free as a bird. A criminal who founded a criminal enterprise. Now, the enterprise is gone and he is simply trying to make money off his crimes. Many states including this one have laws that prevent criminals from profiting from their crimes. But it seems like those of you who think Ayers should speak have no problem with a criminal profiteer. But then you talk about corrupt corruption, Enron, Madoff and Wall Street. So the question that eludes me is what kind of criminal conduct do you tolerate and support and what kind of crime and criminals do you not support or tolerate.
Because what you all will tolerate is the crux of the argument.

Is there anyone I would object to speaking at D203? Yes, I would object to the following if they were alive. Hitler, Stalin, Mao, Pol Pot, Ed Gein, Jeff Dahmer, John Wayne Gacy and Timothy McVeigh. I would object to Charles Manson,Terry Nichols and other such murders that are still alive. I see no value in having any of the aforementioned speaking at a forum at D203.

To: Aaron on April 5, 2009 9:02 PM

You might want to re-read before you attack another blogger.

See the following: By a tax paying resident of Naperville on April 4, 2009 10:04 PM

As you can read, the person did want to censure the rest of us by asking that the blog be closed down.

To: By 203 Teacher on April 5, 2009 12:34 PM

You write Ayers would not be paid a dime. This infers there is no cost to the taxpayers ---hogwash!

We would be paying for the building, the runing costs, the cost of maintenence to set-up and take down chairs, etc.

You claim Ayers is "controversial" --- no he is not! He
s a spoiled loser and the only controversy is folks like you trying to urn him into some kind of victinized folkhero.

I will say again, 203 Teacher, Hannah, and all others: QUIT TRYING TO TAKE AWAY MY RIGHT OF SPEECH!!!

e^(i*pi) wrote:

On point, I wonder if the people disgusted with the present economic climate would support Skilling, Fastow, or Lay coming to talk to a business class in the future?

Well, if the late Kenneth Lay, for one, gave a talk, it would truly be history-making. ;-)

203 Teacher:

Sorry if my caring comment seemed hurtful. Your original comment seemed to imply the reason the students do well is because of the teachers caring. As always, everyone should be mindful about what they can and cannot take credit (or blame) for. Could the students be prepared and ready to learn, making them easier to care for? Would these same teachers, placed in a lower performing district see significant gains? If so, how can we show that?

In H's case, note that she has already made a judgment about Mr. Ayers. "Effect on history", "profound", and "fascinating" are not words of someone who does not have a preformed opinion. Something led her that opinion that is surely not shared by many people, even those who did not object to him coming. Hannah may have the tools* to make a decision, but if provided with the wrong information, she is likely to be led astray.

I still ask "what did he do to impact history?" I still ask Dr. Leis "what role did he have in the last election?" (paraphrased quote from, I believe, a Herald News story.) The answers are nothing and none.

(next sentence written fully tongue-in-cheek) Since nobody has objected to Kenneth Lay coming I assume that we allow resurrection to be part of the curriculum. So I guess I can ask 203 Teacher -- would you approve of Skilling or Fastow coming to a business class when they do not take blame for what Enron did? Would you approve of OJ coming to speak to the football team?


* You are implying that students have the "tools" because of the school district. Careful please.

Anonymous at 4:12pm:
“Are there ANY speakers or "guests" that YOU would object to?”
This is absolutely a fair question, and it deserves an answer. I would object to a speaker who in any way would hurt our students. And the reason I don’t think Ayers would have done this is simply because (as I have stated above) I believe that we have prepared our students to be thoughtful discerners of truth. Our goal as educators is to turn these wonderful children into wonderful self-directed adults who can make decisions for themselves, not just following what others are telling them.
And yes, while I suppose I would call myself liberal, I would ABSOLUTELY welcome a visit by O’Reilly or Beck or even Limbaugh. Because, again, I think by the time our students are seniors, they should be able sift through the various messages of the world and figure out what’s right for them—liberal, conservative, or somewhere in between.

“Do you really believe Hannah has a received an open and honest recitation of Mr. Ayers' activities?”
What I believe—nay, what I know—is that Hannah has been provided the tools to be able to judge for herself. As a teacher, that is my most important goal.
“So...the teachers in other districts do not care about students, and that is why their schools do not rank in the top 5%. Am I getting that right? Maybe caring can be part of NCLB and make things all better.”
Your first response to my post was lucid and genuine. Your second just seems hurtful. Of course I am not saying that teachers in other districts do not care. What I am saying is that the caliber of teacher in 203 is clearly higher than in most other districts. I have worked in and observed a number of other school districts, in Illinois and elsewhere, and I can easily say that 203 has one of the most nurturing and academically challenging programs out there, and this is a direct result of the faculty and staff of the district. Naperville should be proud of its schools, not just look for reasons to disparage them.

Anonymous Parent and 203 Teacher:
This was beautifully written and sorely needed.

Sadly, I agree.

Finally, some are questioning the character and quality of 203 faculty....

Not from me. But since you brought it up...

We care about students--who they are and who they will become--and that's why our district consistently ranks in the top 5% of schools not just in the state, but in the nation.

So...the teachers in other districts do not care about students, and that is why their schools do not rank in the top 5%. Am I getting that right? Maybe caring can be part of NCLB and make things all better.

On point, I wonder if the people disgusted with the present economic climate would support Skilling, Fastow, or Lay coming to talk to a business class in the future? Unlike Ayers, those guys actually made some serious history. Mark-to-market. There's a concept that really helped "profits" for Enron and over the last 2 years made markets drop into a downward spiral.


I am quite tired of being insulted for being a "liberal". Just what exactly does that mean to some of you. The name calling is really uncalled for. I believe it is my responsibility to give back because I have been so arbatrarily blessed. I believe a man or woman who puts in an honest full days work at a manufacturing facility should make a living wage. I believe life isn't always fair and I'm HAPPY to help level the playing field, I believe in a woman's right to choose AND I respect my friends who believe something different. I believe all children are treasures not just those in the womb and I have devoted my life to working with children from all backrounds who have had a really rough start to life by no fault of their own. I belief homosexuals are entitled to the same dignity and rights as any other human being and their orientation doesn't threaten me in the least. I would like corporate crooks to be accountable for the devastation we are experiencing right now.....whoever they are...blue or red. Which of these beliefs angers you people so much? The venom that is spewed when you refer to liberals is really confussing and disturbing to me. You all need to take a good honest look at yourseves and face what in the world your so angry about really. These are the basic premis of a liberal....which of these beliefs brings you to name calling and disrespectful exchanges.........I am an educated, middle-aged woman with a masters degree......I am hoping for a respectful, educated response.

To Anonymous at 8:43pm:
Who are these comments directed toward? No one who has posted as a teacher has said the things you are (ranting) against.

It's particularly troubling, given that it follows such a thoughtful response from the previous poster calling for more reasoned arguments and less blind fervor.

I'm somewhat skeptical the person posting as District 203 Teacher is really such a person given some remarkable lack of insight. But let me help you understand how a cretin like Ayers makes money by making appearences without being paid. If you give him a free forum, he promotes his book. In this case, he would have a captive audience. He autographs his book and sells his book. The more venue's he can speak in and the more book shops promoting "intelligent discourse", the more exposure his book receives. Ayers can go peddle his trash somewhere else. Finally, advocating shuting down a website because you object to the viewpoints displayed is not fostering or promoting ideas either. However it is the kind of thought control I would exactly expect from a teacher who does not like thinking contrary to the official doctrine.

I have read many passionate and articulate posts on this blog. However, ignorance should not be mistaken for passion. Those who yell and scream about an issue (whether speaking in public or typing on a blog) until they are blue in the face often refer to themselves as passionate. Can't we all just agree to disagree and stop the name calling? We all have different opinions based on our experiences; that's what makes this country so great. I've lived in a variety of different places where people from different walks of life managed to get along. They didn't always see eye-to-eye, but they did their best not to name call and deride each other.

Hannah, I applaud your willingness to stand up for what you believe. Be prepared. Those beliefs may change as your life continues. You'll be surprise how you feel about many issues after you marry, have children, or buy a house. Mine certainly have. Mike Davitt, your opinions and beliefs are no better or worse than any others. They are simply that - your own. You are entitled to them and should continue to espouse them. Patriot - the same goes for you.

Let's just avoid projecting our opinions on to anyone else. Speak your peace, avoid the nastiness, and get on with your lives. I read all of the blog posts here because someone pointed them out to me recently as an example of what our society has unfortunately come to.

I teach in 203. I'm proud to teach the children of people one might simply label as conservative, liberal, or moderate. But they are more than that. They are people composed of many different ideologies based on many different experiences. When I talk with them about politics, life, or their children, they avoid using simple labels, just as I don't want to be pegged with the label "teacher" or "union member." I prefer to be known as someone who found something he loved and followed its course. I won't complain about my salary. I'm compensated fairly. My compensation allows me to live in Naperville, and send my children to Naperville schools. I live frugally; I don't think we should take a raise in these tough economic times. But I'm not going to label that a conservative or liberal point-of-view. I would rather say it's common sense. I know plenty of people with common sense. Let's try to have discourse with civility.

Patriot, Hannah, Mike, Joe, stay true to your beliefs, whether others disagree with you or not. Just pay close attention to your tone. As I tell my students daily - your tone is everything. You can have the best message in the world, but it will be lost on your audience when you anger them with your tone. Don't make this blog something one comes to in order to see sniping. Make it something others will want to use to track the pulse of the community and expand or modify their beliefs.

Remember, tone is everything.

203 Teacher on April 5, 2009 12:34 PM


I asked this of a few others and now will ask of you - Are there ANY speakers or "guests" that YOU would object to? I just want to get a feel for how liberal you are before responding. A case can always be made that we can learn a lesson from anyone, regardless of their background - if this is what you are implying I agree with you. I just don't agree that it should be a high school event even if it was optional.


Who approved using the unapproved text book? When did the principal and board learn about the text book and invitation?

Who specifically approved Ayers coming into the school? When did the principal and board learn about it? What actions did they take?

What disciplinary actions have been taken against the teacher Eby for using an unapproved text book?

What do you see as the key differences between inviting Ayers into the school and say someone more contemporary like a Hamas cell leader responsible for recruiting, organizing and carrying out suicide bombings and assassinations to bring about political change with respect to an unpopular conflict?

Why get a retread terrorist when you can get a new one?

By 203 Teacher on April 5, 2009 12:34 PM
The invitation to Bill Ayers did not come from the school board or the superintendent. It came from Eby, and was initially approved by the administration at NNHS, who planned to revise the venue after concerns were raised. To attempt to pin this matter on the board, and two members in particular, is comical. Rail against them on matters for which they are responsible.


Hannah wrote: "What an opportunity for me, to get to meet a man who really had an effect on history in such a profound way. His life is facinating (sic), especially for young people who have so much to learn from someone with his experiences."

I am unclear how this nice young lady got the impression that Mr. Ayers had a profound effect on history. Where is that coming from? I would assume her teacher.

There are plenty of people who have, in your words, "been in the news, past and present." This particular person and his group decided to make bombs and destroy property and (perhaps by accident) take people's lives -- robbing them of their ultimate liberty. As such, he does not deserve the honor of coming into our house, D203. He is admittedly guilty of crimes, admits it, and is not in jail due to technical reasons.

Note that I am separating the message from the messenger. Do you really believe Hannah has a received an open and honest recitation of Mr. Ayers' activities?


Typical Liberal, the only free speech they like is their own. If you want your kids to hear Ayers I'm sure you can drive into Chicago for a lecture or like Obama, just drop by his house.

By a tax paying resident of Naperville on April 4, 2009 10:04 PM

..............this board makes me ashamed to live here. Naperville Sun...you need to shut this down, it is counter-productive.

This is sad. It's just sad. On this message board we see an excellent student at NNHS called a 'brat' and her character questioned, an inspiring teacher's reputation disparaged by those who've never met the man, and multiple attempts to pin this issue on the wrong parties--for political reasons.

Hannah Janvrin is an amazing person. Her having the courage to use her real name and articulately arguing her viewpoint should be commended, whether you agree with her or not.

Kermit Eby's attempt to bring in Bill Ayers to speak was designed to provide his students with a first-person experience with a figure who's been in the news, past and present. Yes, Ayers is controversial, but that's the point. Eby wanted to let his students decide what's right and what's wrong. It is my understanding that Ayers was not going to distribute DIY bomb-making kits at the event.

The invitation to Bill Ayers did not come from the school board or the superintendent. It came from Eby, and was initially approved by the administration at NNHS, who planned to revise the venue after concerns were raised. To attempt to pin this matter on the board, and two members in particular, is comical. Rail against them on matters for which they are responsible.

Bill Ayers wasn't going to be paid a dime. Not of taxpayer money, not anyone's money.

Finally, some are questioning the character and quality of 203 faculty. Why did I get into teaching? Because I believe there's value in helping students develop their own views and values. It was NOT to turn my students into clones who simply duplicate my own views and values. And you know what? I haven't met a single teacher who teaches for that reason. We care about students--who they are and who they will become--and that's why our district consistently ranks in the top 5% of schools not just in the state, but in the nation.

The matter really boils down to the question of whether we as the Naperville community want our youth exposed to a wide variety of viewpoints--yes, even radical ones--in order to form their own. Isn't this what America's all about?

I think so.


It is simple: Man y uf us just plain don't want to validate a failure (which is exactly what Ayers is).

I do hope our children have already learned of teh 60s (remember ---- only sdeniors were invited. They better have learned about it by then!). I do not think having aterrorist who assisted, in dogma and actions, to cause the death of others and whose group actually blew themselves up offers anything at all for our children to learn.

I was there --- I was engulfed in it ---- the 60s were not that great! For the most part the alleged" leaders of the Days of Rage either failed (such as Ayers) or sold out (such as Hayden). It left us kids holding the bill. Without the Civil Rights movement, the 60s wold have been a massive failure.

What would make me ashamed of Naperville is if the folks who support Ayers so strongly would have been successful in cutting off the free speech of those of us who were against paying for his appearance. I would have been ashamed if they (you?) were successful in cutting off debate despite the fact that few, if any, ever read his book, his articles,or actually participated in the "movement" in the late 60s.

I guess it is very easy for some to sit back in their uber-comfortable 5800 sq ft home in south Naperville, look out over their faux waterfall while contemplating getting in the convertible Maserati for a drive to the clubhouse, and say "Gosh! We have so many uptight serfs in Naperstan, Luvvy! Why not let the young man speak. After all, he represents everything you & I love about America!".

For what it's worth, Mr. Davitt, the plural of lefty is "lefties," not lefty's. A district-approved spelling book would no doubt teach that.

I have been out of town and am just now coming up to speed on the Ayers debate among other things. I am only on this site as a result of a friend telling me about it......I am mostly sad when I see the tone of it all. Instead of intelligent exchange of ideas based in fact I see name calling (Davitt...shouldn't you be trying a little harder given your desire for an elected position to bring the integrity of this debate to a higher level?) and people digging their heels in with no tolerance for another point of view. I googled Ayers because quite frankly, I wasn't sure all that he stood for. How many of you have done that? I am a moderate person and am so tired of the intolerance that seems to fuel most of the problems on this planet. I believe there is a place for our children to hear about the radical 60's and how not to make a stand for what you believe in. Do you all really think Ayers is trying to convince our children to act as he did? I get so astonished when I see the leaps people are willing to make....Bin Laden and George Washington....seriously??? We have some serious issues to tackle in this country....take your angst people and stand up against corrupt corruption which we have just touched the tip of the iceberg on that one citizens...or doesn't that bother you too much cause you got your piece....this board makes me ashamed to live here. Naperville Sun...you need to shut this down, it is counter-productive.

Pelosi and Biden believe that abortion etc is consistent with Catholic teachings and values, the Pope must be wrong!

How dare he lecture Pelosi on religion.

By Conservative Taxpayer on April 3, 2009 11:31 PM

Look they banned Ayers in Boston, a more liberal state than Illinois, the worst in the Country. It looks like liberals and conservatives are together on this.

Now Notre Dame should banish Obama.

OK - so we all aren't going to shop at Anderson's - or Barnes and Noble either since they allowed Ayers to talk right after 9/11. How about more current terror producers? Like Nokia since they are one of the world's largest manufacturers of land mines. These are the ultimate terror product - they kill and maim untold numbers of children each year and continue to kill long after the hostilities are done. So let's be honest and give up our Nokia phones and boycott all outlets that sell those as well.

Look they banned Ayers in Boston, a more liberal state than Illinois, the worst in the Country. It looks like liberals and conservatives are together on this.

Now Notre Dame should banish Obama.

How ironic that some think the children of this town are capable to listen to a murder but are not sure if they are mature enough to make the right decision when they get behind the wheel.

Police departments across the country will stage mock accidents to show HS students how dangerous it is to drink and drive. And we still read in the papers or watch the news about another horrible car reck that leaves some dead. And of course they are all good students, come from good homes, etc, etc. I am not doubting that one bit. My point is, we can't be sure that kids will not drink & drive on prom night or any night for that matter. So how in the world can we say that any HS student is mature enough to listen to a murderer who wishes he had done more when we aren't sure that their mature enough to make the right decision about drinking and driving or getting in the car with some who is.

Any collage administrators or other who would bar conservatives but allow BILL AYERS to give speech sould be sent to the spicemines of kessel of sent to the penal planet ELBA II for the rest of their lives

Hey Mack. Some people actually take vacations during Spring Break, Einstein. Now go back to your QE203 lefty's and come up with a better reason to substantiate your laughable claim of being an "independent" organization.

Anonymous Parent wrote "I don't need someone to tell me my child's history teacher is using an unauthorized text book".

Well, you should. Do you know why? It is a violation of State law, that's why. Also, we all vote people in to act as Board members, and it is apparent they have abdicated one of their few legal requirements on this one.

If it is a good book, it should be approved by the Board ----- that simple.

Mary Brunskill on April 3, 2009 9:10 AM
Are we really that scared that a man who as a youth tried to save US soldiers lives by protesting the war, albeit in a mis-guided manner, might corrupt our high school students?

Out of curiosity Mary, are there any people / speakers that you personally would object to if they were asked to speak to high school students? I'm also wondering how many U.S. soldiers lives Ayers actually saved (I know his group was involved in the death of a policeman) but your comment peaked my interest.

To: too afraid to post my name on April 3, 2009 5:39 AM
The good news is that there are probably only a select few mentally unbalanced individuals reading and posting to this forum.

Most thinking people don't waste time on these types of sites.


Ha Ha Ha Ha - that's a good one! Present company excluded no doubt? Why do you waste your time?


To: Anonymous Parent on April 3, 2009 7:40 AM
Everyone is allowed their Archie Bunker moment(s). The downside is that this type of communication rarely solves anything. Conversation does.


I agree Anonymous Parent. I wonder what Ayers thinks about conversation being the type of communication required to solve an issue? He and his group thought bombs were the answer. If anyone does ever see him speak please find out what his preferred method of civil discourse is these days.

To: By anonymous on April 2, 2009 10:02 PM

Your rant is void of logic or intelligence ---- you don't even apply the proper definitions!

You apparently do NOT believe in free sppech sonce you insist on either silencing ours OR, in a total misuse of definitions, inferring we are Nazis.

You should get together with little Hannah and commiserate together about what a terrible life you have here in Naperville.

By the way, your description of those who protested the Ayers appearance as fascism is intellectually wanting. The proper term would be civil disobedience.

Unlike Ayers, there were no shots fired, no bombs, no violent overthrow of government buildings (or even the trhreat of such activities) ---- there was the civil discourse of disagreement, along with the stated potential actions of taking business elsewhere and voting otherwise on April 7th.

Gotta tell you, sugar ----- you sound like the fascist in this little tiff!

To: By Anonymous on April 2, 2009 8:27 PM

You wrote:
"I have an idea, why does't Kermit invite Bill Ayers and Ann Coulter to speak at the same forum. I'd support that. Come on Kermit GO FOR IT!!!"

OUTSTANDING IDEA! I've seen both speak over the years, and Coulter would eat Ayers alive.

To anonymous on April 2, 2009 10:02 PM ,Obviously you didn't go to Naperville schools. Next time, consult a dictionary or Google before you rant. Look up the definiton of "Domestic Terrorism". That the citizens of Naperville did was to exercise their First Ammendment rights. They may have been angry or passionate, but they were non-violent. That's their right and they did it within the framework of our laws. Ayres did not. And there are the people that scare you???


Reading the Letters to the Editor and article on Andersen's book store in Thursday's Sun was interesting to say the least.

The letters from Ferguson, Hirsch and Logan miss the point.

No one is preventing Mr Ayers the Anti-American-Terrorist from speaking in Naperville. What people are objecting to is providing him with a captive audience of impressionable minors subsidized by the taxpayers.

Most people don't send their kids to Naper North to be radicalized by fringe lunatic teachers, administrators and School Board members that worship terrorists and equate George Washington with Bin Laden since they are both "sticking it to the man".

All of this done with unapproved text books and sanctioned by: the Principal, the Dist 203 Superintendent, and the Union controlled automatons at the 203 School Board.

Andersen's statements to the Sun are equally absurd. They are worried that having an Anti-American-Terrorist book signing at their store may cause violence? Like what, someone who disagrees with their policies bombing their store to send a message? This is the essence of Mr Ayers. If Andersen's wants to play with matches they are sophisticated enough to know what they are doing.

My suggestion is that those who want to have Ayers in Naperville rent a tiny hall at one of the local hotels and run adds telling people where they can bring their children to hear the Terrorist and murder speak. Since Mr. Ayers is likely to also be a cop killer, I'm sure the NPD will have plenty of volunteers who want to work free overtime protecting him with their lives.

Are we really that scared that a man who as a youth tried to save US soldiers lives by protesting the war, albeit in a mis-guided manner, might corrupt our high school students? That this gentleman, who has devoted his adult life to helping the underprivileged, might encourage our children to get involved? How hypocritical that we enjoy movies and books about Al Capone and Bonnie and Clyde that romanticize the outlaw life, but won't let a professor talk about his life 40 years ago! Would these same people be as irate if their own children were being drafted into a war they didn't believe in - like Iraq? How about we save some of this anger for current day problems - the economy, Afghanistan or corporate corruption?

Anonymous on April 2, 2009 8:17 PM
If this school board had invited Ayers and his VICTIMS families to speak at the same meeting then I would have supported it. How come no one made that simple suggestion?


Thomas on March 28, 2009 7:52 PM
Often times speakers such as Ayers are invited to participate in what is called a "discussion" or "dialogue". Since dialogue involves two points of view (often opposing) how about Naper North or Andersons also inviting some of the victims of Ayers Weather Underground group?

Ayers, and the people his group targeted could share the stage and partake in a Dialogue!! Now that I would like to see.


Anon April 2, 8:17 PM. I agree, but since it didn't get any response I let it go. I think people dig in their heels to fight for what they believe in. Some argue that not having Ayers speak is censorship, narrow mindedness and a variety of other malaise. Others argue that having him speak is an affront to everything right and wrong and has no place in a school setting. The answer is probably a little of both - it's good to understand where and why a guy like Ayers decided that bombing was his best option. It's also good to show a little "wisdom" and determine that a publicly funded high school is not the proper venue for this discussion.

We've become extremely polarized. If you can't tell from this blog, you've bought into the win-at-all-cost mentality that has taken over society. If you disagree with one of the other sides, you are encouraged to engage in attack mode. I see it in the classroom. Students are not able to discuss issues without inappropriate tone and snide comments. They're not able to write without using words like "stupid." It's really a sad commentary on the state of social communication. And how is this communication style modeled? Adults. This blog is no exception.

Blogging, website, texting, e-mailing, and other forms of electronic communication have become, by and large, tools of the ignorant and cowardly. Or in my case, tools of the fearful (more on that later). The positive, I guess, is that everyone's true feelings are expressed, no matter how close-minded. Everyone is allowed their Archie Bunker moment(s). The downside is that this type of communication rarely solves anything. Conversation does. I can't tell you how many times parents have blind-copied my school's administrators over irrelevant issues that have been settled with a phone call. It's this the-sky-is-falling mentality on every issue that provokes such sentiment. If you don't believe me, just turn to a cable news station; I guarantee they you'll see a "Breaking News" or "News Alert" on the crawl. We're doing it to ourselves, and we're buying it by the truckload.

We're all guilty. QE203 is guilty. The Taxpayers Ticket is guilty. Joe Taxpayer is guilty. I'm guilty. Why? Because I fear the repercussions. I teach in this district. I've seen how vindictive parents and school board members can be. I've seen how administrators act first and think later all because we need to maintain the utopian facade that is Naperville. The sad truth is that we're all paying too much attention to issues that will take care of themselves and not enough attention to what our kids are doing. Why else would eighth graders from affluent homes be engaged in the types of inappropriate behavior that lead to addiction, sexually-transmitted diseases, or worse? Wake up everyone. While you're fighting over whether a sixties radical should come to town and allow his perspective to be met by other perspectives, something thoughtful people allow, your legacy is being constantly jeopardized.

Naperville was once called a utopia in which to raise a family. What I'm seeing is fear. I don't need someone to tell me my child's history teacher is using an unauthorized text book. I stay in contact with my child's teacher. And I don't blind-copy her administrators when I do e-mail.

Now, here's a challenge. Could you all stop blogging and go spend some time with your kids? Take them to one of the many unused parks that Naperville is famous for. Take them on a bike ride down by the river. Take them to a homeless shelter (yes, we have many homeless in Naperville) and demonstrate compassion by volunteering your time. Hide the i-Pods, confiscate the cell phones, and put away the video games.

Similar to cable news, this blog is the epitome of the constant warning. You're missing the rest of the news. The more important stuff.

Geez, what did we do before blogging?

I am aghast at this forum for hating. An anonymous shouting match.

I'm equally worried about the mentality that thinks we should be protecting our "children" (senior honors students) from the world, and using something like this issue to debate electability of school board candidates. The good news is that there are probably only a select few mentally unbalanced individuals reading and posting to this forum.

Most thinking people don't waste time on these types of sites.

The sad truth is that most of these posts are being generated by a select few truly unbalanced people with a specific agenda of hate towards public education and a free society. Way to go Naperville Sun!

The fact that a few angry people can stifle speech that comes from someone they don't agree with is domestic terrorism and domestic terrorism seems to be alive and well Naperville.

That's much more scary to me than some '60s radical who actually has done a lot for education for most of his years -- he , of course, has done work that helps those not fortunate enough to have their children educated in Naperville. If you believe in redemption shouldn't a person be viewed by their entire life? Well, maybe you aren't Christian. But I digress.Education in Naperville should be suspect if it only provides access to "approved " views (a tactic used I beleive in the '30s in Germany). But it looks like the school system tried -- crazies prevailed. Zeig Heil.

And the crazies, it seems, were largely parents. Dang.

You can spew all the self righteous invective you want. Guess what? I think you have the right to make your offensive, ignorant, twisted comments -- but throwing public tantrums and bullying the taxpayers so that exposure to different ideas is blocked is completely un American. The boorish tactics also call in question what's being modeled in the homes in Naperville -- kids see that you just have to scream and yell and threaten to get your way. It is, of course, easier to do the screaming and yelling than it is to allow kids exposure to different ideas and then help them through discussion maybe reject them. But that would also require critical thinking which apparently is not be alive and well in Naperville.

This taxpayer supports what the school and the bookstore tried to bring to the community -- I believe in free speech and I can handle my responsibilities as a parent. I am totally offended and angry that people whose ideas are more facist than democratic and who apparently can't parent in a free speech environment were able to bully and threaten and force their way on the rest of us. The school board members should be re-elected resoundingly for holding out as long as they did and the bookstore deserves the business of everyone who believes in free speech. In the notice the bookstore sent about the cancellation they talked about fearing for the safety of employees and customers -- what kind of community allows that kind of harassment of a local business?

Mike Davitt - you question what teachers do during the school day. you show absolutely no thought outside of canned and tired conspiracy rhetoric. You were observed by other board members moaning and groaning during D203 contract negotiations. Here's my question - What do you do during your work day? You appear to do nothing other than blog and turn the crank your propoganda machine. Do you work? Do those who own stock in your company know that you are such a talented and quite frequent blogger? I wonder.

Catherine. I thought so.

I have an idea, why does't Kermit invite Bill Ayers and Ann Coulter to speak at the same forum. I'd support that. Come on Kermit GO FOR IT!!!

If this school board had invited Ayers and his VICTIMS families to speak at the same meeting then I would have supported it. How come no one made that simple suggestion?

I guess we can agree to disagree, with a few provisos. For the bookstore, what I'd have like to have been able to see, more than anything else, was... nothing. Ayers invited, comes to speak, a regular crowd of saturday shoppers browsing titles in other section and little or no attention given to the speakers save as a curiosity. THAT would have sent a message in a way that this strident boycott-speak didn't.
Specifically for anonymous @ 4:06, you're a bit mixed up. Agitating to silence someone is quite the opposite from what happened during the civil rights movement. I believe in freedom of speech, but I believe even more in freedom to ignore. I say again, the best possible message in a situation like this is to simply say... huh. Then, move along. No strident objections, no terrible discussion in the Sun, no vitriolic blog postings, no never-ending 'domestic-terrorist'... Just. Huh. The town ignores it. THAT would have been a message and a moment to be proud of. This? Not really.

Anonymous ONE: I believe we did just demonstrated over the past week the effects of applied social justice 101. Funny, the educational establishment in our community just had a taste of their own medicine and they don't like it do they? Little Hannah has been deprived of an experience that would have just absolutely enlightened her. Don't forget to vote NO to Dennison, Crotty, Romberg and Drapalik. Challenge the union!

anonymous at 12:05 on April 2, 2009 4:06 PM

Anon at 12:05 that is an interesting point. Why can't those who spoke out against Ayers visiting and speaking be considered "activists" just like those activists who claim his cancellation is so appalling and closed minded?

Anonymous 3:20pm. When a community decided that lunch counters were for whites only, activists thought otherwise and eventually prevailed. When the education establishment and a business in the Naperville community thought Ayers had something to offer, then it was done and he was coming. However, the activist community stood up, protested and this person was eventually uninvited into our community. This is social justice, just not your kind or the result you want to see. Say what you want and make the issue as complicated as you want, I am proud that so many people raised so much hell. You can wax phyisophical all you want. If you think as a community we shold support Ayers and provide him a forum to really in the final analysis make some money off us, then you send him a check. By the way, someday OJ will get out of prison and write a book. Do some critical thinking first. Do not invite him to a public school to speak.

Little Hannah writes "Where is my voice now? Squashed by the narrow-minded who can't seem to get over themselves and let students like me make up their own minds about yesterday's history.It's like I've heard a million times: Those that refuse to learn about the past are condemned to repeat it."

As is often the case with a hypocrite, you want to stifle my freedom of speech as the tool to further what you perceive as your own right.

We all have a right to complain of the Ayers issue and to fulfill our right of civil disobedience by protesting via the written word. Wouldn't J. Locke be proud (you hopefully know who he is).

If Ayers had perfromed the same exercise decades ago, he would not be classified as a domestic terorist, now would he? He was not satisfied with that. In fact, when people disagreed with Ayers, he tried to blow them up! Hardly an open, democratic mind now, is it? Yet, I would maintain he still has the right to TALK, as we have the right to complain of his talk!

Our complaints are neither narrow-minded, or "any minded" for that matter ----- it is just us exercising our rights of free speech. This is the same right you claim to champion for Mr Ayers, yet you want to deprive me of the same right merely because I disagree with your fantasized view of Ayers.

I have to tell you, Hannah, that sounds a lot like an attempt at censorship on your part. Shame on you!

Finally, it has often been true that those that refuse to learn about the past are condemned to repeat it.

That is EXACTLY one of the reasons thousands of us here in the little bitty town [where you have had access tomany priviledgesof life] which you apparently have absolute contempt for have spoken out against Ayers. We remember well his dysfunctionality decades ago, his failed attempts at toppling our governement, his participation (through his group) in cold blooded murder, his lack of human compassion.

In short, we learned from the past!

And to you, too, Anonymous "sugar" @ 2:36

If they do not share the ethics of the community, then ethics is out the window
is certainly one possible definition of closed minded, sugar. You see, the idea here is that while it is absolutely and positively fine for you to decide when and where to shop, what to buy, and who you'd like to hear speak, when a group of particularly vocal people manage to get some place like a local bookstore to cancel a proposed speaker in a situation like this, we ALL lose.
Please don't assume that I have an interest in Ayers, his message, etc. I simply don't, and wouldn't shake his hand if he put it in front of me. I do, however, think that he should have been allowed to speak, both at Anderson's and at North [assuming that he spoke to that one particular class and that it was optional].
I don't think that hearing other ideas is a bad thing, and further believe that it is part of the educational process, even when the ideas being explained are grotesque or far outside the mainstream. Let's remember, it's entirely possible that the young men and women at North will have Ayers as a Prof. at UIC in a few short months, so why not? Who gets hurt?
As for Anderson's, they must have know this was going to be unpopular, and their canceling it strikes me as pretty sad, really.
In short, sugar, sometimes stepping outside community ethics, as described by a relative few (what percentage of residents haven't even heard of this?), isn't a bad thing at all. Really, aren't you at all curious to hear what he would have to say? I wouldn't have gone, for other reasons, but I'll admit the curiosity.

Sorry anonymous at 1:37. Sorry sugar, you do not understand ethics... or logic. i.e. "Better not to read at all". I used to shop at Anderson's because I believed in supporting the small, local businessman or woman if possible even if it meant spending a little more money. If they do not share the ethics of the community, then ethics is out the window and I will shop where I save. i.e. Barnes and Noble, Wal- Mart, Sams. Get it now? Funny how when someone thinks differently than you, THEY are closed minded. But make no mistake, I do not confuse closed minded, unethical thinking with ignorant thinking and illogical thinking. By the way, the party was last week. Ayers is out. Deal with it.

Catherine, let me get this straight:
You are supportive of the rights of a former domestic terrorist who took lives and expressed no remorse to travel the country and spew his garbage and make money off of his memoirs of his bloody and violent actions BUT you do not support the rights of law abiding citizens who pay taxes in this town, work in this town, or raise families in this town, to express their opinions in a non-violent manner because that is just...wrong? Riiiiight!

Perfect logic. I can understand how you could be so outraged.

One more thought for liberals here who have short, or just convenient, memories about the teachers here in 203. The teacher who invited Ayers to speak is now reported to be using an unapproved textbook in his class. He got caught. How many other 203 teachers are using unapproved textbooks?

Roughly ninety percent of the 203 teachers voted to strike in 2005 with a 4.99% offer already on the table.

Dan Iverson, a union leader on the negotiations team, used school property (and time?) to campaign on behalf of the union-endorsed candidates. This violated the Ethics & Gift Ban law. He got caught. How many others did not?

In 2005, the teachers' union, with the help of former union President Dianne McGuire, created a phony organization called P.U.R.E. to campaign on behalf of the union's candidates. Neither P.U.R.E. nor the union ever disclosed the union's funding role.

After threatening the community with strikes every three years, there was, understandably, less money available for building maintenance. Nevertheless, in 2006 a Central P.E. teacher and girls basketball coach had the audacity to tell the board that Central was "a dump and should be torn down."

Some of us with longer memories have substantive reasons for not giving teachers the benefit of the doubt when it comes to doing the right thing. Character is how you act when no one is watching.

sorry, anonymous @ 12:05
You're going to have to try something else - Ayers spoke at the Barnes and Noble in Evanston in November 2001
Note that date, again, would you?
Now where are you going to go to buy your books? Someplace that doesn't make you think, or doesn't take you out of your comfort zone in any way, I suppose. Might I suggest... hmmm. Better to not read at all, I fear.
You know, that's what bookstores and libraries DO. At least, the good ones do that, as they're supposed to. Perhaps if this event was still on, some people could go and hear someone else's thoughts, not to agree with them, as nearly all of us will not, but perhaps to see how those thoughts are expressed and then perhaps we could think about them. Without buying the book, of course.
Tempest in a teapot, and some small evidence of a closed minded community. The best way to have handled this, in my opinion, would be to either ignore it completely, or to have gone to Anderson's during the time in question, and browse around but buy nothing, and pay no particular attention to what was going on. As it stands, all that has really happened is - nothing.

Catherine. Spare us your feigned indignation. You still haven't answered the question. How would you view Ayers if it had been your son or husband that had been the young policeman killed in S.F.?

Yeah everyone, Hannah is brilliant. Maybe she can be a reporter at the NY Times someday and dazzle us with intellect and objective journalism in her crusade for social justice. LMAO. Or otherwise find a job. I was thinking I was happy that the school district changed its mind about hosting Ayers albiet they were dragged kicking and screaming all the way with Lies ultimately issuing a conflicting, not so cleverly crafted statement about the whole affair. Nice Alan, further showing you cannot grasp a simple concept about what people think right or wrong. It is that simple. Then Anderson's uninvited Ayers and I was thinking my boycott of Anderson's was off as well has my April 8th protest scheduled to begin at 6:00pm. In fact, I was going to celebrate this weekend by purchasing a book there. Then today I read they were worried about me inciting violence and jeapordizing the safety of their customers. So after some thought, it occurred to me that the only reason the school district backed off is because they did not want their district teachers union candidates for school board Crotty, Romberg, Dennison and Drapalik to bear the wrath of the voters who thought it wrong for this clown not to speak but to speak in a public school. And for Anderson's, protest off but boycott on for good. I will be at Barnes and Noble on Saturday buying my book. And in the future I will shop exclusively at Barnes and Noble. Anderson's does not reflect the ethics of the community any more than the big box store Barnes and Noble does, people like Hannah notwithstanding.

By the way... Hannah's comment scares me. This is a classic case of speaking out on something you know nothing about. While I agree with the conselor's acvice on doing your own research, I was surprised that a high school conselor would call a student a brat. I hope she doesn't think of ALL Naperville kids as brats. But... as a Naperville kid who has gotten out into college life and met other students from all over the country, I can tell you that a lot of Naperville kids are privileged and there's a lot that would qualify as 'brats' im my book. It's a comment on attitude more than on lifestyle.

To Anonymous on April 2, 2009 8:14 AM ,I agree with you comment.
I am a college student and I am home on spring break. I have been following the events of Bill Ayres' visit in the Sun and online. While I consider myself to be a little more to the 'left' than my parents, I try to educate myself on all issues before I form a decision. I did a project on terrorism in my political science class and Ayres was one of the people we covered.

What I find odd is the fact that people don't see the irony of the whole situation. Anderson's is concerned about safety and violence, so they cancel the book tour of the person who committed violent acts and compromised the safety of American citizens. They publish a comment to their loyal customers by email which sounds like a public spanking. So don't shop there. There are other book stores in Naperville.

Anderson's is well within their right to voice their opinion on the situation. So are we. My parents have shopped there since I was a kid. I don't want my parents to spend their hard earned money in a store that doesn't value their right to express their opinion.

Those who suddenly have come forward to speak of their outrage over Ayers being cancelled reak of hypocrisy and general weakness.

You tend to spout off about "free speech being held down" or some similar drift. Guess what? NO ONE said Ayers couldn't talk ---- just not on our dime.

He has every right to rent a hall and open it up to the public to deliver his drivel. Of course, I doubt many would attend if it did not involve school credit (or at least credit with a teacher!) as this guy is so passe.

Anderson's also has the right to go ahead with their sponsorship of his book at their store. We, customers, have the right to not go and to not buy stuff at Andersons. It is clear their statement about safety is actually one of commerciality. By the way. given that Ayers is the bomber, and Ayers is the one who's grouo accidentally blew themselves up, Anderson has a lot more to fear from him!

Does anyone find it ironic that Andersons Books cancelled Ayers visit due to safety concerns for their patrons and employees? Ayers would have spoken about his activist / radical involvement in the Weather Underground where his group took to setting bombs to prove their point. One of their main purposes was to instill fear and cause people to question their safety. For his speaking event to be cancelled due to safety is something his supporters should understand as "what goes around comes around" - I simply find it ironic.

I'm not saying anyone would have set bombs, but it seems that Andersons didn't want to put up with any protests that surely would have accompanied the event.


She sounds like an amazing young girl - imagine how much more she will be once she gets out of this place.

To mark's comment about suspecting that people would not mind Charles Colson speeaking to students goes to show how little he understands why people object to Ayers. Colson served his time in prison after having plead guilty to his non-violent crimes and refusing a plea bargain to reduce his sentence because he wanted to take the full punishment he was due. Colson repented of his crime and speaks very openly of the mistakes he made and the kind of person he used to be. This is in total contrast to Ayers the unrepentent bomber who never served time for his crimes having gotten off on a technicality. So yes, it would be fantastic to have Colson come and speak to the students about conversion and redemption. Just goes to show how shallow the thinking is and how little the America haters like mark understand the world around them.


Non-examples often are as instructive as examples-- the child of an alcholic, for example, who vows not to let alcohol destroy his or her life; or the friend of the adolescent petty thief who decides not to follow his or her buddy to jail. That Hannah is well rounded and level headed does not necessarily mean that many in her community are not narrow minded.

Baffled on April 1, 2009 5:31 PM

You forgot one additional item Baffled. Hopefully young Hannah will also learn that opposition to something you disagree with can and should be handled in a legal manner, something Mr. Ayers was not able to learn himself.

I still can't figure out how Hannah became so well rounded and level headed - I thought she said she couldn't wait to get out of this narrow minded town? I guess somebody somewhere taught her something?


Your parents should be congratulated for raising a daughter who can think for herself. I'm sure you'll do well in college and be not sent running home, like so many, because you cannot tolerate listening or reading something with which you do not agree. It's in college that you'll learn not only how to think critically, but to respond critically even to those ideas or individuals with which you disagree. It appears that you already have some of those skills as you were able to craft a response free of hyperbole, misspelled words, multiple exclamation points, words in all caps or boldface, and name calling (such as "brats," by a school counselor, no less.) Hopefully, you'll also learn that there's more to life than your property tax bill.

Please, justareader, give me a little credit. I specifically mentioned in my post that SDS was nonviolent. I stand by what I said. How frightening to some of you that "my type" lives in Naperville.

To Catherine Broad

I also went to Marquette for undergrad and know of the professor of whom you speak. The difference is Students for a Democratic Society was non-violent. What Mr. Ayers did was very different and by his own admission he said "isn't America great, guilty as sin and free as a bird" when he got off on a technicality for doing something heinous enough it left people dead.

What should be remembered about the 60's is that it taught us people can have passion and have differing points of view while still respecting each other; it should not have taught us that if you don't like something you should chose violent, sometimes deadly, actions to express your dislike. There is a difference between teaching our children to see different viewpoints than glamorizing a man who is completely unrepentant about his stain on the 60's. Most people who protested did so peacefully and those are the ones who should be adulated, not someone who got away with murder and to this day has not directly admitted wrong doing or apologized for his actions.

I lean more left than right but even I can't get around the fact that bringing someone like Mr. Ayers into a public high school is a bad idea. If someone wants to sponsor a private event in which Ayers is a speaker that's there choice. I may not like him, his educational philosophy (as described in the Chicago magazine article) or his rhetoric but he has the right to speak, just not in a taxpayer funded school system.

Everyone seems mad at D203 / NN for cancelling the visit. Has anyone voiced the same outrage towards Andersons Bookstore? They have cancelled his planned visit as well. If they still held the event, everyone who wants to expose their kids to Ayers could have gone to this - I would have anticipated a record crowd by how many feel this guy is a true hero!!

Why did Andersons cancel?

Catherine Broad. It is widely believed a young policeman in S.F. was killed by Ayers and/or his wife. I'd love to know your thoughts if the policeman killed was your son or husband. Liberalism truly is a mental disorder. And to think your kind is dominating the teaching profession.

Keep America Red

I'm with you. Depressing that 55% of DuPage and 56% of Will voted for their Blue leader.

I'm sorry. I will disagree with the above posters again.

It is Mr. Ayers himself who is the problem. He has dirty shoes, he refuses to take them off. I do not want to let him walk across the carpet.

Civil discourse is one thing. He had the opportunity back then to use words to get his point across. He chose not to. He chose violence and destruction.

There are plenty of people who led 60s and 70s protest groups which did not destroy property and people. I am sure they are available to speak to the classes if it is felt that is an important viewpoint to hear.

Hannah said "What an opportunity for me, to get to meet a man who really had an effect on history in such a profound way. His life is facinating, especially for young people who have so much to learn from someone with his experiences."

I must respectfully ask something. What profound effect did he have on history? Really. Truly. I hope he was not sold to you as someone who has had a profound impact. If so, I feel sorry for your education.

Dr. Leis seemed to think Ayers had some role in last year's election. As far as I can tell Ayers had no role whatsoever. Was Leis fed the same lines?

Ayers took his protests past what was legal. He admitted as such. He avoided jail on technical reasons. That does not mean he is not guilty of the crimes. It means he was not found guilty of the crimes in a court of law.

He is not welcome.

So let me get this straight. You are ok with an admitted murderer speaking to your children? He got away with it on a technicality. Do you understand that? He would be in prison for LIFE right NOW if it wasn't for a TECHNICALITY. Sorry, but I believe this says a lot more about your beliefs than it does about us that opposed this guy.

Don't kid yourself, Crotty and Romberg saw the writing on the wall. The ONLY reason this board backed down like they did is because they knew they would lose this election. If there was no election imminent they would have allowed this to go forward.

Two comments to Catherine K. Broad

1. The community needs some standards. And these standards will be different than Hyde Park. Have Eby arrange a field trip to meet with unrepentant and self proclaimed terrorists, keep such scum out of our town.

2. From all of the postings about this goof Kermit Eby, District 203 should commence a full investigation of his teaching tactics and use of unauthorized textbooks. It's about time a tenured teacher would be fired, particularly one who flaunts at our community. Let him move to Hyde Park as well.

I do recall my high school days. They were misleading children for the past 40 years, this is one of the problems with out society. If not for these teachers, socialism would not have a place in our society.

Question. There are references of children from Naperville doing well in the world. Who gave these children the opportunity to do this? The Democrats (Socialists)? NO WAY. Remember Barbara Herr's famous letters from the past, all opportunities should be passed out by lottery, not qualifications. Imagine where our students would be if Socialists like this got their way.

It seems Hannah proves to be more mature than the grown-ups that post on this blog. I salute that. Too bad that most bloggers can't act their age.

I regret reading this mostly stomach-turning blog because now I feel compelled to respond. I am profoundly disappointed with the decision by District 203 to block the classroom appearance of Dr. Bill Ayers. I am also disappointed with their failure to support and defend Naperville North and teacher Kermit Eby.

High school and college are the places where students should be exposed to "lightening rods" and learn to think for themselves. This was to be a classroom discussion that would benefit the students--and the value of such a discussion does not diminish simply because parents complain about it. In fact, in my mind that tends to strengthen the necessity of such a discussion. If Oliver North, George W. Bush or Dick Cheney were coming to speak at North I would secretly be disappointed if my kids wanted to hear them speak, but I would certainly sign the permission slip to let them attend the presentation.

Try reading the recent article in Chicago Magazine, What Bill Ayers Wants (April, 2009, pp. 66, 92-94) or even the Wikipedia entry on Bill Ayers before you rest on the title "terrorist" and the arguments presented here that are based on fear, emotion, and that most terrifying of swords--"parental outrage."

At Marquette University I had a political discourse professor who had been very active in the Students for a Democratic Society, which granted was nonviolent. Their opposition to the Vietnam War was just as strong, however, and many participants in that group were arrested. The class taught by this professor was one of the best I had during my undergraduate years and it is one of the few I remember distinctly after almost 30 years. It did not "radicalize" me or make me want to hate "the man." It did, however, open my mind and some of the discussions and debates we had in that class were amazing. I can assure you that at Marquette, during the Reagan era, there were plenty of students who challenged this professor.

It is ironic that District 203 cancelled the appearance of a U of I at Chicago education professor, who believes that "teachers are most effective when they ask questions and facilitate projects and discussions, rather than simply lecture or drill." (Chicago Magazine, p. 92.) Naperville North is an amazing school, and those of you who have no experience in another school district have no idea how good your students have it here. If all of the teachers took the initiative Mr. Eby has, the world would be a better place. If by the time your child reaches high school, he or she cannot keep an open mind, listen to opposing viewpoints and think independently, something is very wrong.

Call me a leftist loon, tell me to move if I don't like it here. The fact is we do like it here (for the most part) and we are staying put until our youngest graduates from North.

Shame on all of you. This is a free country. People ae entitled to have their own opinions as protected by the US Constitution. Why is God's name would you want to shelter your children from people whose views are different than yours. The guy who said we're back in 1954 is right. To be a responsible adults means to be able to take all sorts of input, analyze that information, and create your own opinions. The rest of the real world isn't like Naperville. My, how I wish the corn fields were back and all of you righteous snobs were in Hinsdale. The speaking engagement could have turned into a wonderful lesson at school allowing student to dive into some very critical and high level thinking activities. In fact, I guess the cancelling of the event has. Students, take note. You are being denied your right to hear someone's opinion because mommy and daddy don't agree with what the man thinks. So what - let your kids form their own opinions. It's ironic how these are the same parents who choose to go out every weekend and leave their teenagers at home to drink their booze.

If this man was a terrorist, he would be in jail. Terrorism is not allowed in this country and terrorists are captured and prosecuted. And - Last time I checked a voting ballot - being part of a communist party was allowed in this country. Maybe you all should come to vote more often. If you did, you'd see the communist party always has candidates on the ballots. e-gads.

What you're doing right now - being so self-righteous - is nothing different than when slavery was abolished in this country yet the white man still felt he was better than the black man.

let the man speak and let the students form their own opinions.

By Naperville203 student on March 31, 2009 10:01 PM

Who else have they brought into North that made them believe they could get away with Ayers?

As a student in this district I am fundamentally opposed to the continuous waves of propaganda we are forced to endure. Mr. Ayers might have been against the activities of the United States, but that in no way justifies the violent actions which he condoned (and condones) and participated in. In earlier periods of U.S. history that would be considered treason and it still should be. Students of the district are often exposed to 'opposing viewpoints' from a host of different issues, but a self-admitting, non-repenting terrorist? A former felon? A man who stands for lawlessness and violence? I thought the district was trying to teach non-violence and the democratic process, so why is a bomb-maker and a man who resorts to revolution considered a valuable educational-aid? Furthermore, what value does he possibly bring to students? Perhaps he could tell us about his spoiled childhood which led him to violence against 'the Man' in a bygone era in which his position was largely irrelevant to the modern student. Maybe Mr. Ayers would be kind enough to teach the students good bomb-making techniques so someone can pull another Columbine. I mean, why not? It is just sticking it to 'the Man.' Next on the list of speakers to give students important, non-violent opposing views of modern society are: Adolf Hitler, Joseph Stalin, Kim Jung Il, and Che Guervara. All these men clearly have educational value that far surpasses their crimes and lack of remorse, right? Bill Ayers is just the first in a series of not-well-considered speakers to teach us 9the students) the values of violence and hate against our 'terrible' country. Someone submitted that parents are afraid of their students being 'swayed.' I will not be swayed, but I have better things to do than listen (and pay for) this guy to come make a living off his crimes.

Keyboard Rambo on March 31, 2009 5:14 PM

It wasn't always like this. When we traded farm fields for golf courses all these idiots flocked to town.

I would say there were also a few to begin with!

30-year-old on March 31, 2009 4:52 PM
I'm with Hannah - I'm getting out of this fascist-leaning right-wing town as soon as possible...
It's really quite sad for a town that's supposedly one of the best places to live in America.

If you read this blog regularly then you know that Naperville slipped from its high perch to something like 17th in the latest poll of best places to live. The only hope for us to regain the top spot if for people like you and your friend Hannah to follow through on their promise to actually leave this "fascist-leaning right wing town".

I happen to think both sides of the fence are equal in their passion and their opinions. You will never find a society where all hold the same point of view, unless you're in the town of Stepford. This is a great thing. This is what makes America great. Diversity and the freedom to express your opinion without ramifications.

Now... imagine if one of these people decides voicing their opinion isn't enough. Maybe they feel not enough people are listening. Does that give them the right to use outrageous methods to gain attention? Is it their right to rig a bomb or shoot up a town because they feel they are justified? Does that sound like a right you want your neighbor who doesn't share your POV to have? What about the guy behind you at the stoplight? How about the group of people following you at the Riverwalk? If you aren't doing whatever they deem to be the right thing, can they blow you away? Is that freedom of speech and justice? And if they did so, would you revere them as some great thinker?

'Cuz that way of thinking can open up Pandora's Box.


It wasn't always like this. When we traded farm fields for golf courses all these idiots flocked to town. Naperville, Plainfield, hell, even Oswego used to be such nice areas. It really is pretty sad that we traded such a modest farm town culture for this.


Please accept my apologies. This blog is not where you come if you're looking for intelligent discussion, it's where you come when you want to rant anonymously about City Hall and how B. Hussein "Hitler" Obama is tearing apart America... And now, apparently, where you come if you want to liken a college professor to Osama Bin Laden.

To anonymous at 1:30 PM today:

I am a naperville graduate. While I can see how Naperville could be called a "bubble" and may not be like the rest of the world, is that really so awful? It's almost like it bothers people that naperville kids get to grow up in such a nice, safe, fun place. I live alone in Chicago now, and while there are things I miss about Naperville, I love it here. Nothing has shocked me as terrifying, and I have never found myself thinking something along the lines of "oh dear me! We're not in Naperville anymore, Toto!" Actually, I'm doing pretty well here. What you need to learn is that graduates from Naperville are the ones excelling in college AND after college. ALL of my friends are either in good grad schools or in great jobs. While the "spoiled" factor of Naperville really bothers me (I was not one of them. I never had a car, rode my bike everywhere) you need to realize that good people come out of Naperville.
I'm not really discussing the topic at hand here, but this anonymous poster is extremely dense and uninformed to think Naperville kids are the ones who are not going "to succeed" in this country. HA!

Wow, Naperville, ganging up on a teenage girl on a blog on the internet really shows your style as well as your intelligence.

I'm with Hannah - I'm getting out of this fascist-leaning right-wing town as soon as possible. The level of frothing-at-the-mouth stupidity present here (especially on this blog, which I read regularly) is almost surreal. I've lived here for three years now and I'm not pleased with what I've seen from my neighbors so far. It's really quite sad for a town that's supposedly one of the best places to live in America.

To: By Hannah Janvrin on March 31, 2009 1:25 PM

Tell us, little Missy: Have you even read Ayer's book? Have you researched him to find out exactly what it is he stands for, what he pushed, and what he is responsible for? Do you actually have any real KNOWLEDGE of this group he founded?

In fact, have you researched the 60s & early 70s to better understand the effects of unbridled violence WE experienced under the guide of social & civil disobedience?

Finally, have you, yourself (and not mommy or daddy) ever really had to pay taxes, or raise a kid, or even be in dangerous situations where you needed a cop to help you?

Or, as I expect, are you the priviledged and protected progeny living in our own little la-la land of Naper where your parents have suppplied ample protection and wonderful opportunities for you to take advantage of?

You are correct: in college, you will be exposed to much more than you are in Naperville. Part of that exposure will be the basic demographics of "other people from other places" surrounding you. This is good, and hopefully you will grow up into a wonderful person.

But, I must warn you: college is DIFFERENT!

They will not care of your past, who your parents are and what they do for a living, or if the dog ate your homework or you were busy at pom poms. They will, most likely, not accept excuses of any kind (if it is any kind of a college). You will be treated as an adult and be expected to be one.

You can be as liberal or conservative as you want, but whichever you select you will actually be held accountable for it!

Wow! And to think we might have ruined all that for you by NOT allowing our taxdollars to pay for a failed domestic terrorist to come here and speak his drivel about his little involvement in the Days of Rage!

By the way, if you want to know about those days ask your parents or, if they are too young, your grandparents ---- I'm sure they can tell you exactly how it was!

Janet H,

Who are you, and what have you done with union shills Higgins and Shulman? They've been AWOL when it comes to supporting the poor judgment of Crotty & Romberg. No backbone to run for school board themselves, and no backbone to support their candidates. Too bad the union's board got caught on this one, huh? And right before election too.

Now all of a sudden we have new QE203 lefty's like you and Mark coming to the defense of Higgins. Thom must be too busy disparaging Dave Weeks deep from within his union bunker. If I were you guys, I'd be a whole lot more concerned with how voters are going to view the teachers' union slate, especially Crotty & Romberg.

Remember, teach your children that character is what you do when no one is looking. Oops, the board got caught.

P.S. Janet H. I don't recall your name on a school board ballot. Another big talker like Thom? Pathetic.

Naperville Patriot
Hannah had the courage to actually post her own name


Ah yes, "Naperville Patriot" you are the bastion of courage as you use the moniker Naperville Patriot. I suppose you will claim this is a symbol that makes you somehow less anonymous?

I don't believe our friend "Hannah" is a high school student any more than I believe you are a real Patriot. So you jump to her defense because we don't want to break her spirit. We should encourage her to learn, guide her thinking??

She has such an "impressionable" mind as you state - I'm simply responding to her in similar fashion as she chose to convey to everyone in town. If she wants to come on this blog and claim the town is narrow minded, and she can't wait to get out I say the same as Beth at 3:54PM, enroll at UIC and take Ayers classes. The only suggestion I would add is to please don't commute from Naperville - live in the dorm, I wouldn't want you to miss out on the experience.

By Drift King on March 31, 2009 11:13 AM

Ooh, you are Sooooo courant! Clearly you are repeating drivel you have heard, but never experienced.

If we need "living history" from the 60s, why didn't the lame D203 School Board and their self-declared commie teacher invite any of a host of native Napervillians or parents, for that matter, to speak to the students?

We all know why: They were trying to be lamely provacative and show how " open minded" they were, how they were part of the "movement".

I have news for you, bucko: the only movement the supporters of the Ayers talk are part of comes from the south end of a colon!

Way to go Hannah. Your post just proved all of the "Adults," "Concerned Citizens," and "Concerned Parents" right.

Get some real world experience before spouting off about that of which you obviously know nothing. Perhaps do a little research about those you choose to adulate and call "living history."

And be smart enough to know that when you are trying to make a point, don't irritate half your audience with comments such as "I am only left shocked and grateful that I will be leaving this narrow-minded town in the Fall." Comments such as these sound like hystrionics from a sullen teen ager with big thoughts and no substance with which to back them.

I'm thinking the Naperville Patriot, IE fredw on the Ayers story, is Ayers.

Am I right? No offense, but you sound a lot like him. If you are him, I am sure that is a compliment. Not meant to be. Trust me.

TO: Hannah Janvrin on March 31, 2009 1:25

It is so unfortunate that you feel you were stifled in the Naperville school you attended. Are you aware that Naperville schools are ranked as one of the top in the country? Perhaps you are one of the Naperville brats who feels everything is owed to them and you are unable to appreciate what you are given.

Maybe you will be fortunate enough to attend the University of Illinois at Chicago. If you are lucky enough, you can enroll in one of the esteemed Dr Ayres' classes and, in your own words, "What an opportunity for me, to get to meet a man who really had an effect on history in such a profound way. His life is facinating, especially for young people who have so much to learn from someone with his experiences." I really hope you carry through and meet this man. Attend one of his classes. He was fortunate to have a Professor position purchased for him by his father. Maybe you can sit in on a Bomb Building 101 lab. How fun!

At the very least, why don't you sit down and read one of his books. I read 'Fugitive Days'. I made it almost all of the way through before I became sick of his colossal ego and incessant ramblings. The man's moral compass spins out of control and he has the justifications for his actions just like a sociopath. I decided I had better things to do than to even finish the last few pages. Seriously, Hannah, read his book. See if you come away thinking he is the Messiah that you should flock to. Read the man's words and make up your own mind. Don't idealize the man when you don't know what he is about. That is why the majority of people on this blog didn't want him speaking to impressionable teens. You (teens as a whole) are so quick to jump on the bandwagon for the sake of looking like you are on top of things, you don't take the time to do your research and use your OWN brain. I know this sounds like a grand generalization, but I have been a hs guidance counselor long enough to see how a lot of teens think. Please, take the time to research before you make up your mind... in this instance and in every other important aspect of your life. It's worth taking the time!

Paula - With all due respect, NO teacher is supposed to teach while openly advocating a liberal or conservative agenda. They are to transfer knowledge and teach kids how to learn and then make up their OWN minds - not to influence. And don't tell me that most teenaged kids would have the wherewithal your son had to vocally dispute what he said. So, good for Mr. Eby for letting your son disagree; however, I must say that as a taxpayer in Naperville, it's my kids they are teaching and I am paying for it - therefore, I do not want the teachers filling them with THEIR opinions. Believe me, they'll get enough of that in college.

This is such a disgrace to America! Ayers a nobody who still wants to be a somebody. He was worthless then as he is now. His reign of terror is no different than the terror we see in the news now. America (and I'm talking to the naive young people, stop glorifying a coward! This old man has no voice in this society. He has disgraced America long ago and I wish people would quit talking about him! Give him no publicity and watch him shrivel up! You reservation in hell has been confirmed, Ayers.

To: Anonymous on March 31, 2009 2:13 PM

I’m going to have to assume that your response to Hannah was a satirical joke.

Hannah had the courage to actually post her own name. For you to post anonymously and berate her, “…if the best you can do is come on an anonymous web site and fire rubber bullets…”, sounds like something from the Onion.

There is no reason in the world to berate, belittle, and insult one of the few among us to openly identify themselves while speaking their mind. And to think that she is also one of the impressionable teenagers that you are trying to protect from the outside world.

The next logical step in this satire would be to start to weed out those open minded, liberal, radical teens at Naperville North before they have a chance to poison the minds of our normal children. Add these free-will radicals to the pyre along with the leftist booksellers that started all this.

Does anyone else think this is getting a little out of hand?


I can't believe the school board would even consider someone like this to speak. You have really shaken my confidence in District 203! In fact, its very scary that you people are in such high level postions and can make such utterly stupid and wrong decisions. Where is you common sense?

TO: By Hannah Janvrin on March 31, 2009 1:25 PM

Don't worry too much, Universities are the home of Left Wing National Socialism in the USA. You will get to hear their point of view in many of your classes. In fact looking and sounding interested will effect your grades in some of the classes.

Even if its local, COD the comrades have a strong presence there too. You will get to hear the chain e-mail of the day during the few minutes your prof sets aside for political indoctrination every day. I sat through this every day at COD, its real.

So, you will have to wait until you are 18 to get radicalized at taxpayer expense.

Hannah Janvrin on March 31, 2009 1:25 PM


Wow Hannah, such passion, enlightenment and insight for someone who insists that leaving this narrow minded town is something you can't wait for. The only question I have for you is if Naperville is so isolating and cut off from reality how did you form your current opinions?

And as far as "where your voice is now?". What's preventing you from storming the principals office and demanding to know why Ayers lecture was cancelled? You are 18, You are an adult, if the best you can do is come on an anonymous web site and fire rubber bullets perhaps going off to college is the best thing for you!

If you still want to see Ayers speak I'm sure there will be another location and opportunity where you can drive and see him (You do have a license don't you?). Perhaps Ayers can shed light on how he and his group fought the evil government by setting bombs in government offices - sounds like a riveting lecture. After his lecture is over maybe you can ask him to comment on what he told the New York Times, ("I don't regret setting bombs...I feel we didn't do enough.")

I apologize. My last post should have been made on the d203 candidates blog.

To Thom Higgins on March 29, 2009 10:00 PM

Mr. Higgins:

By your own admission the list of invited speakers is not complete, nor does it list a timeline regarding when these individuals and groups spoke. Regardless of whether or not Naperville North invited a diverse group of speakers of a period of years is irrelevant. My point was that the school did not invite an alternate speaker during the course of my son’s semester in American History. Unless students learn about altering views, in the context of what they are learning at the time, there was no balanced view.

I would also invite you to look a little closer at Mr. Zinn’s text “A People’s History of America”. I find the label of “liberal historian” a bit lacking. The book borders on propaganda, promoting Communism as a better alternative to Democracy. Some reading this post may view this philosophy as true, but let’s be intellectually honest and call the book and the author what they are.

To A concerned grandmother on March 31, 2009 8:38 AM
First, I want to state that I was vehemently opposed to Mr. Ayers’ invitation to speak at Naperville North, and made my feelings known to the Superintendent of Schools, the Principal, the School Board and to local news agencies. A review of the District 203 Mission Statement makes painfully clear the fact that Naperville school officials felt it appropriate to hold students to a higher standard than the guest speaker invited to “inform” them.

With that said, I feel compelled to share my son’s experience in Mr. Eby’s class. From the first day of class, there was no question where Mr. Eby stood with regard to his beliefs. His stance on social and political issues was in direct opposition to the firmly held convictions of my son. However, when my son did voice an opposing opinion, which happened with regular frequency, Mr. Eby listened to, and acknowledged my sons statements in a respectful manner. On several occasions, Mr. Eby conceded that my son provided a good argument

Did I agree with all of Mr. Eby’s methods of teaching? No I did not. Do I think that my son learned in his class? Without question. If nothing else, he learned how to better articulate, in a civilized way, his beliefs. I respectfully ask those who read this to be cautious when using a broad stroke to categorize this teacher.

Keyboard Rambo-

I knew that I wouldn’t get anywhere with my post. I generally don’t even read these things because it is just the same group of people on every blog barking at each other. But I feel that every once in a while it may be worth it to inject some reasoned thought and actual debate into the debate. I know it is lost on these people but you have to try sometimes. I am very thankful that the entire belief system of the right in this country has finally been found out to be a fraud. The GOP and their followers have completely disintegrated with virtually no hope of revival. The ways and means of the right have collapsed as devastatingly and completely as the Bernie Madoff ponzi scheme that they allowed to happen.

The many comments here have far less to do with trying to protect our teens from becoming mindless killing machines through the hearing or reading of words, and much more to do with the violent lashing out of people whose way of life has been thoroughly repudiated by the very Country they claim to love.

Mr. Davit,

Please let us know which candidates you have interviewed for the 203 Board.

While the "Adults", "Concerned Parents", and "Concerned Citizens" battle it out on this forum, I am only left shocked and grateful that I will be leaving this narrow-minded town in the Fall.

Yes, I am a senior at Naperville North, only a few months shy of graduating and heading off to college where I will surely find all different sorts of viewpoints: democratic, republican, libertarian, and even (SHOCK!) communist. What a shame it would be if I didn't have some sort of exposure to these different ideas before I came into contact with them, so far from home and the protective censure of my parents and teachers. Oh wait, I wont't. Because the members of MY community cant see the benefits of teaching the youth of today both sides of history.

When I heard that Bill Ayers was coming to speak at North, I thought: I hope I get to go. What an opportunity for me, to get to meet a man who really had an effect on history in such a profound way. His life is facinating, especially for young people who have so much to learn from someone with his experiences.

As for Mr. Eby, no one should judge that hasn't met him. He is an excellent teacher that helps challenge students perceptions of the world and look beyond the 'Naper-bubble'. I had him as an AP US History teacher last year, and only found his class enriching and mentally stimulating. Last fall, I also had him as an Urban history teacher and enjoyed his three-dimensional approach to teaching the diverse and multi-faceted history of Chicago.

But please, ignore my comments, because I am 'just a kid' and I probably 'dont know what's good for me'. After all, I'm just eighteen, legally able to operate heavy machinery, buy cigarettes, be called for jury duty, fight in the armed services, and yes, even vote in local and national Elections.

Where is my voice now? Squashed by the narrow-minded who can't seem to get over themselves and let students like me make up their own minds about yesterday's history.

It's like I've heard a million times: Those that refuse to learn about the past are condemned to repeat it.

Hannah, Member of the NNHS Class of '09

How can you all say Ayers is bad for our children to hear? Once again, Naperville parents are trying to control the situation and not let our children understand the rest of the world is NOT like Naperville. Why is it that I can't send suckers to school attached to valentines, yet our high school dances have bump and grind dance lines????? Because someone might try to poison our children - oh come on. Our children aren't going to succeed in life because they aren't street smart. Let them hear multiple opinions and then form their own.

Naperville snobs - get over yourselves

I suspect the American Revolutionaries would NOT be allowed to speak at Nottingham North High School.

I suspect anyone felt to be involved in England of blowing up government/royal property would be summarily shot, and thus not allowed to speak at Nottingham North High School.

200+ years later, someone who has the right to vote, has the ability to change perceptions and rulers by helping alter the political landscape peacefully instead decides to go destruictive.

The analogy of Ayers to the colonists is not a good one.

Regrading the message vs the messenger: Would you allow OJ Simpson to come speak to a football team? He may be one of the greatest running backs of all time. He has a natural knowledge of reading defenses which is among the best.

Would you allow George Ryan to come speak about the death penalty? He may have given more thought to the death penalty than any governor in American history.

OJ and George Ryan are bad people who did unacceptable things which put lives and property at risk. Just because someone has a interesting viewpoint and knowledge does not make that person appropriate as a speaker in the high school.

Dr. Leis said ""I only focused on how fascinating it would be for students to talk to someone who had a role in the presidential campaign." I am confused about what role Ayers had in the recent presidential campaign. He had no role as far as Obama was concerned. His name and prior board affiliations were brought up, but I have no idea what role Ayers had in the campaign other than showing up in FOX news reports.

By Anonymous on March 31, 2009 11:32 AM "Notice how Higgins hasn't informed anyone about the voting record of Jim Dennison? I wonder why that is? Higgins attacks Dave Weeks but fails to mention the voting record of one of his endorsed candidates, Jim Dennison."

What voting record are you referring too? Jim Dennison is not on the school board currently. Please tell us what board voting record you are referring too so we can be informed for the election. Thanks!

Naperville Patriot - "I am just hoping to present an argument for looking at our own prejudices and intolerances in a different way."

Call me a prejudice if that's what you want. Please do not compare modern way of thinking to 17th century. I am not ashamed to be prejudice over people who commit crimes, admit to them, wish they had done more harm and are walking the streets making a better living than most Americans today. I wouldn't be surprised if this man was educated on our tax dollars. He is laughing all the way to the bank while you sit there with your righteous attitude. This is what's wrong with our country. Enough of the PC.

I salute Mike Davitt. He is absolutely right, Crotty and Romberg need to go. Notice how Higgins hasn't informed anyone about the voting record of Jim Dennison? I wonder why that is? Higgins attacks Dave Weeks but fails to mention the voting record of one of his endorsed candidates, Jim Dennison. We are waiting Mr. Higgins.

As the self appointed voice of the Naperville North student body I could not agree more with most of what everyone said, except for that pinko commie A Naperville Patriot. Have some deceny! Also, A Redskin, I could not agree with you more. Ignorantia juris, Ex post facto, Habeas Corpus. Right ON!!!! I was watching Rush Limbaugh yesterday and he said that "Feminism was established so as to allow unattractive women easier access to the mainstream of society". I think this illustrates all of our points completely. The truth is that I love this country, and I love your children with a burning passion, so I'll be damned if some expresso drinking, University of Chicago teaching, Frenchy will come to our school and talk to us. You know who we should get...that Chris Hanson from To Catch a Predator. Anyway, that pretty much wraps up my thoughts. I see alot of passion on this blog. Free speech is important in this country, and there is nothing more free than anonymously bashing other people on community blogs. AMERICA!!!! We should probably organize. But what would our name be? How about this: The National Socialist American Workers' Party. Wow! We can get armbands and everything! Maybe even have some greeting sign. That gets me excited. Well that's pretty much all, don't forget to watch Glenn Beck and Bill O'Reilly tonight. Vote Republican.

Prom reminders: we need volunteers to help chaperon and set up decorations.

Vive Nueva!!! 09

We all need to remember that tax payer dollars are used in schools and colleges.They are full of professers, and teachers, that in one way other lean to socialism, communism, and just overall hatered of the United States, our way of life,and have been doing it for decades.What confusses me is if they want that type of life why not move to a country like that? Because maybe the dicators wouldn't put up with it.

I am a graduate of District 203, and I am speechless at the fact that they were even going to invite a terrorist to speek to a group of students. This man attacked the US government, he bombed the Pentagon, and even attampted to bomb an army base, this man belongs in a 4 by 4 foot cell for the rest of his life, not in front of students. I am glad to all the citizens that wrote in and said that they did not want their children listening to this awful person. I think that the people who were even going to invite this man to speak in the first place need to either resign or should be fired.

TO: By A Naperville Patriot on March 31, 2009 12:25 AM

In a world where there is no right or wrong, you make perfect sense?

Freedom of thought and action with representative government are the same as tyranny with totalitarian government control starting with brainwashing the kids in school?

George Washington is like Bin Laden and Al Quada are the freedom fighters? Washington and the Continental army didn't commit atrocities against civilians.

The US is a Colonial Imperialist power run by a white racist monarchy and commits war crimes by intentionally murdering women and children?

Thanks for clearing that up for me.

You should contact Alan Leis and the 203 School Board and organize a march against white racist colonialist imperialist America and in support of the freedom fighters around the world who crash jets into our office buildings, bomb air liners, execute entire families to terrorize entire cities and countries in the Middle East and plant land mines to kill our soldiers.

You can start your march at Andersons and walk throughout the entire city with your supporters. If you don't have the money, I'll contribute $500 for your parade permit so the whole City can see you.

Oh' I almost forgot, executing women in stadiums because they wanted go have a job or learn to read is just another point of view.

No wonder you guys need to prey on the children with your point of view.

For inviting a criminal terrorist to speak(hey, nobody from al quaeda was available)--stupid, stupid, stupid.

This is what results from turning public schools over to radical secularists with no moral compass. Give me school prayer over Bill Ayers any day. The thoughts and actions of Martin Luther King Jr. and Gandhi were informed by their religious convictions. The same is true with the Dalai Lama and Archbishop Tutu today.

The argument that religion should not be taught in school fails--and one could easily point to all the failures in our society resulting from the triumph of orthodox secularism. It is true that religion should not be coerced on schoolchildren. Of course, philosophic materialism is forced on them and no one seems to notice. No child should be compelled to believe anything beyond what is common to all religions--that all human beings are brothers and sisters and we should treat others at least as well as we treat ourselves. Children must be taught this. The argument that teachers would compel students to believe what they believe should impress no one as teachers are already professing the creed of liberal secularist orthodoxy to their students. Look how well that's working for us--there are people on this very board deluded enough to believe that a terrorist deserves to have the rapt attention of our children. If that can be forced down my children's throats, then at least teach them philosophy, ethics, and comparative religion.

We have wrapped ourselves in the blanket of platitudes about public education for too long. It is time to break free from the shackles of the mind and acknowledge that the present method of public education is doomed to fail. We need to educate our children not only in mathematics, physics, and biology, but also in honesty, nobility, and compassion.

Stop inviting the likes of the criminal Ayers. Start inviting the local rabbi, imam, and pastor. Start inviting the people who run Hesed House and Loaves and Fishes. Start doing the right thing.

@A Naperville Patriot

You're not going to get very far with this argument. The parents of Naperville seem to be universally opposed to their children getting a well rounded education, or hear any kind of political/social viewpoint outside of the ultra-conservative Republican creed they live by. This thread serves as excellent proof of this and the absolute terror these people are experiencing over the thought that someone could put a idea in their childrens' heads that might contradict something they heard on the Rush Limbaugh show.

Because you know, Bill Ayers wasn't coming to speak as an accomplished professor and a living piece of American history... He was coming to speak to indoctrinate the children of Naperville North in to his communist terrorist cell and recruit new suicide bombers to put an end to capitalism.

The sad part is, while I'm posting this with sarcasm intended, people really believe these things--And that, my friends, is 100 times more terrifying than Bill Ayers ever could be.

The Illinois Family Institute just sent the following informtion about the Naperville North teacher who invited Ayers. This teacher should be fired.

Here is the Daily Herald blog posting on Kermit Eby which if even only partially accurate should be deeply troubling to the administration:

"Both my daughter and my son sat through Kermit Eby's (the Naperville North teacher who invited Bill Ayers to come talk to students) American history classes. My son also had him for American government. Both those classes are required by the district. I know Mr. Eby. I sat through five parent conferences with him and I had several conversations with him and exchanged three years of email notes with him. Kermit Eby is the stereotype of the so-called-progressive teacher. When I called to complain about a gay-rights skit he put on in which two girls held hands and kissed during a mandatory attendance assembly he justified himself by claiming to be a "progressive missionary working for social justice in the underbelly of affluence." . . .

And there is no balance of any kind. My kids sat through his classes and listened to daily rants about the evils of the Republican party, conservatives, religion, America, capitalism and especially George Bush. Just like this Leis character Eby will tell you he does things like inviting Ayers in the name of diversity and letting the kids make up their own minds. Don't buy it.

Any student who dared to counter the straight left party line was humiliated and shouted down. According to my daughter Eby's students learn very quickly to shut up and toe the line if they want a good grade from the man.

He tells students that the textbook supplied by the district is full of lies and supplies them with copies of Howard Zinn an American hating communist historian to provide "balance." His classroom is plastered with bumper stickers for liberal politicians and causes. According to my son another teacher put up Marine recruiting posters in the same room which Mr. Eby made a show of removing and tearing to shreds. He hangs a universal peace flag outside his class but refuses to stand during the daily pledge of allegiance. This man is about many things but balance isn't one of them.

And believe me he is loving every second of the controversy is being stirred up. He lives for it. Like a lot of liberals the guy has a big ego and he loves to be the center of attention. He poses as some kind of brave anti-establishment crusader but he has worked his entire life for the state. He tells his students he is a socialist but draws a six figure paycheck.

He says he is a pacifist but he brings domestic terrorist Ayers into the school. He says he supports diversity but won't tolerate or present any perspective that isn't 100% so called progressive."

You guys have way too much time on your hands.

The Naperville Patriot brings up a very good point, one that is worth considering. Just because someone has a label attached to them, and has extreme views that many of us, including me, find grotesque, doesn't mean that they can't make an interesting educational point to near adults. I find it interesting that, as I understand it, this person was invited to speak to members of a specific class, not at a full school assembly. If you assume, as I have been doing, that this class is currently discussing the 1960s, then it seems to me that this invitation makes perfect sense. I like to believe that students in their teens are more than capable of understanding what they're hearing, and particularly when they can go home and have a conversation with their parents on the same subject, giving them a wholly different view. How is that not educational?
For my part, I'd be interested in hearing Ayers speak, and might have gone to Anderson's - though I would not have bought the book, I may have taken it out from the library. The thing that bothers me the most about all of this is that the hue and cry that was raised in all of this did two things. First, it deprived the students from learning about something that happened in the history of our country, from someone who participated in that history, even though the vast majority found that participation to be appalling at best, and at worst... well. How can that not be a worthwhile activity? Do people really think that it will hurt the students so badly? Second, that part that I find most annoying about this is that it was almost certainly expected by the two in question. That will reinforce the ideas that they hold, and allows them, I have no doubt, to continue the processes that they have put into place.
Again, if this had been a whole school assembly, or some required activity for the whole school, my opinion might have been different. In the context of meeting with a class, where attendance was not required, to talk about the times in question, it might have been a very good educational opportunity for the students. It might have allowed them to hear things that would have helped with their understanding of the turbulent 1960s, and the idea that hearing Ayers speak would have turned them into his disciples? Ridiculous, at best.
Of course, we'll never know, now. And that? That is kind of sad.

'Patriot': absurd comparisons don't really 'help us look at our own prejudices and intolerances in a different way'. The founding fathers fought to establish an entirely new and just form of government of the people, by the people, and for the people. If you really believe that Ayers fought for anything so noble, you need to study history more carefully.

Ayers was and is a communist. If in fact he fought for anything greater than himself (and there is considerable doubt that he did) he fought to overthrow government of the people, by the people, and for the people, in favor of a form of government (communism) that has brutalized more of humanity than any other in the past century.

The relativism you espouse is just so much claptrap. Yes, the patriots of 1776 would have been hung as terrorists had they not won. But that would not have meant that they actually *were* terrorists. The truth of who they were and what they did is not a function of whether they won or lost.

I know it's quite popular in the ivory towers throughout this land to suggest that America is no better than the rest of the world, in fact probably worse, but certainly just lucky enough to have won and now be able to call the shots. That may be an enjoyable pastime for the likes of Ayers and yourself, but it is an affront to the majority of Americans who honor the sacrifices that were made so that we might enjoy a level of freedom and prosperity that the world has never before known. Spit on the memory of the founding fathers if you like by comparing them to scum like Ayers -- the founding fathers secured your right to spit -- but when you go to bed and say your prayers be sure to thank God that *you* were lucky enough to be born in a country founded by men so far greater than William Ayers and yourself that you and I are not worthy to wash their feet.

Would the signers of the Declaration of Independence and leaders of the Rebellion Against the King be allowed to speak at Naperville North?

It is true that history is written by the winners. If we had lost our Revolutionary War, every signer of the Declaration of Independence and leader of the Continental Army would today be remembered as a terrorist. That is if they were remembered at all.

Out of uniform and fighting on British soil they were illegal enemy combatants. Remember that at the Battle of Bunker Hill, the British commander General Howe lost over 1,000 of his soldiers and was appalled at our “dishonorable” fighting techniques. The insurrectionists hid in trees and behind natural cover, killing, and at times ambushing, the English soldiers from as far-away as 200 yards. This pretty much sums-up how the British, both here and in England, felt about the American fighters:

"Gage blamed the extremists for recent incidents of vandalism directed against internal revenue offices. The governor, who described the group's organizers as "criminals," issued an executive order authorizing the summary arrest of any individual who has interfered with the government's efforts to secure law and order."

Freedom Fighters like “John the Painter” conducted arson against British ships, and others hid-out and bombed the British from a safe distance, killing and destroying with free abandon. No wonder King George sent 23,000 troops to quash these terrorists. A force landed at New York City with a beach assault so large that it held the world-record for 169 years until the Normandy invasion.

The British were appalled at our horrendous manners. Our Revolutionary forefathers were undeniably considered terrorists, and treated accordingly. Just like today, the military rationalized extreme measures against the terrorist colonists, killing the wives and children of known terrorists, and suspending the rules of traditional warfare. In the same way that Americans de-humanize Al Qaeda today, the government of King George used the label of “terrorist” to justify all sorts of war crimes.

So given the well documented actions of the Colonial Government and Army, would any of these people be deemed worthy of addressing our youth today? Would any of the government leaders from the Bush administration be allowed to speak at Naperville North knowing that many of their actions are considered by the Red Cross, the international organization responsible for inspecting and reporting on prisoners of war, to be torture and war crimes?

And please let me be clear. I am in no way condoning or excusing the actions of Bill Ayers. Or the actions of George Bush or his administration for that matter. I am just hoping to present an argument for looking at our own prejudices and intolerances in a different way.

When does Ayers get to sleep in the Lincoln Bedroom?

I have a question. Serious question.

This Kermit Eby. Does he teach real American history or the "new" version?

If it is true that he invited Ayers on his own, this would be a prime example of the problems with tenure/unions. No consequences.

What history text book does NNHS use? I'm curious if it is one of the new textbooks - the one where actual American history tends to be left out of the book.

Mr. Davitt,

Give it a break. Your ongoing campaign to denigrate the Board members is getting old, and tying them to the Ayers fiasco is absurd.

You ran for a post on the School Board. The voters saw through you. You lost. Try to move on.

NapervilleTaxpeyer.org is proud to have played a role in preventing terrorist Bill Ayers from speaking at Naperville North. Courage, conviction, and common sense prevailed. The two incumbents being endorsed by the teachers' union and QE203, Crotty & Romberg, were exposed for their poor judgment and weak character. They supported Ayers until community outrage forced them to reconsider. How do you suppose they act at school board meetings and during closed sessions when no one is watching? After all, character is defined as what one does when no one is looking.

Instead of attacking Dave Weeks, QE203 should be doing a bit of soul-searching. How can a self-proclaimed "independent" organization support Crotty & Romberg, two incumbents clearly out of touch with their community.

The union is attempting to gain control of 7 out of 7 board members. Voters outraged by a board that supported the Ayers visit must get off their butts and vote against Crotty, Romberg, Dennison, and Drapalik.

Now that the Ayers fiasco appears to be over, we all need to look closer at what almost happened.


It is clear that our Board is NOT up to the task of actually running the District within the confines of State law and the needs/wants of the parents of 203.

Allowing the unapproved textbook is a violation of State law and an insult to our community.

Allowing Ayers to be booked as a speaker is worse ----it is an outright assault on OUR town's value system.

Many questions have risen:

Where was Crotty & Romberg during the scheduling of Ayers?

Where was Crotty & Romberg during all the outrage this past week?

Where are Crotty & Romberg NOW as we discuss this issue and wonder what in the Hell they were thinking?

What did Crotty and Romberg know, and When did they know it?

Unfortunatley, there are only two incumbant Board members running at this time. We need to start now and NOT Re-Elect Susan Crotty or Jackie Romberg to the School Board!

Vote for the independent candidates (if there are any) on April 7th!

To:By Thom Higgins on March 29, 2009 10:00 PM

You forgot Serpico!

He came a week early and spent time around our town (undercover, of course!)

Folks were outraged when he then spoke and told us our children (gasp!) did drugs and had problems.

As you can guess, that went over like a fart in a submarine.

To: By Paula Pisarcik on March 29, 2009 8:46 PM


Good for you for caring enough to attend the assembly. To often in Naperville we are satisfied with test scores and care about nothing else in the schools. Bully taw!

By the way, my outrage is NOT because he was a liberal speaker ----- it's simply because he is an unrepetent domestic terrorist.

I will also add that teaching at the college level is a whole lot different than a high school level, Mark. In H.S. the kids are captive and I am paying for it!

I definitely believe Bill Ayers' speaking engagement should be cancelled--either on or off campus. Students can be exposed to a variety of viewpoints WITHOUT engaging a domestic terrorist. That Bill Ayers would even be considered as a speaker is asinine and irrational.

I heartily agree with the majority of comments on this blog. The teenagers of Naperville should never be allowed to hear or read any of the words of Bill Ayers! The teenagers of Naperville have proved themselves time and again to be a bunch of mindless puppets just waiting to do whatever they have last heard. If exposed to the words of Ayers, our town’s teenagers will mobilize into an unstoppable force of evil and destruction. No citizen or building will be safe. And their parents will continue to be ineffective in trying to control these senseless teens since they have never provided their kids with any positive role models or promoted the concept of thinking for yourself between right and wrong. We can only truly protect the liberties and freedoms that our forefathers fought so bravely to establish for us by silencing radicals like Mr. Ayers and the rest of his uppity ilk.

Why does it take an outcry for 203 to do the right thing.

Deficit spending
Over Taxation
Mail Order Degrees
Unrepentant Terrorists
Secret Contracts

I guess this is what happens when you concede control of the schools to a militant, left wing UNION.

Vote out the union candidates at on April 7!!!!!!!!!!!

If the cancellation rumors are true for both Andersons and Naperville North I would like to see a follow up on how the original requests transpired. i.e. who invited him in the first place? Did someone at NN book this guy without going through proper channels? What can be done to prevent this from happening in the future, or is this just simply a case of both parties (Andersons / NN) caving to pressure?

I object to his speaking at NN, but I wonder why Andersons is caving? I actually don't mind listening to people and ideas I oppose, if for no other reason than to strengthen my own. Hopefully this makes sense, but I object to his speaking at NN, but don't see a problem with him going to Andersons.

First we get rid of Ayers.

Second, get rid of the Union Control. Vote out Romberg and Crotty--they are bad for Naperville, let them MOVEON to Hyde Park with their liberal sympathizers.

Higgins is breathing a sigh of relief. His two cherished candidates for school board were threatened big time to lose their school board seats if this went through. Well guess what, you the voter can still vote against Romberg and Crotty for even letting this issue get this far. VOTE NO for ROMBERG and CROTTY.


The Illinois Review is reporting that Jackie Romberg is emailing citizens this morning and stating Ayers is NOT going to speak. I suspect Romberg and Crotty realize this is going to severely hurt their chances of re-election and they saw the writing on the wall. Good news!! Now voters, get out and vote these two off the board. Let's send a strong message to Suzyn Price.

Anderson's Bookshop has canceled William Ayres event at their Naperville location. If you want to call and let them know you support their decision, the phone number is 630-355-2665.

In my opinion, William Ayres is nothing more than a coward.

He stands behind his 'freedoms' by bombing innocent civilians and public servants to 'prove his point'??

He recruited others to do his dirty work. So did Charles Manson, want to let him speak with your kid?

Ayres feels 'justified' in his actions because he didn't agree with the government?? This man is a sociopath. Given his way of thinking, do those who disagree with his way of thinking have the right to rig a bomb as a Welcome to Naperville gift for him so they can 'prove their point'? So anyone can resort to violence as long as they are trying to prove something??? That is completely INSANE and the fact that anyone would want to give this person a public forum is utterly senseless.

I agree with the comment 'The idiots are running the asylum!'

Maybe it can actually be a learning experience for students. I'm still not sure if I agree with it, but it can open up a great conversation between parents and students. You shouldn't shelter your young adults from people like this. When they grow up, they will encounter people similar to this in some way, shape or form. It could be an eye opener for them that they will definitely learn from. And it's the parents' job to discuss it with their young adults.

Just an opinion. But you should open up your minds a little bit. If everyone is so angry about this, then just hold it off campus somewhere, as was suggested, and make the sponsor a non-taxing body (or whoever is paying for the speaker). Or don't allow your kid to go. Seems pretty simple.

To mark on March 29, 2009 10:23 PM,
You don't get US?? What exactly don't you understand?? It's not a matter of having an open mind, it's a matter of having common sense. William Ayres is not the kind of person we want speaking to our children. Period. I could not possibly care less what he has to say, as I don't repsect the man, his views, or his time. This man does not deserve a forum for the garbage he spews.

I would not want to waste the time of my child or any other with his ridiculousness. There are a LOT of crazies out there, but I don't need to bring them front and center into my children's lives to demonstrate the diverse lack of mental capabilites. If your honest opinion, would you let your children sit down with a terrorist or a pedophile or a serial killer so they can gather the facts and then form their own decision?

This is just more verification our state run schools are a socialist based system that educate our students to carry out a Marxist philosophy. Time to look who is running your schools, and to make changes now to save our country.

Ayers was, is and always will be a childish, arrogant, destructive jerk. And the best way to demonstrate that is to let the man talk. Let your children hear him. Let them learn for themselves, rather than have mommy and daddy decide for them.

But I guess that's asking too much of you.


I haven't heard any discussion about Ayers planned topic of discussion at NN and I haven't read his book. The listing below gives an Amazon editors comments about the book so it would be a safe bet that Ayers will be speaking to the high schoolers about his 10 years as a fugutive, and will probably speak about his becoming an anti war activist. As an adult it is easier to listen to radical, opposing viewpoints and be able to decide the merits of the content. I'm not ready to impart this same logical thinking to 14-17 year olds. So Mark (10:23PM) for you to load up your comment with the terms "mommy and daddy" is not something I agree with.

We currently have all kinds of rules about this age group that have been enacted due to their inability to comprehend or handle the responsibility. We have age restrictions on drinking, smoking, driving and working full time jobs. We have laws regarding underage sexual contact with adults and we make them go to school until at least a certain age. All of this is done under the presumption that kids at this age cannot handle this type of responsibility and are not yet ready to handle the consequences of bad decision making. If I don't want my 15 year old to attend a school sanctioned event that no doubt will teach, glorify, or somehow excuse the actions of a government bashing radical that is my choice.

For some to imply this thinking is somehow naive, or unenlightened is why I think you should send your kids to this event without hesitation - for the rest of us please let us decide ourselves.

Review from Amazon Editors about Ayers book:

In February 2008, in the heat of the Democratic primary elections, speculations began circulating in the media about a connection between presidential hopeful Barack Obama and Bill Ayers, a former member of the radical 1960s group the Weather Underground. In Fugitive Days, Ayers tells the real story of the defining events of the radical '60s. The book is an eyewitness account of a young pacifist who helped found one of the most radical political organizations in U.S. history, and who consequently lived for ten years as a fugitive. In a new era of antiwar activism and suppression of protest, Fugitive Days is more poignant and relevant than ever.

"For anyone who wants to think hard about the social conflagration the Vietnam War produced in the U.S., and more generally about a citizen's obligations in troubled times, Ayers's powerful, morally charged account of a life and a society in the political balance is provocative reading."
—David Farber, Chicago Tribune

I hear from multiple sources that Bill Ayers visit has been canceled.
Official statement forthcoming.

Mark Erikson wants to know why we are debating the question of Ayers speaking at a taxpayer funded school.

This is yet another reason to abolish taxpayer funded schools. I have no problem with Ayers speaking on private property. Political speech on private property is legal, no matter how non sensical it may be.

What's so hard for you people to understand? To alot of people, Bill Ayers, is a hero. They hate the U.S. and what it stands for. They hate and disrespect the police even more. They celebrate cop-killers. They want your kids to rebel, disrupt, and live messy lives just like they do. Of course they want him to come to your kids school and enlighten them!

Have you people gone nuts? As an educator with 25years experience I can't believe that any sane thinking individual would even consider such an invitation to speak. The man is scum. I think that the concept of inviting this former terroist ( released on a technicality) is symptomatic with the current generation of parents and community leaders. The danger is that these left-wing nuts insist on foisting their lack of respect for authority onto the shoulders of the children. Then they wonder why their kids end up sitting in jail or have problems at school with authority. They would never admit that they were the ones who initially polluted the kids, by indoctrinating them in their liberal, lefty claptrap.

Hey give me a break: My name is Mark Eriksen and I hold the entire board responsible. But CROTTY and ROMBERG ESPECIALLY because they now are seeking re-election. I am dissatisfied with their performance in this matter and other issues and I want them off the board. So I will not vote for them and implore others to do the same. Let Mrs. Price use her connections with NCC to give this jag a place to give his stupid lecture there. I just read the Officer Down Memorial Page.org for Waverly L. Brown who was murdered by members of the Weather Underground and noted that the Weather Underground was also connected to the Black Liberation Army that was responsible for more murders and mayhen including the deaths of two Chicago officers. Throw into that mix the SLA and lets talk about domestic terrorism and social justice. And we are debating this question of Ayers speaking in a taxpayer funded school because why? It seems to me the names of these dead officers and armored car guards are really the ghosts and shadows of Ayers past that continue to haunt him. Kind of like OJ. He too has a hard time being accepted wherever he goes except finally for now-prison.
Thom and Melea: there is a legitimate question on the blog by Class of 1971. Is there a suitable answer?

I don't get you people.

Either you're completely selling your children short -- you really believe that exposing them to a viewpoint that you don't share will somehow "corrupt" them and change their lives forever -- or you simply don't like to hear from people who may have different world views than yours.

Ayers was, is and always will be a childish, arrogant, destructive jerk. And the best way to demonstrate that is to let the man talk. Let your children hear him. Let them learn for themselves, rather than have mommy and daddy decide for them.

But I guess that's asking too much of you.

I have been talking to a recently retired NNHS teacher about the Ayers controversy and thought the comments made about past speakers merited passing on. So here’s an admittedly incomplete list, done from memory as we talked, of people that have spoken at North. The teachers are pretty proud of the people they get to come speak

Dan Walker (former governor), Chris Lauzen (State Senator), Barack Obama (when he was running for Senate), Harris Fawell, Judy Biggert, Mayor Pradel, First Lady Laura Bush.

Howard Zinn (liberal historian), Bay Buchanan (conservative columnist), Fern Schumer Chapman (author of Holocaust novel Motherland)

Holocaust Survivors...
Are a focus of the history department who has hosted at least a dozen from all over the country, working with the Holocaust Foundation in Skokie and the Holocaust Memorial Museum to bring in a wide array of survivors and US veteran liberators. There is a real desire to have the students hear from actual survivors as long as there are survivors living. The Chicago-area speakers most commonly are Aaron Elster (child survivor) and former Elmhurst Mayor Ganet.

NNHS has hosted literally dozens of veterans of WWII, Korea, and Viet Nam.

Human Rights Advocates...

The Sudanese Lost Boys as well as a woman whose family was interned as Japanese Americans during WWII. Inner city activists come out to talk about housing issues as well as local activists talking about health care, education, the environment and a host of other issues.

I asked if there was any history of extremely controversial speakers such as Ayers and was told no, which is why the administration or school board don't typically get involved. A recent poster above me has claimed there have been controversial speakers. Perhaps that person can give us some names of who he is speaking of.

I suspect Ayers, who looks to be routinely disinvited from speaking at colleges, will either end up speaking at say NCC, or be canceled here outright, which will be a good thing.

Speaking of Howard Zinn, he spoke at an assembly at Naperville North in 2004. My son was taking American History at the time and attended that assembly. Howard Zinn's radical views alarmed me, especially since he was talking to a captive High School audience. I made the decision to attend the assembly to hear Mr. Zinn's presentation. That evening, I was able to discuss with my son the anti-American and frankly, illogical rhetoric that Howard Zinn spewed that day. How many parents didn't get that opportunity?

I find it interesting that Naperville North has not extended any invitations to conservative speakers. Isn't the point of a "World Class" education to present all views?

The Howard Zinn's and the Bill Ayers' of this world have no place in any high school. Particularly when their past actions are in direct violation of what District 203 demands of the students.

Paula Pisarcik
Outraged Parent and Taxpayer

Dear Joe taxpayer,

Your anger towards the two current board members is unfair. Your website says Joe taxpayer is Mike Davitt so quit hiding behind a fake name.

This is just like the plagiarism problem last year. It took Leis weeks to take the proper action.

Why not complete transparency?

Special board meeting Wednesday night, invite the Chicago television stations. Answer the questions.

1. What policy was followed?
2. Were all approvals obtained?
3. Should the administration override a bad decision by the local school?
4. Should the Board override the decision is Leis can't do so?
5. Since there are now allegations about a teacher using an unauthorized textbook and improper abuse of his teaching status to promote his own political agenda, what actions should be taken? If these allegations are found to be true, should this teacher be fired?

It is clear, the mainstream people in Naperville do not want Ayers in our town. Arrest him at the border and turn him back to Obamaville.

I wonder if any of you are not going to be sending your newly-graduated high schoolers to University of Illinois Chicago (where Ayers is a tenured professor) because you are just SO OUTRAGED that any employer would hire this man and allow him to teach your precious snowflake impressionable college students, etc.

This guy has been around teaching and giving speaking engagements in and around Chicagoland for years, but it's only recently that the party line has dictated such feigned outrage. I bet 80% of you foaming at the mouths here didn't even recognize the name Bill Ayers pre-McCain/Palin's presidential campaign.

If anyone is interested in criticism of Bill Ayers' style "social justice" theory--as opposed to actual justice--here are some good resources:














I re-read Thom's post above. There is no attempt to use this controversy to attack two fine school board candidates. It is rather forthright; either Crotty and Romberg speak out about this or they can hide and hope the matter subsides and we voters forget. Forget is not going to happen given the timing of the election and appearence of our darlings of social justice. Since they are sitting on the board, they have responsibility for Ayers and Dohrn being in one of our public schools. Ayers and Dohrn are NOT the first controversial figures to appear at a school in this district to "lecture". The school district simply does not either have a mechanism in place to manage speakers or in this case, they do and no one objected. And frankly, unless Melea or you respond, we can believe the school district approves of Ayers and Dohrn which elevates this controversy to a new level. We can rightfully again question judgement within the school district. As you can see Thom there are a number of reasons while Romberg and Crotty should not be elected to the board.

My friends and neighbors of Naperville, do not forget that we run this country and we have the right to protect our children from murderers. Do not be afraid to call it the way it is and spend our time and money exposing our children to great role models, we have them all around us. We have had enough of this type of cultural trauma induced by the miserable left and it must end with us. Let's stop this non-sense and move on. .Perhaps we could have an American astronaut visit us here in lovely Napervile?

By the way, I love Davitt's pathetic attempt to link this issue to the "liberal" D203 Board and his ongoing attempt to remove people from the Board for personal reasons.

And do you people really believe that this Board is "liberal?" Do you honestly believe that ANY governing body in this town -- from City Council to Park District to Library Board -- is "liberal?"


The following comes from an article about Bill Ayers at www.discoverthenetworks.org:
From Ayers book, FUGITIVE DAYS, Ayers reflects on whether or not he might use bombs against the U.S. in the future. "I can't imagine entirely dismissing the possibility," he writes.
Is that what you want him telling your children? Bombing is the way.
He is still a criminal with really nothing interesting or important to pass along to our children.

Wondering where Thom Higgins is? The school district is under siege here and he is out of sight. I thought he would at least give us some insight into exactly how is it a decision to have someone like Bill Ayers and Bernadine Dorhn invited to a SD 203 school without the knowledge of or approval of the school district. Or the question is did they know it? And if they did, when did they know it and under what circumstances did they approve it? It really does not appear that there is a proper control mechanisim to approve of speakers access to the students. And if this is true Thom, we have uncovered a management problem at Webster and Hillside. Can you please assure us that the school district has adequate controls and safeguards in place, that there is a process that addresses or specifies some sort of critera that has to be met before speakers can lecture our children? This entire affair seems like the result of mismanagement. Its not the press I'm finding in Lisle, St. Charles or some of the other districts you compare this one with.

blackirishblonde and Anonymous on March 29, 2009 1:15 PM, You both make very good points and I could not agree more. Mark's definition of 'open minded' is my definition of 'clueless'.

In my opinion, Ayres is nothing more than a criminal who belongs behind bars. He is smug and arrogant, and never expressed a sincere apology to the families of those who were hurt/killed as a result of his actions.

Why poison our kids' minds with the likes of him? I would sincerely question the judgement of the 'educators' and the intentions behind their invitation to this shallow, violent, unrepenting idiot. I don't think someone who exercises a lack of judgement such as this should be teaching young, impressionable adults. Shall we idolize Hitler? Bin Ladin? In my opinion Ayres is a murderer who got off scott free. The victims and their families don't deserve for him to be treated like some well-regarded author. Let's call it like it is: he's a domestic terrorist and a murderer.


To: Mark

Actually nothing scares us ---- but what scares you? Why are you so intent on "going along to get along" on this one? Are you afraid to stand up to a terrorist?

To others, the jury was never given the opps to decide if Ayers was, in fact, guilty of any of the injuries & deaths caused by his "cause". There are those out there from the time who believe he was at the apt in Greenwich before it blew up (see the movie "Sneakers" for a loose view). Also, he was the.an aknowledged leader of the group ---- as such, under today's laws, he is fully culpable.

Back to Mark --- why is Ayers so different form the others you mention?
>One was a domnestic terrorist
>One led a contrary-cause that many followed at the time (in fact, he was seen as a visionary to lead America out of it;s imperialist ways, etc) by his followers
>One, based on our court system, never caused the death of others but many feel he was directly responsible (gosh, sounds just like old Commie Bill!)

As stated above, Ayers never apologized, he never comdemned his ways, he hasn't changed his spots. What did happen? He entered a world where his commie beliefs, his illegal ways, his marginalized cause, was welcomed----- the world of academia!

Blackirishblonde, as I was reading your post the first person I thought of was Osama. Their is no difference between the two. They both have the same goal and both are cowards because the hide (hid) away to let someone else do it.

And why is it that people protest the war because our troops are getting killed but in the cities across America everyday children are being gun down in a war as well. The inner city street wars. Why aren't they marching in our inner cities asking the gang bangers to stop. Those who enlist knowingly put their life on the line and I hold the highest respect for them. However, children who are gunned down in the city schools, parks, cars, buses, streets are just fellow citizens like you and I but no one marches for them.

Tell me what is the difference here that they won't go and march in these neighborhoods to stop the violence. They are hypocrits, if they truly cared about ending the violence they would start right here in their own cities.

No- Bill Ayers should not be allowed to speak- How much were they going to pay him. I did not read about Ayers from the Naperville Sun only saw it in the Tribune.

This is just another example of how the elite of this country can do wrong and get away with it and then make money off of it. Where should we start: Bill & Hillary Clinton, Barak Obama, Rod Blago, Ayers, Geithner, Bill Richardson, do I need to go on.

All these have embarassed their constituents, families, and our country and nothing sticks to them. Imagine the impression this has on our young today. Go into politics or radical thinking, do and say what you want and nothing sticks. Geithner doesn't pay taxes but makes the laws that the rest of have to follow. That takes a lot of b@lls. The more education these people have the dumber they look. Or is it the rest of us that follow the laws of this land that are the idiots for allowing this to go on.


Now is the time to remove certain school board members. This board has complete disregard for the citizens of this community. Watch the above video and you can see the tactics used by one of their own, Dianne McGuire.

I am writing you from Boston. Boston College just UN-invited William Ayers to speak because of the outrage here.Ironically Ayer's audience will say they oppose our war, but support our troops. How many of them are aware Bill Ayers opposed his war, and tried to kill our troops .... troops pretty much the average age of Ayer's audience ... troops who became the fathers and grandfathers of these very students .... He cowered in a safe house quarterbacking the weather underground; identifying targets, coordinating cells and funding, and providing direction on bomb making for maximum casualties (at Fort Dix). Of course he never bloodied his own hands. "Bill Ayers never killed anyone?" As honest as the statement "Osama bin Laden never killed anyone, either."

Boston Police Department Massachusetts
End of Watch: Thursday, September 24, 1970 Patrolman Schroeder a Boston police officer was shot and killed while responding to a silent alarm at a bank at 9:20 am. The bank was being robbed by a gang of anti-Vietnam War activists. As he exited his cruiser and walked towards the bank a gang member who was across the street opened fire on him with a rifle, striking him in the back several times. Patrolman Schroeder was taken to a local hospital where he succumbed to his injuries.Patrolman Schroeder had been with the agency for 19 years and was survived by his wife and nine children. Now in 2009,two of his sons are Boston police officers.

Remember, when being let go on a technicality William Ayers was quoted, "what a country, guilty as all hell, free as a bird".


I am aware he was never responsible for any deaths personally. But he was still part of that group and has never apologized for it. I an guessing you are younger then I am and don't remember the time. A lot of people were really scared of these people who thought there was nothing wrong with killing around robbing just as long as it furthered their cause. The problem is too many people who defend this guy were too young to know what they did first hand. Let me ask you how would you feel if a member of the 9/11 plotters was invited to speak? Even though many more people were killed on 9/11 their goals were still the same. This has nothing to do with different opinions.

MELA: As corporate communications spokeswoman for SD 203 you were were quoted in the paper today extolling the offical government line that part of the mission of SD 203 is to promote critical thinking. As a product of SD 203 from 1st grade throgh 12th grade, allow me to demonstrate some of that result for you and others who think it ok for this As-Hat Ayers to "lecture" our students. Let me begin with we live in a nation of laws. Our laws are written in statute by legislators that we the people elect. Those laws are interpreted and administered by the courts. We DO NOT live in a nation wherein "social justice" is the law of the land determined by any two bit political group and applied in the court of public opinion. And we do not allow political groups to enforce their laws by bombings, theft or murder as in the case of the Weathermen. What also concerns me when I consider this entire affair is I wonder what kind of thinking is going on in that little building at the corner of Hillside and Webster? What is it exactly Melea that gives anyone there the idea that they should give access to and provide a forum and venue for someone who created and lived this "social justice" lifestyle to the detriment of so many in our country? I don't like it that Ayers beat the consequences of statutory law on a supposed technical violation of the law that freed him from prosecution. But what I also do not like or understand is how a publicly funded school district that claims to be one of the finest and progressive districts in the land can allow itself to be placed in a position where the public can easily demonstrate numerous examples of much less than critical thinking from within. Should anyone at those offices or at the auxillary SD203 communication offices of Thom Higgins wonder why there is disdain for the less than acceptable decisions? Let me answer one of my questions and sugggest a solution. 1) the social justice mentality has invaded and replaced intelligence at SD203 from the administration to the schools. Social justice and intelligence ARE NOT mutually inclusive properties in my view. 2) Call NCC and see if you can move this exciting lecture to a venue there. That is really where it belongs in my opinion. Lets see how many students Ayers can captivate there.

By supporting a terrorist coming to speak at Naperville North, incumbents Crotty & Romberg are showing voters their true mettle. Parents and taxpayers must vote out these two weak, union-endorsed incumbents on April 7.

Good Lord. Such rage.

Why do you people think I would support what Ayers did? It was incredibly harmful, stupid, arrogant, destructive and, ultimately, futile. But he was never responsible for a single death. And the comparisons to Manson, McVeigh and Simpson are simply absurd and pathetic.

I have a feeling that the people who object to his speaking have a problem with their kids hearing ANY point of view that differs from their own.

Let me ask you a question: Just what is it about this that scares you so much?

To begin with I think Kermit Eby should be given the opportunity to teach in Hyde Park near his friend.I would withdraw my children from his class if they were students.Another reason Home Schooling is becoming more popular. Inviting Bill Ayers (a terrorist) to speak in Naperville is an insult to this community and I would hope none of my tax dollars for #203 are being used to support his appearance.

To:By Ridiculous on March 28, 2009 6:53 PM

Apparently you did not actually read the interview you so highly recommend to us.If you did, you would see Ayers never actually apologized.

His actual words are "I can completely understand if you or many of your readers would see (the bombings) as crossing lines of propriety, common sense, the law, effectiveness. I can see that perspective," he said. "I can see calling it despicable."

This is the definition of a liberal non-apology! He is, at most, sorry that some of the 99,9% of the rest of America, the "dimwits", did not "get" his actions or cause.


Have you read Ayers book? If not, I suggest you do and then comment about his invitation.

As Ayers writes, "Memory is a motherf$$ker!"

My memory is outstanding from the late 60s and early 70s ---Ayers is nothing but a thug terrorist with no respect for his country, his fellow citizens, and it is clear from his actions and writings that he is a blazing racist.

So, you want our children to hear this other view? Why not include a grand wizard in the speaking series?

Get off of your "I'm so hip!" liberal drivel bandwagon and do some research, cuz!

If ever "change" was needed, it's with District 203. Allowing a coward and terrorist like Ayers to talk to students is ludicrous! What's as disconcerting is a board oblivious to what's going on, and then condoning this invitation. This smacks of politics to me. Schools are getting away with too much. I'm a moderate, but there is no way I can support school baord members who would allow this kind of crap to happen. Are Crotty and Romberg the only two incumbents up for re-election?

I have to shake my head at the comments made by the so called "enlightened parents". I was in MS and HS when this guy and his band were running around. So I well remember what they were and what they did. They were spoiled rich kids who thought it would be cool to rob banks, and kill people while proclaiming everyone who didn't agree with them was a "pig". They claimed they were fighting for Black revolution but all they really did was nothing more then what many people in prison did. I can tell you all he will talk about is how noble his cause was and that killing around robbing was justified. I remember.

The comments written above by Wayne Cummings are spot on. I appreciate his voice and his notation of the crimes committed by William Ayers.

Inviting Ayers to a book signing at Anderson's is one thing, extending an invitation to Ayers to speak at NNHS is appalling. Who's agenda is being implemented through this invitation? That's the question I would that should be asked!

Inviting a known terrorist to speak to students is a travesty. Ayers was involved with bombing the Pentagon. After 9/11 Ayers said he wished he had done more! It is widely believed he and/or his wife bombed a S.F. police station killing a policeman. This piece of garbage should be in jail, not speaking to high school students.

Our liberal school board is absolutely responsible for allowing this to occur. This is not about teaching. It is about politics! Two of the board members allowing this to happen are up for reelection on April 7. Parents and taxpayers need to send a clear message to this liberal, out-of-touch board. Do not vote for Crotty or Romberg (endorsed by the teachers' union and QE203).

Checks and balances are needed on this liberal, out-of-touch board. We need board members who might actually think Ayers is a stupid idea and speak up. We don't need 7 out of 7 union-endorsed board members rubber stamping a liberal agenda (like bringing Ayers to North). Vote no to Crotty, Romberg, Dennison, and Drapalik.

He apologised? Sure let him in, with that kind of pig logic maybe we should invite Manson to speak. The man is a terrorist, what good can come from letting this scumbag in a public school? Maybe Ted Kaczynski could introduce him, that way the impressionable kids could learn hatred and how to build the bombs at the same assembly.

The people responsible for this invitation should be fired. End of story.

By mark "The District shouldn't let the fears and hatreds of a group of reactionary parents tell them what to do."

The parents are reactionary? Then what term would you use for those who would plant bombs in "reaction" to government policies? This guy is a spoiled dolt who apparently sees nothing wrong with what he did. If he had any kind of insight into his insanity, his visit might have some value, but he is merely delusional.

First for Ayers.

He is not allowed to travel abroad. Canada refused to let him enter their country. He might not be in jail, but he should walk the streets in total disgrace and fearful that someone from the people he harmed might take revenge. He and his wife should be prisoners in their Hyde Park houses and not given any credibility.

Second, the 203 Board.

Deficit spending.
Over taxation.
Mail order Degrees
Communist Teachers using unauthorized text books
Social Promotion
Secret contracts
Union control

WORLD CLASS? At what, total incompetency? Why would ANYBODY want to risk educating their children to this organization?

A disgrace every six months. We need a new school board and a short leash on this Mitrovich. Clean this mess up or fired.

This is the same town that doesn't want two boys in their schools because of a crime that they committed off campus (can't blame them)and then the SD goes and invites Ayers to speak. So tell me, if the two boys are set free because of "prosecurial mishandling" will everyone in SD 203 & 204 be OK with this. I bet not and rightfully so. However, we will invite a man that committed crimes against this country over and over again and not serve a minute of time because of "prosecurial mishandling". Be careful what you wish for.

Maybe Brian Dugan can be let out on a "technicality", "reform" and come talk to the children of the district in 20 years.

Hey, I did say it doesn't excuse what he did. To say he's shown no remorse is factually incorrect--and I'm not just speaking of the apology from a couple weeks ago. Do some research. Thanks for putting words into my mouth with that "With your way of thinking" remark, though.

Would it probably be better if Ayers didn't come here? Sure. But if Anderson's Bookshop wants to host him, that's their right. I don't think that any talk of a boycott has real teeth to it.

Yes, Madigan donated a lot of money to McGuire. The chairman of the Lisle Township Republicans also donated to her campaign. What's your point?

Often times speakers such as Ayers are invited to participate in what is called a "discussion" or "dialogue". Since dialogue involves two points of view (often opposing) how about Naper North or Andersons also inviting some of the victims of Ayers Weather Underground group?

Ayers, and the people his group targeted could share the stage and partake in a Dialogue!! Now that I would like to see.

Hey Ridiculous. A fitting name. You should do a little research. Mike Madigan is into Diane McGuire for have a half a million dollars in her run for State Rep. The truth is no scare tactic...

Ridiculous, your are what your name says. Try telling that to the widows of the men/women that were killed in his bombings or the children who were left without a mother/father. Many murderers, rapists, thieves apologize, that doesn't mean they should be able to make money off their crimes and their beliefs. If he truly was sorry for what he did he would take it like a man and do the time. He is a coward and a murderer.

With your way of thinking we should of let John Wayne Gayce out instead of sending him to the chair. Maybe Manson before he dies of old age.

Wow. Most of the comments here make me think I just walked straight back into 1954.

Ayers apologized in a recent interview; perhaps you all need to read a little more. It certainly doesn't undo what he did, but it's something. http://www.chicagobreakingnews.com/2009/03/bill-ayers-apologizes-but-defends-cause.html

As for that video... well, it was impossible to get through it without laughing. More scare tactics being used to win elections. Great.


You can do something to help stop this, watch the video.

Mark, you may be very right about your kids but not all. That kind of thinking in the 60's with college professors brain washing the students then is why this country is in the mess it is today. All those 60's radicals are running our big businesses today (into the ground) and colleges. It's coming full cirle and unfortunately the circle doesn't end.

Ayers and his wife should be rotting in a jail cell somewhere,not teaching our future lawyers, bankers, etc. Like I said earlier, the professors in the 60's screwed up one generation of kids we don't need Ayers to do it to another.


Yes, "Republican," I do have children: two of them, both of whom attend Central. And I really doubt that they would decid eto take up bomb throwing by hearing someone like Ayers talk. They may find him interesting. They may despise him. But I don't have a problem with them listening to him.

You say that you want to take "liberals" and everyone who disagrees with you and ship them off to some foreign land? How does that conform to "American" values? More like Iranian values, if you ask me.

Sad. Sad and predictable.

Thom: Better get damage control at QE203 to general quarters. It is now high time for Crotty and Romberg to step up to the plate and show leadership. Stepping up and taking the lead is the right thing to do. The issue is will they do the right thing? Probably a scary situation for them because they will likely alienate some voters. But thats life when you put your personal principles below politics isn't it? My money is that both may say what Barb at Anderson's told my mother in law when she called to complain: we like to give a forum for all view points to be heard. BS Barb! Actually in the case of Anderson's, its about selling books. They do not care about anything else. If their information was that having these two baffoons in their store for a book signing would put them out of business, there would be no baffoons in their store for a book signing. Kind of like Crotty and Romberg. Its not about principle, its about what gets them elected. Its not about promoting differing ideas at Anderson's, its about making a buck. Funny how I read people here condemning greed and corruption on Wall Street but when it comes to Jefferson Street in Naperville, it suddenly becomes a phylisophical issue. Let me agree with Wayne. The issue with Ayers and Dohrn is not politics or social viewpoints. Rather it is one questioning personal character. We know character does not count with them. The question is does it count at SD203, the High School, Anderson's or with each of us? When talking with my mother this morning, she did not see a problem with these two. What disappointed me most is her own grandson is a policeman and it does not seem to bother her that one of the basic activities of the Weathermen included murdering policemen and others in the commission of their robberies. When I abruptly hung up in disgust, I was thankful it was in large part my father who showed me the way and how to reason these things. I know who it wasn't. It was not the schools either. I wondered about the sons and daughters of the murdered policemen and the others I read about on the ODMP website who are dead courtesy of the Weather Underground. Who showed them the way?

Mark...if you would like your kid to be exposed to his rhetoric, pay for him or her to take a class as UIC or let them go to Anderson Bookstore. Not a publicly funded school.

Something tells me you might be one of those who everything is America's fault.

To "Mark" who wrote that Bill Ayers should be able to speak "to expose students to different points of views." Mark...are you crazy! This guy Ayers only got off from going straight to jail because of a technicality! He should be in jail for his actions of bombing up our federal building "The Capital" and killing cops! Tim McVey was executed for doing the same. I bet the families of the police officers who Ayers and his wife are guilty of killing would say execute them. You know I can't seem to get a liberals thinking. They hate America so much that they want to expose our kids to the likes of a unrepentant criminal as Ayers "to educate" them with all of their radical knowledge. Mark this country does not need people like Bill Ayers talking to your kids (if you have any) or mine. Take these liberals and send them to another country. I think Naperviille North and the Bill Ayers teacher who came up with the idea to invite him should be more selective when exposing students "indoctrinating" students with these communists pigs as Ayers and his wife Bern. Dohnn. Being a professor as Ayers means nothing...he talks trash and the hating of America. Obama is his follower. Obama is going so far left that you liberals have no idea what you have done voting this man in office. Obama is owned by George Soros and coached by Bill Ayers. God help America. Bring back the values of our founding fathers and conservatism!

Whenever possible I have always supported Anderson's Book Store versus the big chain booksellers. I believe that we should all help support the family owned/small business owners as this is what helped make our country what it is today. Land of opportunity and ingenuiity.

But sorry to say I can no longer support Anderson's now that I know that they support a person like Ayers. This man on numerous times has tried to destroy the very fabric of our freedoms. Everybody has a story to tell and he told his story in his hatred towards the US by his bombings. Now he wants to do it again by selling his books. Sorry but you had your turn. I am shocked that Anderson's would stoop to this level to sell a book. They should be ashamed of themselves.

Mr. Higgins,

Ayers was coming to speak at Anderson's, and the offer was extended for him to speak at North by some teacher there.

How do you know this? Is there a policy in place to approve people invited from the outside into the classroom? Any background check before someone traipses into a classroom? Or can any teacher bring in whomever they please whenever they please?

Protocol is lacking OR someone broke protocol and should be in trouble for it OR someone approved this and should stand up and take credit/blame.


I totally agree with Mark, we need to open our minds.

Lets invite:



Bin Laden

Tim McVeigh via wigi board

Pol Pot, never spend time in jail either.

There are a lot of points of view out there we need to expose our kids to.

By mark on March 28, 2009 1:48 PM

This is what I was afraid of. The citizens of Naperville are rising as one to claim that this guy wants to destroy capitalism (?) and woo our little ones into lives of communism and violence. Wow. I thought this kind of McCarthy-like thought-policing was behind us.

You folks say that you don't want crimimals to appear before our children. Hmmm. Yet I have a sneaking suspicion that none of you would object if Oliver North, Gordon Liddy or Charles Colson appeared before Naperville high schoolers -- all of whom committed several federal crimes, and one of whom wanted to blow up a federal buidling.

Get a grip and open your minds.

Let's also consider the manner in which this invitation was communicated to the community. An email was sent at 5:30 pm on a Friday night. As political operatives know, releasing controversial news late on a Friday is the best way to sneak it past the unsuspecting public. But this wasn't just any Friday... it was the first day of Spring Break when many families would be out of town and those remaining in town would certainly not be thinking about school.

I'll concede that the timing of the 'press release' could have been a coincidence, but I seriously doubt it. It has all the earmarks of a politically savvy political machine trying to get bad news past the public.

To those who argue for 'open mindedness' I can only suggest that your moral compass needs repair. The victims of this man's violent attacks would be offended to their core by the notion that 'open mindedness' requires we overlook their pain and suffering, accept Ayers as a reputable member of civil society, and worse yet, offer him a public platform on which to spread his doctrine of hate.

No, he should not be allowed to speak to our students. As a taxpayer and parent, I do not approve!

As far as the teacher, Mr. Eby goes; my son was in his class over ten years ago and being a teen, he thought the teacher was cool because he fought against the 'system'. And yes, he did use Howard Zinn's 'A People's History of the United States' and also used it when my daughter was at NNHS in 2001. She thought he was strange.

I do not have a problem with teaching our children how to speak up for the little guy, but not by using violence or with only a one- sided distorted view.

Again, I reiterate, NO Ayers should not be speaking to our children.

Golly Gee!

With something as obviously controversial as this, why wasn't the Board involved and why aren't they speaking up?

My comments on Crotty & Romberg are because they are actually running right now. I think I gave a "is, isn't scenario, no?

Also, how about the unapproved textbook?

If you have kids in the system (as I believe you have written in the past), why aren't you mortified and pissed about it's use?

And, yes, Crotty & Romberg would be guilty of either neglect or implicit approval of its use!

There is a reason we have rules, son!

This is what I was afraid of. The citizens of Naperville are rising as one to claim that this guy wants to destroy capitalism (?) and woo our little ones into lives of communism and violence. Wow. I thought this kind of McCarthy-like thought-policing was behind us.

You folks say that you don't want crimimals to appear before our children. Hmmm. Yet I have a sneaking suspicion that none of you would object if Oliver North, Gordon Liddy or Charles Colson appeared before Naperville high schoolers -- all of whom committed several federal crimes, and one of whom wanted to blow up a federal buidling.

Get a grip and open your minds.

You certainly can't be too much of an 'Open minded parent' if you refer to those whose opinions differ from yours as 'loudmouths'.

I am a parent of three and I am shocked at the lack of common sense exercised by the school board, it's administrators, and on this blog site.

I don't want tax dollars to go so support someone who participated in domestic terrorism. And, if he wants to pedal his memoirs, fine, let him, but NOT to our young and impressionable children! Why glorify someone of this caliber? Let Anderson's host a terrorist. THey are an independent business and have the right to make that choice, just as we can choose to attent or not. But for our high school to host and our hard-earned money to go to him? Forget it! The world is full of enough heros and do-gooders that we could pay to come and speak at our public schools. We need good role models, positive influences, those who 'rose above', and those who can motivate. THOSE are the people who deserve our money and our time. Ayres is fortunate he evaded doing time. Where is the justice in that? Now we should let him speak to our kids?!!?
The fact that Ayres was even considered to speak at a Naperville high school...to our children...our future leaders... seems completely irresponsible and ridiculous.

What next... a field trip to Joliet State Prison? A Big Brother project with an inmate? Terrorism 101? Let's get back to common sense, accountability, and good values.

What I see in the Anonymous posts above is a poorly veiled attempt to use a controversy to defeat two fine people running for re-election.

For the record, the school board doesn't invite or vote on speakers at high schools. Ayers was coming to speak at Anderson's, and the offer was extended for him to speak at North by some teacher there. So, the board didn't know about it, and perhaps they should in the future, and sign off on any controversial figure, to avoid this. I hope he doesn't come frankly.

To me it's telling that at the same time you have Mr. Ayers group bombing federal facilities, we also had Dr. King fighting for civil rights, using non violence, and getting personally bloodied and ultimately dying for it. My beef with Ayers is he has never really accepted responsibility for his actions, and that severely taints any good he has tried to do since.

AL Wilson,

When your daughter or son is going to Columbia (Iranian president), I agree with you. This is a publicly funded school by all tax payers. This shouldn't even be a consideration at all.

In fact, if things would have played out the right way, he and his lovely wife should be getting out of jail right about now.

Question for you.....why would you want someone who hates America speaking to your daughter/son at 16, 17 or 18 years old? Why would you want someone who is a strong supporter of the communist doctrine speaking in a tax payer funded school? Anderson bookstore is one thing. The school is another.

Long and short, this guy and his wife are whack jobs and that is being kind.

Do you want OJ, the Iranian president, Castro, Manson...you get the point...speaking to your kids in a publicly funded school? That has nothing to with open mindness. That has to do with giving these morons a stage to get their moronic opinions across...especially to impressionable kids. It makes zero sense.

Of course he should. It provides our students will an excellent opportunity to understand what people are about and decide for themselves. What an excellent opportunity to educate our chldren and help them keep an open mind. If parents don't want their children to attend, they should opt out of it and let the rest of us have our children attend this unique and thought provoking event. I wonder if the same people opposing are outraged at and are taking active steps to combat the far more destructive influences that far more profoundly affect our children's decisions and choices. Probably not. It's far easier to sound off about a speaker then spend a lifetime raising children with confidence, morals and the ability to make good decisions on their own. This is real life - I applaud the district for this event and hope it doesn't bow to a handful of loudmouths.
A.L. Wilson


Is it correct to assume that current Board candidates Susan Crotty & Jackie Romberg approved of having Ayers speak at NNHS?

If not, how did it get set-up? Either the Board is in charge or not (for that matter, I also would ask how the unapproved textbook is allowed to be used since the Board is legally liable for the texts).

If so, does this say more than a little about Crotty's & Romberg's contempt for the citizens of Naperville? And now they are asking us to re-elct them to four more years of the same contempt.


This guy is a domestic terrorist and the only living history he represents is that of violence, grossly illegal activities, narrow-thought, and anarchy.

His life was based on the priviledged petulance of the North Coast rich, a life that allowed him all of the luxuries of life while he moved forward to steal the most basic of "luxuries" --- life itself---- from anyone he deemd to NOT be part of his pitiful revolution.

Ayers is a historic piece of scum, along the likes of historic, failed losers like Che and Fidel, and the only thing he deserves is our contempt.

Let's NOT give him either our money OR our childrens' minds. This person is truly representative of the most vile dregs of the human race. The only reason he is a professor, and not in jail or dead, is due to his priviledged family and their influence (including that on our current President).

Right now, as you finish reading this blog, please take action and send an email to each School Board member (their addresses are on the website), to Superintendant Leis, and to both the Sun & Herald , and let them know what you think.

Finally, let Anderson's Bookstore know what you really think of all this with your pocketbook --- let them know you will stop buying there and follow up on that.

THIS is what civil disobedience is about --- not killing soldiers and cops like Ayers believes!

On the subject of having domestic terrorists talk to our children (and paid for by our hard earned taxdollars), I have heard the following (I do not know if it is true --- I would be interested in knowing if it is):

The talk by the domestic terrorist has been endorsed/set-up by an American history teacher at Naperville North High School.

I have also heard he is using a supplemental textbook in his class written by Howard Zinn. I am to understand this supplemental book is NOT approved by the School Board (note here that it is State of Illinois law that School Boards, and not faculty advisory groups, must approve all textbooks).

This begs a series of questions:

Why are we letting a domestic terrorist talk at our high school?

Why are unauthorized materials are being used in our classrooms?

Where do the School Board candidates stand on this issue?

Should the teacher in question, if this is true, be dismissed?

Should his direct supervisor and building principal also be dismissed?

Where does the sitting Board stand on this?

Why is Dr Leis allowing this to happen?

I mean really, folks, is it our school system, our schools, our Board, or does it belong to the employees (teachers) who work for us?

Has it finally happened.....are the inmates running the asylum?

He should not be allowed to speak! Enough Said !! ----- But Naperville will do what it wants anyway !

He does not belong at a public school giving a lecture to an audience of children. If Anderson's want to use him and his companion to sell books, then remember that when you go book shopping. They can pimp and whore whomever to earn a buck. Don't give your money to pimps and whores. Mark: He is a living thief, he is not living history. What are you smoking that results in that kind of thing? Good grief!

Criminals have no business speaking at a public school in Naperville. And in my opinion, Ayers and Dohrn are nothing but bank robbing, armored car robbing thieves. These two, Ayers and Dohrn are zero's as human beings. Sure they have their intellectually derelict followers but we as parents have an obligation to set examples and shape the moral fabric of our children. We cannot short shrift our obligations and count on government schools who employ purported teachers to do this. These are not the kind of people our children should be exposed to as roll models and it is prima facie example of another failure of the school district. As far as Anderson's is concerned, if they want to pimp and promote criminals and members of cop killing political organizations to sell books, thats their choice. My choice and that of others in my family is we now shop on line for our books or go to Barnes and Noble. I went to that ODMP web site and looked up Gregory P. Foster of NYPD. The obvious conclusion is the Weathermen were little different from the Jesse James gang or Al Capone's mob. If they want their voices to be heard, let them give their lecture at Anderson's or on private property or better yet, at a teachers union meeting since the too are alleged "esteemed educators". It should not be at taxpayer funded schools with a captive child audience. It seems like a good idea that we should call the NNHS and discuss the matter with the principle or Dr. Leis at the school district office and see why he thinks we should embrace the ideas of Ayers and Dohrn.

NO. Mr. Ayers is an unrepentant former domestic terrorist who uses his teaching credentials to indoctrinate America's future teachers to destroy American capitalism and imperialism.
He proudly boasts of being a Communist.

Of course. He isn't some con on the lam, he's a professor, for God's sake. The District shouldn't let the fears and hatreds of a group of reactionary parents tell them what to do. Schools should be able to expose students to many points of view; that is, in fact, the entire purpose of education: to open minds.

The guy is living history; he should be able to speak.

Where is the money coming from for his visit?

Is it coming from District (taxpayer funds) or PTA donations/funds (voluntary money given) ?
If the former, tell him No Thanks. If the latter, take it up with the decision makers of the organization.
If no money is being shelled out for it, still tell him No Thanks. It is crazy that we give people who do or try to do very bad things in society some sort of reverence or act like they are important and matter. His 15 minutes were up long ago.

Let's review. These are the *facts* about Bill Ayers and they are not in dispute.

1) In 1969 Ayers co-founded the violent radical left organization the Weather Underground.

2) Between 1970 and 1974 the Weathermen took responsibility for 12 bombings in the US.

3) In 1980 Ayers surrendered to law-enforcement authorities, but all charges against him were later dropped due to an "improper surveillance" technicality -- government authorities had failed to get a warrant for some of their surveillance.

4) In his 2001 book "Fugitive Days: a Memoir", Ayers freely admits that he participated in the bombings of New York City Police Headquarters in 1970, of the Capitol building in 1971, the Pentagon in 1972.

5) In a 2001 interview with the New York Times, Ayers said "I don't regret setting bombs. I feel we didn't do enough."

The man is clearly an unrepentant domestic terrorist in the mold of a Timothy McVeigh. He would be in jail were it not for a technicality in his prosecution.

Ayers says that his bombings were designed to "educate", not to terrorize. "Terrorists destroy randomly," he reasons, "while our actions bore ... the precise stamp of a cut diamond. Terrorists intimidate, while we aimed only to educate."

It's affront enough to justice, common sense, and the taxpayers wallet that Mr Ayers has been made a Professor of Education via Violent Means at the University of Illinois Chicago. We need not have him preaching his gospel of violence in District 203.

So let's move quickly past the question of whether or not it is appropriate for Bill Ayers to speak at Naperville North High School. Clearly it is not. The only question now is why those district 203 officials who invited Mr Ayers to speak should be allowed to continue in their taxpayer funded positions.

In their email to District 203 taxpayers, school officials say "...we would never invite anyone who advocates violence. Our understanding is that Bill Ayers does not..." Well, even the most casual review of Mr Ayers would have uncovered his violent history and life long advocacy to educate children in the use of violence to achieve societal and political change.

Therefore, one of two things must be true. The District 203 officials who planned for Mr Ayers to speak are either lying about their knowledge of My Ayers' agenda or they are incompetent to make such decisions. In either case, this is a mistake of such magnitude that their jobs must be forfeit.

If a District 203 student submitted an academic paper advocating violence, that student would be severely sanctioned by the district. How can we hold school officials to any lesser standard when they allow the advocacy of violence to be taught to the students. In fact, the sanction should be far more severe than a student would face.

I call on District 203 to (1) withdraw the invitation to Mr Ayers, (2) reveal to the taxpayers the names of the officials who either recommended or approved the invitation and (3) to dismiss those officials immediately.

I also encourage readers to join the Facebook group called "Parents and Taxpayers Against District 203 Invitation to Bill Ayers" to support grass roots action against this educational travesty.

Wayne Cummings
Parent of Naperville North Student

No. The man has shown no remorse for his actions. What knowledge could he impart that would out weigh his attempt to murder people?

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