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What do you think of the City Council candidates

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The Sun recently published profiles of the candidates for Naperville City Council. What do you think of them? Talk about it here.

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Really? Did he say, "I'm spineless, and have no integrity, and I stabbed a friend in the back because it's been my lifelong dream to be Mayor of Naperville; please vote for me"? If so, then I'm sorry I voted for him.



Of course Doug never said those words. He simply said he was extremely pressured by 5 members of the council that are Establishment. He stated the pressure imposed on him was immense. Since he knew they had the vote he and Darlene Senger buckled.

Have you ever been on a jury, JQP. If not, you have no clue what kind of pressure 10 or 11 jurors can put on 1 or 2 dissenting jurors. They can put massive pressure. The judge can add massive pressure by not accepting a hung jury. In the end they buckle as they wear down from weeks of deliberation day and night.

I don't think Krause and Senger should have buckled. But Senger needed Mayor Pradel for those campaign commercials in order to win her seat for State Office. Pradel is popular and can deliver votes. Senger needed him and she knew her dissenting vote carried no weight since they already had 5 votes and only needed 5 votes to censure DF.

The Establishment wanted to look and smell real good so they pressured for all the votes and got them. Darlene Senger and Doug Krause have the utmost respect for Dick Furstenau. They are all good friends from the Napergate Era and were endorsed by the Napergate Man.

Sadly, by getting a unanimous vote the Establishment was really able to turn so many people on DF as witnessed on this blog site. I am sure if DK and DS realized how badly the Establishment was going to attempt to destroy DF, they would have not voted to censure. They were played by the Establishment and fell like dominos....unfortunately.

In case you don't know CM John Rosanova flipped to the Establishment after his son was offered a lucrative job at the infamous Brestal Law Firm. He is now very Establishment and is constanty raising his voice at DF and sometimes even yelling at him. He needs to be censored. He has even yelled at residents trying to speak before council. If anyone is a bully on the council it is CM John Rosanova.


I am "Doug Krause Lives in the Closet" but I decided I no longer liked that handle. It is a little to rough on Doug and he deserves better. He is a good man and I should not call him spineless as I can not imagine the pressure he was under. If he thought DF was a bad guy, he would not be praising him everywhere he goes. He constantly defends him. You should try to meet some of these council members, JQP. You will be in disbelief that they could possibly be as bad as the Establishment paints them out. Remember all the Big Shots I named that get fat pensions in an earlier blog. Well they are not going to let anyone question their BIG FAT PENSIONS and they will attempt to make minced meat of anyone who does or dares. That is what they tried to do to DF and sadly they almost succeeded. These Establishment folks will spend 2 million dollars of your and my money without blinking an eyelash to maintain control of the fiefdom they run.

to Doug Krause in the Closet
"I would rather be a little less principled "

You can say that again. Hey Experienced, since this blogger choses to bring rumors about the former city manager to the forum, why don't you fill us in on the truth about was it Wisconsin, 1992.

Lets talk about the rumor I heard that DF was observed yelling at his wife in public.

Lay with dogs and sometimes you smell like ----.

The proof about DF bullying employees needs to come from those making the allegations. If 10 employees say he was bullying them and one could not tape him on a $19.99 tape recorder, than all 10 are useless.

Not true. Eyewitness testimony constitutes evidence in a trial, for example, and ten people giving the same testimony is pretty strong evidence indeed, even without a tape recorder.

I have known Fustenau for 2 decades. He is loved in his church which I sometimes attend and his neighbors all love him. If he was a bully one of his 30 neighbors would have shown up to say he was a bully. Instead all 30 showed up and said he was a great neighbor and friend. I am not one of the 30 who spoke out of respect for Pradel wanting to move it along without repetition.

How many of these people ever worked for him and served under him in some capacity? Were any of these people present during the alleged altercations between DF and the city employees? People can be different when placed in positions of authority and, as I said in an earlier post, DF may not have thought his behavior was abusive.

You are a newcomer to town who gets all your information from this blog site. You need to call Councilmen directly and try to get the real scoop. Yes, they are not always credible but at least they are not purely speculating.

Something tells me that if I called every councilman except DF and DK, and they all denied your allegations, you would somehow construe this as proof of the massive Establishment conspiracy; in fact, I think it's what you would expect would happen. And you keep saying I'm engaging in speculation, but the bulk or your post---in fact, the bulk of a good deal of your posts on most subjects---indicates that you don't have a firm handle on what constitutes speculation. At the very least, you've never evidenced much ability to distinguish your own speculation from facts and evidence.

It's true, though, that I've never met any of our council members. One thing I do know about DF, though, is that at least once, he was not above an inappropriate assertion of authority: when he interfered with Officer Hull doing his job a few years ago. I know you disagree with this characterization of what happened, but you cannot attribute our disagreement to my lack of familiarity with Naperville, as others have made the same point on these blogs. And if DF is on record as having done this once, I'm certainly not going to dismiss it out of hand when other city employees accuse him of having done it on other occasions.


DK got the most votes of any candidate. He is out there talking to his constituents day and night. He has explained why he had to censor his buddy DF.

Really? Did he say, "I'm spineless, and have no integrity, and I stabbed a friend in the back because it's been my lifelong dream to be Mayor of Naperville; please vote for me"? If so, then I'm sorry I voted for him.


When a thousand employees get their paycheck from City Hall and the City Manager tells them I want you to interpret your discussions with DF as bullying, they will do as they are told. Otherwise their jobs are in danger.

Principles sometimes fall of the table when you have to feed a family of 5 or 6. I would rather be a little less principled than have to live in a tent with my family next to that homeless man outside of the Chicago Garage. I am sure JQP when talking to your boss you are not as principled as you would like to be at times....unless of course you do not need your job to sustain your life style.

Ten donkeys are ten donkeys. Ten sheep are ten sheep. They all takes orders and do as they are told. No need to saddle any of them.

The proof about DF bullying employees needs to come from those making the allegations. If 10 employees say he was bullying them and one could not tape him on a $19.99 tape recorder, than all 10 are useless. I have known Fustenau for 2 decades. He is loved in his church which I sometimes attend and his neighbors all love him. If he was a bully one of his 30 neighbors would have shown up to say he was a bully. Instead all 30 showed up and said he was a great neighbor and friend. I am not one of the 30 who spoke out of respect for Pradel wanting to move it along without repetition.

City employees want to abuse taxpayer money and thus they see DF as a bully because he does not want to give them 6% raises. Yes, he raises his voice in Chambers to tell the police they are ridiculous. The man is a courageous man willing to stand up to the excesses of the Naperville Police like no one else in town. He is as determined as ever and if currently fighting this new 6% raise demand by the police union.

Mayor Pradel, former City Manager Rob Marshall, current Park District Director Ray McClury, and Chief David Dial are all former police officers with pensions. Do you think they are going to bite the hand that makes their pensions fat and fatter?

The council smelled the coffee just in time not to appoint Rob Marshall city manager. They let him linger in the position for a year to get the pulse of the community. The pulse was negative. He had become a poster boy for double dipping and double pensions. He became a liability. The put him back where he can collect big bucks with the limelight off of him. They made a smart move.

You are a newcomer to town who gets all your information from this blog site. You need to call Councilmen directly and try to get the real scoop. Yes, they are not always credible but at least they are not purely speculating.

Even though I consider Doug Krause a friend and I am disappointed in his weak spine, I understand where he is coming from. I have criticised him for his weak back bone more than once even though I endorsed him on this blog site. If I was biased or not credible, I would not admit a council man I like and support has a weak spine at times.

DK got the most votes of any candidate. He is out there talking to his constituents day and night. He has explained why he had to censor his buddy DF.

The establishment has the power to get 10 donkeys or sheep to say anything about anyone. Doug knows that. He is going to choose and pick his battles.

The Napergate Man stood up to the establishment. They set up a special Kangaroo Trial to convict him and brought in 10 donkeys and sheep to testify against him and convicted him even though he was innocent. Thankfully, he had 74,000 dollars to take it to all kinds of courts to expose the establishment and how it opertates. He also found an attorney who took his Civil Rights case on a contingency and got a favorable ruling of 2-1 by the 7th Circuit Court of Appeals after the City would not accept the decision of the Federal Court, Judge and Jury.

I think you are very ill-informed about this town, John Q. Public. You have appointed yourself as the Spokesman for the City and decided to side with them rain or shine.

The establishment is not credible. They got caught in the Napergate Case and learned a lesson. They are watching their steps in order not to get caught with their pants down again. But sooner or later someone will tape them unexpectedly as always happens and they will be exposed. Mark my words, John Q. Public. Corruption is always exposed. Ask all the former Governors of Illinois.

Doug Krause lives in the Closet wrote,

If DF never yelled at an employee, no first hand information would exist. And to the best of my knowledge no first hand information exists.

You are being disingenuous here. You're pretending to have the complete story because you've asked CM's Furstenau and Krause. There IS another side to this story, and so far you are only presenting one. Did you also meet with the city employees who made the allegations against Furstenau and get their story? That, also, would constitute first-hand information.

I'll accept that DF says he didn't abuse them. And CM Krause may very well say he never saw DF engage in abuse, and doesn't believe that he did. Both could be telling the truth, as they see it. CM Krause almost certainly did not witness every interaction DF had with a city employee. DF may think he didn't enagage in abuse. But that doesn't mean he didn't.

From what I remember being reported in the Sun, the allegations of abuse by Dick Furstenau came from more than one person. And seven other CM's besides Mr. Krause also voted to censure. There is a saying that I think applies here: when one person calls you an ass, you can ignore it; when ten people call you an ass, you should probably go out and buy a saddle.

I know, know: "These people are all tools of 'the Establishment' who have no integrity." I'm sorry, but I don't buy that. I can't imagine that all eight CM's find the "prestige" of being a Naperville City Councilman so great that they were all willing to check their character at the door.

Speaking of lack of character, if CM Krause really is such a weasel, why do you take his word for anything? I agree that politicians are known to fudge the truth, but if what you say is true, then we're talking about a guy who stabbed a friend in the back. Did you bother to check his story with any other council members besides Dick Furstenau?

Why don't you ask City Employees about him? Ask them if he had affairs outside of his marriage? Ask them if he was involved with spouses of employees? Why don't you try to learn the real reason the former City Manager left town? Do you really believe he left the top position in the best town in America to go to a lowly health postion in Georgia for upward mobility purposes?

More speculation and rumors. It may or may not be true. But your having heard it from somebody who heard it from somebody does not make it true. Even if true, it also does not disprove the allegations against DF.


Doug Krause lives in the Closet on April 16, 2009 2:52 PM

You need both Establishment and Napergatian support to become the next Mayor of Naperville especially if you are running against Pope Pradel


I understand the Establishment angle, but getting the Napergatian support will only add one (1) more vote to his total. At least if we add up the number of Napergatians blogging here!


I did ask Dick Furstenau if he bullies city employees. He looked me straight in the face and said he does not. He tells me he tries to hold Dept. Heads accountable for their waste during public council meetings and some may interpret that as bullying. His feeling is he was elected to watch our tax dollars against waste by Dept. Heads and that is what he is doing.

Doug Krause sees it the same way as DF. He is also at those same council meetings. If DF never yelled at an employee, no first hand information would exist. And to the best of my knowledge no first hand information exists.

If someone falsely accuses you of rape, JQP, and it did not happen, where do you expect me to get 1st hand information against you. There would be none. There was also none against DF since the allegations probably never occurred. I will agree with you that I was not at an event that did not occur....so it is impossible to have first hand information other than DF's comments to me.

As far as DF there was no yelling at low level city employees and that the former City Manager fabricated all that nonsense. Speaking of integrity do you think the former City Manager has any.

Why don't you ask City Employees about him? Ask them if he had affairs outside of his marriage? Ask them if he was involved with spouses of employees? Why don't you try to learn the real reason the former City Manager left town? Do you really believe he left the top position in the best town in America to go to a lowly health postion in Georgia for upward mobility purposes?

The Naperville Sun does not like to cover these hot stories that everyone in City Hall knows. Half the town knows about the real reason the former City Manager was asked to resign. Napergate would have published all this....that is why it is missed.


Really? If so, then you and I have something in common, as this is your regular modus operandi.


Really? There is a little difference. You are strictly on here speculating. I am meeting with real people including politicians like DF and DK and reporting on what they tell me. I am attending demonstrations and reporting first hand what I see. You are an arm chair quarterback. I am a real quarterback....not NFL caliber, of course!

How could this man look at himself in the mirror every morning if he voted to censure a man he admires and believed to be innocent of the charges against him?



If you read carefully what I have been saying and between the lines we seem to agree on that point. Notice my heading.

He caved in and admitted it to me. I believe he will admit it to you. he is not overly ashamed and looks himself in the mirror just fine. Remember he is a POLITICIAN and not a PRIEST.

Politics has no integrity. I learned that long ago and decided never to be a politician.

Doug Krause looked at it like it was going to be 7-1 to censure so making it 8-0 would not make much of a difference considering the pressure that was being applied on him by the ESTABLISHMENT.

Remember he wants to be the next Mayor of Naperville. That has been his life long dream. You need both Establishment and Napergatian support to become the next Mayor of Naperville especially if you are running against Pope Pradel. In my opinion he is unbeatable. Doug fears Pradel may outlive him and he may never attain his dream.

Yes, integrity was out the window that day. Furstenau understood what Doug was doing and remains his friend. He even sent 12,000 fliers supporting him for this just completed election. I got one of them.

Doug Krause lives in the Closet wrote:

I once asked him if Furstenau was a bully against city employees. He absolutely stated NO.

Did Doug Krause talk to the city employees and get their input? Or was he there for every interaction between Dick Furstenau and the city employees who complained about him?

The difference between you and I is you are speculating without 1st hand information and/or knowledge.

Really? If so, then you and I have something in common, as this is your regular modus operandi. Or, is Doug Krause telling you that Dick Furstenau did not bully city employees your idea of first-hand knowledge? And, I will not call Doug Krause and ask him if he caved in to pressure, as I think the question itself would be an affront to his integrity. How could this man look at himself in the mirror every morning if he voted to censure a man he admires and believed to be innocent of the charges against him?



I have spoken directly to Doug Krause on several occassions. He told me he was pressured by all the establishment council members. When I asked him what he meant by pressured, he stated they made it clear if he did not censor they would work hard against him in the next election.

Krause admires Furstenau and Furstenau admires Krause. Furstenau sent out 12,000 flyers in the mail supporting Krause in this election.

Krause is a very friendly person. Why don't you give him a call and ask him what led him to censure Furstenau. He will give you the same straight answer he gave me. He is very straight but can bend under pressure as I have written before. He will admit he bent under pressure during the censure process. I challenge you to call him and report back to us.

I once asked him if Furstenau was a bully against city employees. He absolutely stated NO. He stated he fights to keep taxes low and that is why he is DISLIKED.

The police want a 6% raise. DF wants to give them zero. The city manager wants to give them 1.5%. Do you think the police are going to like Fursteanu? Common, JQP, I know you are a smart guy and know the answer.

The difference between you and I is you are speculating without 1st hand information and/or knowledge. You are new to town. I know the politicians in town like the back of my hand. I have spoken to 2 council men in the last week. How many have you spoken to in the last week? May I guess ZERO!

To Doug Krause lives in the Closet,

Your analysis must be correct. After all, it couldn't possibly be that Dick Furstenau made stepped over the line in his dealings with city employees and all eight of his fellow council members voted their conscience and called him on it.


Serving on a council for 20 years does not make you Establishment. DF has been on the council for a dozen years and he is a known Napergatian or a past Napergatian.

Personally, I feel CM DOUG KRAUSE is a closet Napergatian. He is afraid to come out. He will sacrifice his principles in order to stay in the closet.

If Krause did not censor Furstenau, the Establishment would have worked against him in any future election for higher office.

Darlene Senger was another Napergatian. She worked closely with the Napergatians in the 90s. But she needed the Establishment to help her seek State Office so she put her Napergatian feelings and leanings in the closet with Doug Krause. Politicians will always be politicians first and represent you later if it benefits their interests and aspirations.

I can't help but noticing that " Anti-Establishment Candidates vs. Establishment Candidates"'s endorsements are exactly the same as Richard Furstenau's endorsements. Is this just a coincidence?

I am further confused by the fact that he endorses Doug Krause, while claiming to not endorse "establishment" candidates. Somewhat ironic considering he has served on the city council SINCE 1989!

Until I have some clear understanding of what the establishment is and what it stands for I can't rally behind what you are saying.
I, as a hippy from the 60's , am all for sticken to the man, but who is this man called the establishment?
How was Krause "pressured" to censor Furstenau? What strong-arm tactics where used? Any proof of this pressure? Who did it come from? What would have happened if Krause resisted? These are the details needed to prove that there is an "establishment." Without details, you my friend, are a candle blowin' in the wind...

Just Watching

Doug Krause is Dick Furstenua's best buddy on the City Council. They have done real estate transactions together involving NO conflicts of interest.

They vote very much alike. They were both heavily endorsed by the Napergate Man and were Anti-Establishment or Napergatian as anti-establishment candidates were known at the time or in that era.

Yes, Doug Krause censored DF in that 8-0 vote. But he was heavily pressured by the Establishment and as I have said before he has a weak back bone.

Length of time on the City Council does not determine if you are Establishment or Napergatian(anti-establishment). How you vote determines that. Your affiliations determine that.

Doug Krause would have not allowed the Napergate Man to endorse him if he was not anti-Establishment. However, the majority of the City Council is currently Establishment and he knows his vote does not carry much weight as he is outnumbered. So sometimes he votes establishment when voting non-establishment is fruitless. He tries to get some browny points with the establishment who he has tried to use to further his political ambitions including to State Representative. His lack of principles is why he reapeatedly loses elections for Mayor or State Representative.

Doug Krause is an OK guy. But he will compromise his principles to become the next Mayor of Naperville. He will sell him Mom and Dad, his children and his wife to become the next Mayor of Naperville. He wants to be the next Mayor that badly.

He needs to stop sacrificing his principles. Once he does that he will have a chance to be the next Mayor of Naperville.

Just to be clear no one will ever be able to dethrone the current Mayor. He is simply unbeatable. While the Napergate Man once succeeded in ousting 4 council members, he did not even bother challenging the current Mayor. He knew the Mayor was like the Pope, Mother Theresa, Santa Claus and the Easter Bunny all packaged together. The current Mayor is unbeatable. You may as well call him King George. He ain't going anywhere as long as he remains healthy. And he is a very good and fair Mayor even though very Establishment in his views and votes. He is very principled unlike Krause.

It's pretty funny that some bloggers are calling Doug Krause an anti-establishment candidate, since he's been on council for 20 years and wants another four.

And regarding signs, why does no one call him out on the fact that his signs are TWICE as big as allowed by law?

Technically they pass muster since he puts two signs, one below the other, on separate poles. But I defy any passerby to detect that there are two separate signs. They are barely an inch apart and look like one sign. Krause's signs absolutely violate the spirit of our own city ordinance. And this guy wants another term!

Tim Leary,

All your questions have been answered on hundreds of old threads....Napergate Threads and otherwise. They are all saved in the archives of this blog site.

If you have any questions on how to go to the archives, ask the Moderator. He is very helpful.

If you are a newcomer, it is you duty to go back, read and catch up.

Not my duty to answer your questions after making false allegations about me.

Turn on, tune in and drop out.


What, exaclty, is the establishment? How is it defined? How does one become a memeber? How are their policies bad? What are they doing to wreck Naperville?
Turn on, Tune in, Drop out.

Tim Leary,

You guys never fail to amaze me. You want to assure everyone I am Dick Furstenau because we are both anti-Establishment and favor the same candidates. They make a new genious on this blog site each day.

I do a lot of blogging while watching City Council meetings on cable. DF is usually in attendance and to the best of my knowledge from what I can see without a lap top and not blogging.

The Moderator could verify from IP number that I posted many times the last 2 years while city councils were in session.

I simply did my homework and determined who was most likely to least waste our hard earned dollars. I am honored that DF arrived at the same exact conclusion as I did since he knows which council members waste or are likely to waste our tax dollars.


Here are my endorsements again:

Doug Krause

Patty Gustin

Paul Hinterlong

Charles Schneider


Kevin Lynch


Some very Establishment Candidates that the caring taxapayers need to avoid at all costs are:

Kenn Miller

Judith Brodhead

Jim Boyajian


I understand many bloggers have questions about Doug Krause. He has been around a long time even before the Napergate Man began endorsing candidates. He does attempt to control spending. He is not a bad guy. His weakness is he does crumble sometimes under the pressure of the Establishment. And yes, he does have aspirations of higher office. Having such aspirations of moving up in this world does not make you a bad guy. Unfortunately, when he is seeking higher office and needs some establishment help, he does buckle on issues. He wants to be Mayor so badly when Mayor Pradel finally resigns, he is likely to go the path that will increase his chances of being the next Mayor of Naperville. Dick Furstenau also would love to be the next Mayor. One day I can see Krause and Fustenau running against each other for the Mayor's office. Krause and Furstenau are very friendly and like each other. The coaches of Michigan State and North Carolina also like each other but they will go after each others throats on Monday Night for the National Championship. So yes, Doug and Dick will one day go after each others throats but quickly make up after the election. Kind of like Obama and Clinton did in this last presidential election.

Krause is not the greatest council man this city has ever had in its 178 year history. That is for sure. But I could not find anyone better. If we can get a majority of anti-Establishment candidates in, Doug Krause would be very supportive and become very anti-Establishment full time instead of part time. His heart is in the right place but he has a weak backbone that causes him to buckle under pressure. That is his weakness. If you don't feel like voting him feel free to make recommendations of who you think is more worthy. I am all ears. His backbone was much more solid when the Napergate Man was influencing him a little in the anti-establishment direction. With the NM retired, he unfortunately buckles much easier these days. You could say he is a POLITICIAN. He is the least favorite of my endorsees but I will still vote for him. Sometimes you have to vote for the least worse of the worse.

Remember many of these candidates will say what you want to hear until they are elected and then tow the line as soon as the City Manager puts them on city pension plans at the expense of the taxpayers. I remember John Rosanova was loving his Napergatge Endorsements but shortly after being elected he became more and more Establishment. He is worse than Miller or Wehrli now. He found out that Establishment could offer him more than the Napergate Man and he switched allegiance and I believe began accepting campaign contributions from the Brestal Law Firm. I think they even gave his son a job at the law firm to influence him to break ranks with the Napergate Man. They succeeded and he dumped the Napergate Man who ran full page after full page Napergate Ads to get him elected. He has no conscience. He went for the big bucks of the Establishment and stopped representing his constituents.

Those are the facts for the newcomers in town who do not understand the nasty politics of Naperville. It could be one reason why the Napergate Man finally got fed up and retired but of course i really don't know. I am simply speculating.


I'm still not sure who I'm voting for on the 7th, I checked out the Chamber of Commerce Links and endorsements as you suggested. Everyone wants low crime, good schools, more train parking and less time in traffic. On some specific issues, here is my feedback.

Mr. Miller always seems capable to me. I believe he supports the Nichols parking deck and most of the other stuff the DBA wants in the downtown like the Riverwalk dwarfing Water Street project. Both of these are a bridge too far, so Mr. Miller is out.

Mrs Broadhead, may (or may not) be a good planning commission member, appointed by the Mayor who supports all of the things the Chamber, Developers and DBA want.

She is, if I recall correctly, a past President of the League of Women Voters, and current Board Member; the local chapter can be fairly described as a far left advocacy group. In their stated mission is running the Boy Scouts, trap shooters, gardeners and little league football teams from a Catholic school off of the Martin Mitchel public lands while promoting racial and every kind of sexual preference quotas and affirmative action agendas. aka judging people by their race and sex?

As a City Council Member Mrs Broadhead will be in a position to put her agenda into law on various votes that will come before the City Council. Again, a series of Bridges too far for me to cross. I would rank her dead last by several laps in a NASCAR race.


Mr. McElroy does possess a management and planning background that could be useful as a City Council Member. On specific policies, its not clear where he stands.

Mr. Boyajian, the Anekin Skywalker of the City Council, is indeed strong with the force.

Unfortunately, he has been bent to the Dark Side as demonstrated repeatedly by helping Developers (Trade Federation) roll over homeowners (Naboo) for tear downs, and helping Jimmy (Darth Sidious) roll over the entire city for the Nichols Library restaurant valet parking deck and other issues. The Water Street project, which he supports, includes many of Naperville's Sith Order.

Anekin, you should be using your Jedi abilities for the benefit of the Galactic Republic and turn away from the Dark side. What would Shmi say if she knew how you were voting?

Boyajain aka Anekin, no doubt how Boyajain looked before being turned.


Senator Jimmy Palpatine

While the Planning Commission is frequently sighted as the training ground for City Council Members, one has to wonder if it really the Water Planet Kamino, birthplace of the clone troopers?


Thanks for the links.

How do I navigate to them if I'm using the links on the Public Chamber Pages?

I clicked everything I could find and did not pop these pages.

Again, thanks!


Here is the link for the Board of Directors. and here is a link to a page that links to a lot of information about who the chamber's PAC endorsed and a little about their criteria for endorsement.


Who the "establishment" is;
This guy has been on council since the mid-1980's. PANDERS, PANDERS, PANDERS. Does not vote what is best for Naperville, he votes what will get him the most votes on any given election cycle. If you can't grasp why that is bad move to Chicago.
Did anyone see the letter he sent out with his endoresements? Same people as the blogger ANTI ESTABLISHMENT v ESTABLISHMENT by chance? HA! DF is blogging here I can assure you. He cuts more shady deals than Blago.
Voters, Please do your own homework and vote as an educated person and not because some one sent you who they think would be good! The furstenau endorsement to me would be the kiss of death however...


I've looked and looked and still can't find the members page or governing boards members.

Beyond the RT 59 off ramps, how do you get an endorsement for local issues.

What specifically does the Chamber want the City Council, School Boards to do?

If you can find it on their web site please cut and past for me.

Based on past City Council behavior, I think the agenda is pretty clear, I just want someone to say it out in the open.

Anonymous on April 3, 2009 9:34 AM,

The Naperville Area Chamber of Commerce website has the answers to at least some of your questions? Did you look there?


Mark F on April 3, 2009 6:09 AM
It is just this kind of know-it-all, presumptive reasoning that makes your point of view sound like a junior high school girl.

Come on Mark F. I think you owe a big apology to (you guessed it): Junior High School Girls!!

Some of the misinformation in these posts really irritates me. People had better take a look at their tax bills before they start throwing numbers around. Depending on which school district you live in, the city's portion of your total tax bill is either 11% or 13%. The city portion of the average homeowner's tax bill is about $75 per month. $28 of that is for Naper Settlement and the library. About $19 is for city services; police, fire, public works, engineering, and garbage. Capital project debt service is about $12. Pensions for public safety (police & fire) employees is about $10. It's only $4 for all of the other city employees. The statement that pension debt is costing anyone $2000 is absurd.

If you're in District 203, the schools eat up 72% of your tax bill. Another 15% goes to other units of government than the city, county, township, park district, etc. In 204 71% goes to the school district and 18% goes to other government. If you look at the city budget, it seems like they did a pretty good job of dealing with the deficit by freezing hiring, cutting staff, reducing vehicles, putting off projects, etc.

If you want to gripe about your taxes, look at the people who feel the need for $150 million high schools and $100 million remodeling jobs. I live in 203 and my taxes are $8500 per year. We were in the Phoenix area last week and property taxes for homes with the same value as ours are typically less than $2500. One of the main reasons is that their school buildings are much more austere. Apparently their school boards understand that kids can learn quite well in a building that's not a colossal monument to the board members.

So, if we vote out the incumbants who is left a bunch of rookies that sit on different commissions. Aren't they just the next set of kids coming up in the same philosphies? We need a slate of candidates who are political outsiders in Naperville to really shake things up and change the direction of the city.

A huge problem is the city spends to this years budget and doesn't think about the year after!


In reference to Sun Business Letter; April 2, 2009.

I just finished reading Mr. Davis' explanation of the Chamber of Commerce's endorsements.

1. I still have no idea of who the Chamber of Commerce leaders are?

Why are they hiding?

2. I still don't know which specific policies and plans the Chamber wants?

What are they hiding?

3. I still don't know what the Candidates had to promise to get the Chamber's endorsement?

Did they promise something they're ashamed of?

The facts in Mr. Davis' letter to the Sun read like the public minutes from a Mason's Lodge meeting, non-existent.

The Chamber and their Candidates will have to do better than:

"trust us, whoever we are, and whatever it is that we want, from those who made unknown commitments to us".

"The Feds and Springfield Governments are no good; however, the tax-increasing, deficit-spending, homeowner ignoring, Downtown Bar and Landlord enriching Local Governments are great"?

The Chamber should place an advisement in the Sun with all of their endorsements, their specific agenda and put the names of all of their board members on the add like any political action committee.

I invite the Chamber to walk into the light.

To Pay Raises (although we all know who you are)
I am not here to disagree with not voting for an incumbent, but how can you be an authority on what Brodhead "would like to have granted"? It is just this kind of know-it-all, presumptive reasoning that makes your point of view sound like a junior high school girl. I know that you want other readers to believe that you are of a higher mentality level than the candidates who may be "a little on the slow side with little ability for logic and reason", but in my opinion, although you are very passionate and you like to collect a lot of data to support your view point, you fail to achieve results blog after blog after blog. Yes, you love to debate and maybe you think by continually airing your suspicions in the form of veiled comments, by trying to twist facts, and then berating everyone who does not agree with you that in some way you win???

From my point of view, I just shake my head and walk away as there has not been one time that you have ever convinced me of anything. And I don't see the Sun investigating for you despite the fact that you continually call for them to report on this and that. You make think you are influencing the council, but as an anonymous blogger, what credibility do you think you really hold in their eyes? Especially since they now know that you are one person, parading here as many. They are not as slow as you think and if they bother to read these blogs at all, they have more than likely learned to skip your rambling text or at the very least, dismissed your failed logic. Go speak at a council meeting, I have attended many and that is where the action is.

And where are you getting your figures on the 4% raise for city employees because last week's Sun reported that at a Council workshop, they proposed a 1.5 percent budgetary compensation increase to be used for basically an employee bonus situation. They have yet to vote on it in a Council meeting. But they specifically indicated that it would be a one time check which amounts to a bonus and not a raise. And, if you noticed, it was for Non Union employees only, so you can bet that any contracts in place will get Union employees more than non-union. Maybe that is part of the reason they decided on 1.5, rather than zero. In this economy, I am happy to be employed and don't expect my company to give anything either but if you were not at the workshop, then you are assuming they are stupid rather than actually knowing how they reached their decision. Maybe they should not have given their employees a dime, but please try to quit inflating facts to make your point. It gets old.

Anonymous, I think something went wrong technically with your post because I did approve it and then I saw it wasn't on there. It's up now. Generally if I don't approve a comment it's because I think it's libelous, too mean, uses bad language, is just going to lead to more personal attacks or does something else that violates our policies.

Kenn Miller

Judith Brodhead

Jim Boyajian


These candidates are for "lower taxes."

But Miller and Boyajian voted near 4% raises for city employees in this terrible economic enviroment when private citizens are receiving pay-cuts and lay-off notices.

Yes, we will see a 5.9% real estate tax increase next month thanks partially to these pay increases Miller and Boyajian granted and Brodhead would have liked to grant.

If candidates do not realize pay raises result in higher real estate taxes, please do not vote for them. That usually means they are a little on the slow side with little ability for reason and logic.

You can not have "lower taxes" if you give employees near 4% raises. Especially if city revenue is down substantially from both sales tax and real estate tranfers.

Miller and Boyajian are partially responsible for the $11.5 million budget deficit we had a few months ago. We have an official $61.5 million dollar deficit in the fire and police pensions. Unofficially, when you factor in what happened in the stork market after these deficits were revealed by CM Bob in the summer before the crash, the defict may be approaching 100 million dollars. This pension deficit is costing each homeowner roughly 2000 dollars.

If you think this is too much to be paying for someone elses retirement plan while yours was devastated, please do not vote for the above candidates.

Napervillians are easily brainwashed by these signs they see....They are ugly and serve no purpose other than brainwashing the gullible and naive residents.

Speaking of gullible and naive, I wonder who the Napergatians are supporting in the elections? Aren't there hundreds if not thousands who all used to blog here? Gosh there is Ameena, McFarland, Caroline, Liebert and others - I hope they all get their friends to vote as well! Whoever they support will no doubt win.

Kruase has more street signs than any other candidates times 3 or 4.

Napervillians are easily brainwashed by these signs they see.

Most Napervillians don't know what any candidate stands for.

We will be lucky to get a 15% turnout of voters.

Expect Krause to have the most votes based on having the most signs.

Mark my words.

I think these unsightly campaign streets signs should be outlawed.

They are ugly and serve no purpose other than brainwashing the gullible and naive residents.

VOTE OUT ALL INCUMBENTS!! Even Doug Krause. He has been there too long and is just trying to run for the next highest office. Does this man have a real job outside of being on the Council? He says he is a realtor but I rarely see anything listed by him. Oh that's right, he lists homes that DF builds. Nice connection.

If he is for the residents as he claims, then why would he vote for the 75th and Washington intersection project against the will of the Maplebrook One & Two residents. This project in its current form was never necessary and now has this intersection messed-up for the next two years.


I am with you Jack. I agree with you. He is a good man. The Napergate Man use to always endorse him as his top candidate because he cared for the homeowners and taxpayers. Because he was an honest man.

The Chamber of Commerce finally figured out he is anti-establishment. The Napergate Man figured that out 14 years ago. I think they are a little late.

Doug Krause does not need their endorsement. He will win easily and should lead all candidates in numbers of votes. He has earned his keep in this City over many years of working hard.

The Naperville Chamber of Commerce is an Estabslishment Entity that spends its money in Lisle instead of Naperville. They need to get their act together. Need I say more.

Facts can't get in the way,

No one changed any facts.

The story in the Sun said the girl BATTERED the cop and was charged with misdemeanors.

DF never battered a police officer. He may or may have not touched a police officer to make a point and they conspired for 2 weeks to charge him with a felony.

No one is trying to deceive anyone here. I told the bloggers my information came from the Naperville Sun article so they can review it, verify my information, and interpret it as they want.

What are you trying to say? That it is OK to batter a cop who tries to break up a fight. Battering a cop should be a felony. Touching a cop to make a point should not be a misdemeanor or a felony even though it is inappropriate and inadvisable. And the Judge ruled it was neither and dismissed the battery case against Furstenau. Those are the facts, Mr. Facts.

I think you anti-Furtenau bashers just don't like his politics and want to be pretend he is a bully. Most likely you are city employees who want raises at taxpayers expense. You want FAT pensions at taxpayers expense. You want the kitchen sink at taxpayers expense.

Dick Furteanu ain't going to let you have the kitchen sink. He thinks the days of spoilng you folks in City Hall are over. Bash him all you want.

The majority of residents who are against tax increases support DF. They appreciate what he does for the taxpayers.

The parakeets on here can sing and repeat themselves all day. The facts won't change. Now you are trying to wrongfully accuse me of distorting a story. I used that story for my information and gave the credit appropriately to the Naperville Sun and told the readers where they could find it. Stop dicing, slicing and splitting peas just because I don't plagiarize the story word for word. I have a right to summarize to the best of my ability and did exactly that.

Stop making a fool of yourself by attacking people who are trying to contribute to a healthy debate. Make your points without attacking others and the audience will determine your credibility assuming you have any left after your latest post of false accusations.

Because the Chamber of Commerce didn't "approve" of Krause, I'm therefore voting for Krause. If there's one thing I know about Krause, he likes homeowners in Naperville to be happy, rather than the Chamber of Commerce.

I was reading in the print edition of the Sun the "blurbs" written by each of the candidates for Council. I won't be voting for any incumbents except Krause either. Wake up call to Council members: the taxpayers of this City are tired of business as usual. Stop overspending, start tightening the budget belts and make spending cuts wherever possible. I agree with a previous poster that salary increases should be zero.

I do not use that g*y h.

For 30 years, Naperville taxes were fair and reasonable. The last four years, record increases. Property taxes have exceeded tax caps by two to three times. New taxes on food and other services.

These three guys have got to go since they have sat idly by and just spent money:

Doug Krause
Kenn Miller
Jim Boyajian

Salary increases should be ZERO this year gentlemen, not 2.5% or 3.5%. And since growth has stopped, we should start to see further employee reductions since we do not need to expand services.

As we know during a girly fight outside Rizzo one girl attacked a cop, hit him and resisted arrest. She was charged with a misdemeanor. Furstenau intentionally touched or unintentionally touched a cop at worse and they were trying to charge him with a felony and throw him in jail for 15 years

According to the story in the Sun:

"During the arrest of Kristin Hyde, Ashley Zamora began interfering, and battered a police officer in the process," Hoffman said. All four women were subdued and taken into custody at 1:52 a.m., he said.

Zamora, 22, of Aurora, was charged with three misdemeanor counts of battery and one count of resisting or obstructing a police officer, Hoffman said."

Hey Anti, I knew something didn't seem right when I read your account and the account from the Sun. If you think these two altercations are identical you are mistaken. Both very serious, but DF's altercation was directly between he and the Naper Police, while this Zamora girl's altercation was a result of the police breaking up a fight she was involved in with others.

I know it doesn't make for as strong of a case, but when you change facts to suit your purpose it lessens your believability!

Daryl L. Monge,

Thank you very much for your kind thoughts.

Giving City Officials and Employees raises in these dire economic times means in essence that city residents are getting further pay DECREASES above and beyond of those given to them by their employers.

The avergage Naperville Household makes about 94,000 a year. After taxes maybe 60,000. Now we have Governor Quinn wanting another 1460 dollars of that money for his corrupt pensions plan and incumbants for City Council Kenn Miller and Jim Boyajian wanting another 500 dollar slice to give rasises and feed the outrageous pensions of City Staff.

This is after losing 2 million bucks fighting Furstenau which cost each homeowner 40 dollars. Prior to that each homeowner had to pay 200 dollars fighting the Napergate Man because former Mayor McCrane and Prosecutor Francis Cuneo did not like his politics or his Napergate Ads.

Your 60,000 take home pay is now down to 58,000 without counting the Napergate Fiasco because it is not current. However since it ws never expensed in the past, it could one day surface as an expense in an unsuspecting line of the budget.

Sooner or later more brave people will come on this blog site to quiet down the parakeets who all want this higher taxation because obviously these parakeets are city employees crying for more and more while they milk the cow dry. They have been spoiled and can not understand we can continue to issue them credit cards that they continuously default on. Imagine the city has an 11.5 million budget deficit and a 61.5 million pension deficit and they are giving themselves raises. They should be chopping their salaries and trying to resusitate their bankrupt pension system.

None of our city council men except for Dick Furstenau is willing to stand up to them publicly. Sometimes Doug Krause will come out of his shell and give Dick Furstenau a hand. That is why I am not opposing his re-election since he is better than NOTHING. But he needs to step it up and stand up to the establishment the way he did in the Napergate Era when he was working hand in glove with the Napergate Man to bring true change.

As we know during a girly fight outside Rizzo one girl attacked a cop, hit him and resisted arrest. She was charged with a misdemeanor. Furstenau intentionally touched or unintentionally touched a cop at worse and they were trying to charge him with a felony and throw him in jail for 15 years. Why! To quiet him down so they can continue to rob the taxpayer of his hard earned money.

Unfortunately, DF did not have the smoking gun of the Napergate Man or his persistance to prove the conspiracy, but I believe it was a conspiracty to quiet him down. The Napergate Man exposed the City of Naperville for the conspiracy agasint him and none of the parakeets on this blog site can stand to hear about the case because it shows the city is capable of attacking anyone who has the power to oppose it or its policies. They will not attacks peons who speak up. But they will attack the DF's and NM's who can make a difference and are influential.

The stain the Napergate Man gave the city in numerous courtrooms will remain on it forever. Many of those in City Hall who conspired against the Napergate Man are still fully gainfully employed. None resigned or were held accountable.

Can you imagine to this day they did not come clean with the costs of those 10 years of trials. Let us get some new blood in the city council.

Voting for Kenn Miller and Jim Boyajian is voting for business as usual. It is voting yourself a pay DEDUCTION. Judith Brodhead is no different. She will be a puppet for the Establishment and do what Simon says. She is looking for the pension she will get as a City Council Member. She is looking for the extra income and benefits. She is not looking out for you the taxpayer. Don't vote for her or the other 2 incumbants mentioned above.


Doug Krause

Patty Gustin

Paul Hinterlong

Charles Schneider


Kevin Lynch

Say what you may about Anti; at least there is concrete material to agree or disagree with. WIth the school board recently giving nearly 4% pay increases and taxes going up a lot when everyone else is simply lucky to keep their jobs, I will not be voting for any incumbents.

Any of the candidates will be a breath of fresh air. Hopefully, with Dick "the extortionist" Furstenau dropping his lawsuit, maybe part of that agreement will be him stepping down. We can only hope that is the case. A Furstenau free council would be what the City of Naperville needs. Scott Huber for Mayor/2010

These 2 candidates want to give unionized city employees a raise shy of 4% while no one in the civilian world is getting raises.


Kenn Miller

Jim Boyajian


Vote for them if you like. But remember while you are not getting raises, losing bonuses and being laid off these incumbants are the cause of your 5.9% increase on your real estate tax bill despite the values of your homes declining.

If you like business as usual, please vote for them and pay the additional taxes. Don't forget the new governor also wants to increase your state income tax 50%.

These politicians want to destroy you with taxes so they can receieve pensions at your expense after being on the job for 30 years. Yes, you will be paying them 75% of their inflated salaries when they retire which are usually boosted with a raise and a promotion on the final day of employment. Thus in essence they retire with 100% of their pay at age 51 or 52 while you continue to work your a$$es off till age 66 before you receive a partial Social Security payment. Full SS comes at age 70 when you are half way in the grave.

These 2 incumbants are receiving pensions and will not protect the taxpayers. Sadly, all new council members will receive pensions just like the police and fire fighters and possibly become like the inucumbants. As one blogger said too bad we can not give them lie detector tests to see if they will represents our interests or their pensions.

Too bad some of those running for city council would not agree to abolish the pension for themselves so they can trully begin representing the taxpayers who have no representation currently.

Does anyone know if Doug Krause really attacked Mike Connelly last fall for being pro-life? The other rumor is Krause(R) has accepted money from the Democratic party. What's wrong with the Illinois GOP again?


World currently in deep recession, possibly headed into decade of negative growth aka depression.

Japan and Germany have had economic collapses, something like -10 shrink in GNP. They not only sell us a lot of stuff, they buy a lot of stuff from the USA. They won't be buying as much in the future. This is two of the biggest four economies in the World.

The UK failed to sell all of their bonds at auction, this means people won't lend the UK Government money unless they jack-up the interest rates. On the road to becoming Zimbabwe in the words of one of their lawmakers. Might be seventh biggest economy in the world, now broke.

Last week, the USA bypassed the humiliation of failing at a bond auction and the Federal Reserve just printed up $2 Trillion and gave their pieces of paper to the Treasury in exchange for their pieces of paper. Nice trick for paying the bills.

For all practical purposes, the US Federal Government is bankrupt and just printing money to keep the charade going as long as anyone will accept the paper. Obama and the Dems are accelerating the bankruptcy beyond the damage Bush and the Republicans have already done. This is like a homeowner with zero equity, a second mortgage, a Cadillac Escalde purchased with no money down and they are now using their wife's credit card to go on a shopping binge.

Home values have dropped by $12 Trillion nationally.

IRA and investment losses are approximately $10 Trillion nationally.

The State of Illinois is looking for a 50% increase in income taxes (from who, with the layoffs?) and other taxes to keep the State Govt on life support and keep the social programs going. Tax what? Cut programs and sops to Democrat constituencies? Or go to a junk credit rating if anyone will lend the money at any interest rate?

Dupage County now wants to get into the Housing Projects business on county owned land and compete with developers to purchase fixer upper houses and sell them at a loss?


Naperville City Government, and schools are still handing out pay raises and spending money like the city is in a isolated vacuum. Our giant pension liabilities just got bigger, does anyone have the current numbers?


Lucnet's buildings are almost completely empty, thousands of engineering jobs moved to China.

Tellabs' building is half empty, engineering jobs slowing moving away.

Navistar just added 400 new engineering jobs, in Ft Wayne, not Naperville.


Increase school taxes

Increase City taxes to pay for Downtown subsidies

Continue to allow builders to roll over residents when doing tear downs.

Support the Water Street project with a tax designation used for slum redevelopment. Water Street when done will dwarf the Riverwalk Park and place it into the shade.

Support selling off the 5th Ave transportation building to a well connected developer for more condos in a collapsed housing market, this would come with a tax subsidy.

Build an unwanted Parking Deck at the Library as a subsidy to the property and bar owners in the downtown.

IMHO A Chamber endorsement should be the kiss of death.

O-k, I agree with most of you so far. I am trying hard NOT to vote for incumbants. It's too bad the new candidates haven't taken lie detector tests since most of the voters understand that politicians do lie and it would be easier to cast a wise vote if one knew they could listen to each candidate and evaluate them according to what they say. I am displeased with the current council performance. Good luck Naperville!

Sun Publications (IL) - Friday, February 26, 1999
Author: Gina Hannah / STAFF WRITER

....CANDO President Bill Esser proposed converting the parking lot at Nichols Library, 200 W. Jefferson Ave., into a garage with an underground level, ground level and partial upper level.

.......But the plan could face opposition, Esser said.

"I don't think we can build this thing equitably and have it done in our lifetime," he said.

"We may have lawsuits filed before it's over with."

Library board president Bruce Knopp said the board is concerned that construction of a garage at Nichols Library would hamper the library's expansion and make it difficult for patrons to access the building during construction.

......."We want to be a good neighbor, but our primary responsibility is to library patrons," Knopp said.



Your post offers no identification of what the issues are, offers no information on what the Candidates positions are and asks readers to ignore everyone else's posts. Did I miss something?

If you are up on the issues and players please post the information and links to it.

Who is Sybil? I recall the old multiple personalities movie?

The more ancient reference is to the Oracle at Cumae? The hole is still there but no voices come out of it.

By Mark F on March 25, 2009 10:39 PM

OK, I woke up and realized that I should not have personally attacked Sybil. I apologize. I just seem to spend a lot of time biting my tongue when it comes to her posts and she is entitled to her own opinion. I honestly know that any one who has read these blogs for any length of time will make up their own mind without the assistance of other bloggers. Unfortunately, I personally find the multiple personality, constantly confrontational, I-am-always-right-and-you-are-just-ignorant postings to be too long, too repetitious (as if we did not get the point the first 150 times)and filled with flawed junior high logic parading as deductive reasoning.

I am sorry that I let my intolerance of these patterns get the better of me and, Anti-Establishment, I again apologize for bashing you and all of your aliases. I know that you cannot change your personality, writing style, and analytical thinking mode any more than I can change my opinion of these factors so I will skip over, bite down harder, and do what I can to not post my frustrations with your blogging style.

Chris, I am sorry to have thrown this off topic.

Here is my advice about the upcoming election. Read everything you can about the candidates in the Sun, Herald and the Tribune supplement. Check out their life experiences and positions on current matters- then make up your OWN mind.

The LAST thing you want to do is take voting advice from Sybil. She is unable to see beyond conspiracy theories, her own embellished versions of events that support her personal agendas (the world according to Sybil), and cannot even make a decision on a moniker. Ignore the Establishment vs. Anti-establishment posts, all the ancient history involving the Napergate man, do your self a favor by only reading one of her posts. Then "let us" skip the remaining long rambling diatribes as they are a waste of ur time.

It's time for new blood and new ideas.

These are the mostly likely Anti-Establishment candidates who would vote against the library deck and hold Margo Ely and her legal staff responsible with the squandering of 2 million dollars of taxpayer money on the "petty" Fursteanau Case.....unnecessarily may I add without negotiated caps and/or limits. They are also likely to fight city unions demanding outrageous raises for city employees and begin the reform of the bankrupt pension system. And hopefully bring our real estate taxes down to a 0 increase next year instead of the 5.9% we will see next month.


Doug Krause

Patty Gustin

Paul Hinterlong

Charles Schneider


Kevin Lynch


Some very Establishment Candidates that the caring taxapayers need to avoid at all costs are:

Kenn Miller

Judith Brodhead

Jim Boyajian

These last 3 are very Establishment and will rubber stamp anything coming out of the Brestal Law Firm. They are unlikely to read the packets given to them the night before City Council Meetings. They are likely to increase pension benefits to city employees at taxpayer expense. They will certainly bankrupt the City of Naperville if left unchecked. They are most probably high rollers who will spend taxpayer money like it is growing on trees on the Las Vega Strip.

In due time we will be able to categorize the rest of the candidatres as Establishment or anti-Establishment. Many are very unknown with no track records so more time is needed to learn about them.

What does a Chamber of Commerce endorsement mean?


After a quick read of the Chamber's Web Site, I now have more questions than answers.

The Strategic Plan is all mom and apple pie generalities, no specifics.

The Web Site does not list the Directors or Members, unless I missed a button on the page.

What positions or pledges did the various candidates have to make in order to get the Chamber of Commerce to endorse them?

Who are the power players in the Chamber, and what is their economic stake in the community? Are the movers and shakers in the Chamber second and third tier employers dependent on our primary employers for customers? There are definitely second and third tier businesses I would love to own.

What do our primary employers want? Is it the same thing as the Chamber or do they simply make a stay or relocate decision based on the local business climate? In more remote towns, when the primary employers leave what is left are a lot of restaurants and liquor stores chasing a diminishing dollar.

Since the City is at build-out, does the Chamber know what the questions are?

The answer for the last 30 years has been “let the Builders do what ever they want in the cornfields”; now that we are into the tear-downs, this recipe has in the words of Mrs. Yackley resulted in “the rape of Naperville”. The Sun should provided a link to this article since it address this fork in the road.

Did prospective City Council members have to pledge to build the Library Parking Deck at Nichols? What was the basis for not endorsing Krause if not the Valet Parking Deck for the bars?

City Council in the face of open protests voted in their first ever gag order to prevent opponents of the Parking Deck from protesting to the City Council. Good thing the Cossacks had the day off, or we may have had a scene out of Dr. Zhivago on the steps of City Hall. Alas the NPD was there in force in case the mothers and grade schoolers rioted.

No such gag order was made against the proponents of the Deck. Like Jacob Marley the Chamber of Commerce continues to haunt the Halls of the City Building clanking their tin cup. Will they not be silenced?

Does the Chamber believe that the companies that employ thousands of engineers, who happen to have children in our schools, has anything to do with the high scores? Or does the Chamber believe that more money directed into government is the solution to every problem?

Do any of the candidates that kissed the rings at the Chamber have any illuminating information they can share with the rest of us?

It seems like half of Naperville is running!

I am impressed by the candidates who are aware of
the biggest long-term issues facing Naperville
right now: those are in-fill development and traffic.

The city has been built on a formula of high-growth based on larger developments (tear up a farm and build houses!)That type of development is behind us.

The future building in Naperville will be one of two types:

1)Tear-downs (such as occurs in the Highlands, downtown, etc), and

2)Small, irregular pieces of land around town that have, until now, been deemd to small, too irregular, and too difficult to build on and still make a lot of money. [A great example of this is the proposed development next to Seager Park --- it has a severe level of density required to make it work on such an odd parcel with very challenging changing elevations!)

From all the formats I have attended, Paul Hinterlong appears to have the best grasp on this issue. There are several others who are also showing some understanding of it, such as Miller, Derkacy, and Messer.

My fear is that many of them are basing their campaigns on tactical scare tactics (today's budgets and deficits, taxes, etc) and not enough on the issues of the in fill developments and traffic.


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