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Connelly's first bill seeks to cut corruption

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Illinois politics has long been known for corruption, but a bill sponsored by Michael Connelly, one of Naperville's state reps, and passed by the Legislature seeks to improve on the situation and save money at the same time.

House Bill 379, which passed unanimously, streamlines state procurement by instituting an open, online bidding process. Under the system, companies would bid anonymously for state contracts on an eBay-type system. Theoretically, it would prevent anyone from knowing who is making the bids and keep the contracts from being awarded based on politics instead of who is cheapest. Connelly says it will save the state millions and cut down on corruption.

Here is a link to the full article: http://www.suburbanchicagonews.com/napervillesun/news/1592117,Procurement-reform-heads-Quinn-desk_na052609.article

Do you think this will work as planned? Is there some way to still work around the system?

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Taxes, taxes....,

You are incorrect. Our expense is NOT in the execution of prisoners, but in the ongoing care, feeding, and legal/political extensions of said execution that costs us all the $$$!

The bottom line is the legislature should have enacted all or most of Patrick Collins’ commission’s recommendations. But Gov Quinn sold the taxpayers down the river for a better shot at re-election by making a deal with Mike Madigan preventing Madigan from fully supporting his daughter Lisa in the primary election. In exchange, Quinn isn’t opposing the watered-down reform we’re getting.

In doing so, Quinn put his political aspirations above doing what was right. How is this any different from Blago? I would have respected Quinn for doing a good job and letting the chips fall where they may, but he’s just more of the same.


Shaping up to be a big blog yawn. Either people do not think much of the law or don't care. Patrick Collins thinks all of the recommendations of his panel were watered down and changed with loopholes in each. He is disgusted with the legislature and said in an interview that ending corruption is not a goal taken seriously in Illinois. He is right of course. Silly fool, like these politicians are going to let HIM meddle in their rackets. Honest Abe. Land of Lincoln my A--. I think we should have a new slogan on our plates. "Illinois" on top and "State of Ruin" under the numbers.

Moderator: You are correct, I was laughing so hard at the implication this will solve corruption with contract letting I confused myself. Lets see if it is signed into law. I'm not convinced Quinn will do so. I will not be impressed if it is because I believe it will be ineffective. In addition, it seems that Cullerton, Madigan and Quinn are not in agreement on campaign donation limitations of $5000 for individuals and $10,000 for businesses according to an article in the SUN Times today. I remain convinced that the citizens of Illinois will have to put an end to government corruption themselves and not foolishly believe it is something the parties or the politicians can or are willing to do. I'm not an Andy Shaw fan but I hope his leadership at the BGA will not generate money for the BGA but rather make them an effective watch dog for the public interest with some teeth and some connections with the press that will further expose corrupt politicians. My concern is the Sun Times has done a good job with Chicago and Cook County politicians but the people seem taciturn to the exposure. They keep electing the same people. Call me cynical if you wish however I have watched this state slide down hill all of my life and find the sole reason is because of corruption and incompetent politicians from Pike to Winnebago Counties and most everywhere between.

Keep dreaming people. The party bosses will pass NO law that minimizes their livelihoods and infringes on their power. So you can speculate on this all you want. Madigan, the most powerful man in state government will not allow it to the floor for a full vote. If you want to end corruption in government, stop electing corrupt people to office and limit the terms of the ones who are elected. If sitting on jury duty, you convict the ones who are indicted and send them off to prison. Elimnating corruption starts with we voters and not politicians. By the way, odds are Lisa Madigan will run for governor. That will be the time to watch what the voters across the state think about corruption. If she is elected, she controls the executive branch while her father controls the legislative branch. And you think this silly law about contracts will 1) be passed and 2) stop corruption, in the end being more effective than turning out career state office holders? I think not and I do not even think it is a start. You start at the ballot box.

The camel is in America.....the great old USA. We are one of the few countries in the civilized world that executes at a great cost to taxpayers. It costs much more to execute than imprison. We have even executed innocents because of our corrupt judicial system. Let us not go there for now and stay focused on our taxes and pension problems. And now corruption added on this thread by the Moderator.

I am sorry you are do dumb that you can not tell when one is being humoruous and/or sarcastic.

Boy they make them dumber than dumb every day on this unique blog site.

Just for the dummies on this blog site who can not identify sarcasm if it struck them between the eyes, I am against chopping off limbs even of corrupt Illinois politicians and I am against the death penalty.

Chop off limbs...seriously???!!!

Get down off your Camel, Taxes. That may work where you come from but here in the US, it would be your tax dollars supporting your now disabled former politicians. You are certifiable.

Connelly says it will save the state millions and cut down on corruption.


He is right.

Also it would cut campaign contributions down by about 90%.

Most campaign contributions are made expecting a favor in return.

Especially to the Big Boys. The Blagojevich tapes prove this.

If you can't get a favor, why make a campaign contribution? No one really loves a politician for no reason. We don't have beauty queens in politics like the Italians.

We may he heading in the right direction unless someone abuses this system by leaking out who is who on this online bidding site.

A law should be passed in advance that anyone who abuses this system will have his hands and feet chopped off just like in Saudi Arabia.

Twenty year sentences for corruption have never stopped corruption. We must get tougher and ask for limbs. Hopefully, everyone will be honest and retain their limbs.

The intent of this law would not be to chop limbs but to make politicians think twice before being dishonest. Hopefully, it will serve as a great deterrent and no one will ever lose a limb and no one will ever again steal from the taxpayers.

Please don't tell me this is savage. This country has the death penalty. That is savage. I would rather lose a limb than my life.

This is an OUTSTANDING bill by Rep. Connelly.

By design it is very hard to not work as planned (this would involve collusion by several points of contact).

The real beauty is that it would make the process available (if the politicians allow it) for review by anyone with a pc.

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