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What does Neuqua's historic season mean to you?

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While Neuqua Valley's boys basketball team didn't make it to the state finals, this season was historic for many reasons, including 31 wins to only two losses and 23 straight wins.

Tuesday night's defeat to Dundee-Crown in the Class 4A NIU Super-Sectional also means an end for fans to glorious nights of cheering, celebrations of wins and analysis of losses.

What does this incredible season that ended on a whimper rather than the growl most expected mean to you? What was it like to sit on the sidelines watching history being made? What were your favorite moments? Parents, tell us what it was like watching your son play the best possible game. Alumni, tell us what it meant to see this team in only its 11th season go almost all the way -- for the second year in a row, too. Students tell us what you expect next year. Will they be able to pull off another great season?

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Neuqua played a very soft schedule this year. they played one tough game at East aurora and lost. the game at Neuqua, EA had their best player out. Basically NV was a "paper Lion"....when very athletically dominant teams come to town....it is over for teams the like of NV. they were very disciplined but over matched athletically by dundee.

Me, Myself and I and [friends] have so much continual advice for the Sun publishers, I just don't know how the Sun will get along without [them] when [they] leave town for good, as we have been told they are doing at [their] earliest convenience.

No more BHO? No more Napergatians? Perhaps [they] will still beam in to post here and keep us all up to date from some far off planet.

I am sorry your team had a down year. I hope they do better next year so they can go to the Big Dance. I would be depressed if my team did not make the Big Dance.

Misery likes company. In 3 weeks the fans of 64 teams will feel as miserable as the Valparaiso fans...maybe a little worse since they had a temporary taste of the Big Dream.

We may have our first major upset in this tournament if American University beats Villanova. I suspect CBS is dying for the first major upset and switched to this game.

CBS paid 584 million dollars for the right to televise March Madness. You folks at the Sun should sell the newspaper down and use the proceeds to buy a TV station before newspapers become obsolete. There is still a lot of money in broadcast television.

That billionaire, Sam Zell, that bought the Chicago Tribune must have been from the Stone Age living in a cave to have bought a print newspaper going the way of the dinasour. Has he sold the Cubs to plug his Tribune deficit yet?

Maybe you can offer your newspaper to Sam Zell. No guarantee a fool is limited to being a fool only once in a lifetime.

The little attention this thread is getting indicates no one really cares and it should not have been made into a thread.

It is alway easier to forget a loser than remember a loser. Even the loser wants to be forgotten

You just want to remember champions like that Naperville North football team that took the state championship 2 years ago.

Whose got time for losers? It is March Madness. Any team that loses and eliminated will be forgotten. There will be no tomorrow. It is one and out.

We will only remember the National Champion.

I am picking Michigan State to go all the way. Anyone picking any other team? Obama is picking N. Carolina for the second year in a row.

Who are you picking Moderator Chris in the NCAA tourney? Or do you even give a hoots about hoops?!?

It means little to me. It does however remind be of the Cubs. They too had a very good year. People made fools of themselves and in the end, they could not either win the games they needed to win.

This first comment is probably and unfortunately what most people are thinking -- what a shame -- Neuqua had a great season -- but most people are only satisfied with state championships -- too bad.
The season will always be a great memory for these young men and for the coaching staff -- high school athletic success should not be judged on state championships -- or even won/loss records --
Congratulations on a great season Neuqua Valley


Unless u r a state champion it will be forgotten.

It will not make any history books.

They blew a once in a lifetime opportunity.

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