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Are police ticketing policies fair?

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A recent study examined the ticketing records in cities throughout the Chicago area and calculated the number of traffic stops that result in tickets. Some gave tickets in 100 percent of stops, while others gave tickets in far less than 50 percent. Naperville was one of the higher ranked cities at 72 percent. Police spokesmen from many of the towns said the choice of whether to ticket is up to the officer and depends on the severity of the offense and whether the officer feels education or punishment is the more appropriate direction to take. Here is a link to the article:

Do you think the police in Naperville are fair?

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NPD ticketing policies are ridiculous. They are primarily concerned with making money for the city and not its public safety. Point in fact, recently the NPD engaged in a sting operation at the Metra station. Multiple squad cars sat around the corner and pulled cars over for 2-5 second stops in a No Stopping zone. The fine for these cars? $120...Public safety? No. Easy way to make money? Absolutely. I have ridden my bike to the train daily for 13 years. I have seen hundreds of cars running stop signs, doubling the speed limit, and running me off the road to get to the train station on time. I have NEVER seen one car ticketed for such incidents in 13 years. Public safety issue? Absolutely.
Money-making opportunity? No.

Combine Crusherz: Go watch another Michael Moore movie, obviously you have a lot of time on your hands...by the way, go solve the JFK assination...I think there was a NPD officer on the grassy knoll.

CONPA....membership of 1...Barry Quigley. CONPA favorite song:Puff the magic dragon, lived by the sea. Favorite movie: Cheech & Chong, Up in Smoke. Favorite magazine: High Times

CONPA conducted a poll of 1 and the one and only member apparently is lying to himself...

Citizens Observing Naperville Police Activity-CONPA has polled most of the membership and none has been arrested by NPD for posssesion of cannabis. Did you maybe spew some false information that NPD 'leaked' to you? Your sources are suspect,you're motives clear. DO NOT TALK ABOUT CRIMINAL ACTIVITIES WITHIN NPD. we get it,but you may want to check your source.People on this blog tend to be disgusted with posters who post lies!!

Barney- thanks for sticking your head up. Again you've spread the BULL. Our primary complaints are not about pot enforcement$$$We are concerned about the NPD cops who lied on reports,the officer who called one CONPA member on the telephone and while illegally taping the call- asked "was he going to be killed if he did not resign"After the call IAD was informed of the incident and refused to investigate the complaint. We would like to see a copy of 'work' done by NPD IAD regarding that'incident'. How do you feel about home rule repeal??

CONPA: Are you still upset that you got busted not once, but twice with the wacky tobacky by NPD. Dude, turn off the old mind, relax, and float downstream, as the Beatles would say. You really need to drop the grudge.

By CONPA on September 29, 2009 9:55 AM
Thanks for plugg'in away CIJ as your posts suggest...a pension bomb has already left the base. Still the unions refuse to reduce wages and benefits.



We must keep plugging away at our fiscally irresponsible city officials.

Yes, the Pension Bomb will IMPLODE the Pension System much quicker than I originally thought or could have possibly imagined in my infinite wisdom. Just like the former Woodridge Police Pension Manager, Gary Menconi also predicted.

The Internal Affairs in the NPD is a JOKE. A department monitoring itself is just unbelievable in this time and age. It seems like something a monarchy or fiefdom would do.

This pension system may stand at a $131.4 million accrued actuarial liability deficit based on a rough estimate I performed before all adjustments. The city tried to cover it up but Blogger Forensic Accountant Experienced was going to have nothing to do with it. He has been pounding pavements to seek the truth. God Bless him for what he is doing for the Naperville Taxpayers.

And now I read an article in the Sun saying we have a $14.1 million operating budget deficit. And City Officials want to raise taxes instead of taking pay-cuts for their INCOMPETENCE and INEFFICIENCES.

Just wait until the Naperville Residents wake up, CONPA. Trust me they will sooner than later with a little help from the Naperville Sun.

It is time for Edtior Tim West to write about our budget deficit instead of his lovely cat and Oprah Winfrey. We need his help in exposing them. He should know that City Officials are capable of a Cover-Up from his Napergate Days when he could not obtain any answers. When they brushed him off. When they told him to take a hike after burying the Napergate legal costs records in the coffin of former Mayor Samuel Macrane as the folklore around town has it. Maybe, they are not there but where are they? $10,000,000 unaccounted for till this day. Maybe Experienced will stumble on the Napergate Costs when he looks for the $20.55 million that was apparently misallocated in the Pension Funds....or maybe hid from the taxpayers until he uncovered it is more descriptive.


Thanks for plugg'in away CIJ as your posts suggest...a pension bomb has already left the base. Still the unions refuse to reduce wages and benefits. see situation current in Rockford.Il. The police will do anything to protect and pad the pensions$$$$.The subject of Professional courtesy needs to be looked into--maybe by one of several Il. inspector generals,we think 6-7 hold the title.Let's begin to look into the problems and practices at NPD! A good starting point will be EXPOSURE of IAD,release of the 10 most recent complaints and review of how the PROCESS was played out.Several citizens have complained about internal affairs.What about the officers who lied in the alderman case? If the cops are clean why do they refuse mandatory random specimen testing?$$ If you use a weapon/give a specimen.}

I follow all of the rules and don't get any tickets.

Ken, I have a tissue for you if you need it?

Good for you, anonymous 1:13pm. Do you get pulled over when following the rules? I have, and it is annoying, to say the least.

I follow all of the rules and don't get any tickets.


While it seems to you my posts never change, they actually do if you pay attention and comprehend what you read. Last year I was discussing last year's pension numbers. This year I am discussing this years pension numbers which are so much worse.

Last year I was predicting the upcoming implosion. This year I am telling people the implosion can literally be seen in the horizon.


As far as my numbers they were verified from 3 sources.

1. Forensic Accountant Experieneced who for much of the last year has been a rival of mine on this blog site.

2. A Council Member who I talked to telephonically.

3. Actually, seeing the report myself after it was posted properly once City Officials knew residents like Experienced and I were literally on their backs as we should be.


They were not able to bury these numbers like they buried the Napergate numbers due to diligence of some residents. With added help from the Naperville Sun, they will not be able to bury and hide numbers now or in the future.

In fairness to the Naperville Sun, they were on to the City of Naperville when they buried the Napergate legal oost numbers. Editor Tim West blasted them in the newspaper for not providing them. He blasted them for losing, misplacing, shredding, mutating or destroying them. They never produced them. They took the bad publicity of ONE HIT from the Sun and rode it.

My strategy is to hit City Officials over and over again until they come clean with the public. I believe it amounts to a slow and painful process of attrition that will eventually bear fruit. Actually, I am seeing not only some fruit here and there, but even some ripe vegetables.

We know City Officials read this blog site from many sources. It was nice to watch a council person who I did not even talk to, grill the police chief about the number of cops downtown in the last city council meeting. Apparently, he had been reading my comments on this blog site or possibly doing his own personal observation.

All the Police Chief could tell him is there will not be a problem of too many cops from now till Memorial Day. The council man unfortunately did not follow up and ask him about next summer where the problem perists annually.

The police chief refuses to think out of the box and possibly consider using these school resource bike cops to reduce extensive OT of patrol officers. He wants 6-8 cops riding bikes needlessly and aimlessly on dead late weeknights in the summer when the downtown is pretty much deserted.

This is an ABSOLUTE WASTE OF TAXPAYER MONEY. The downtown was packed tonight and last night. They only had 2-4 cops even at closing and everything went smooth. So having 12-17 cops on slow weekdays on one intersection in the summer is OVERKILL and constitutes an ABUSE of taxpayer money. Three million in police OT alone costs each homeowner in Naperville 60 dollars annually. I am sure taxpayers can find better use of their money than simply wasting it unnecessarily on cops riding bikes and checking out pretty ladies in high heels and mini-skirts.

The argument of City Hall falls apart when they say it is necessary for the safety and security of the downtown. If this was true, then they are being GROSSLY NEGLIGENT for only having 2-4 cops on these busy September weekends that are 100 times as busy as the summer weekdays.

In this world you can not have your cake and eat it. I think Chief David Dial thinks the residents in this town are ignorant. I think he thinks we are naive. I think he thinks he can get away with this 3 million of annual POLICE OT. He knows the City Council is not that brilliant except for maybe Attorney Bob Fiesler. They only asked him(while some were shaking in their seats of apparent fear) if he would please mind attempting to reduce 5% of this OT after I blasted them repeatedly on this blog site.

The City Council needs to show spine next time and demand all OT in both the POLICE and FIRE DEPARTMENTS be brought down to ZERO. We need this money to rebuild their pensions back up that they annihilated with uncalculated risky investments. I do recall the FD almost had as much OT as the PD. If my recollection is correct, this is 6 million dollars of savings or $120 dollar per household per year.

It is time we start saving or this city will face a Chapter 9 bankruptcy and Chief David Dial and his troops will get no pensions. They will be looking for sidewalks next to HOMELESS Mr. Scott Huber to build encampments. So they better stop hassling him and be nice to him for they could one day be his neighbors. Nothing is for certain in this world. Sometimes what comes around goes around. Karma!


Chris, I have been blogging for awhile on this site and your new style of picking and choosing what you post is pathetic... You allow this CIJ who you have to know by now has serious issues to repost the same nonsense over and over and when someone points out her issues you dont post it. Why dont you be fair about it? CIJ is a big woman and should be addressed no matter what you may think about the post. I realize its your paper but I ask you be fair.

Bottom line is the Naperville Police ticket 72% of traffic violaters and give Professional Courtesy to 28% of violaters.

An investigation needs to be done to find out how many of those given PC are police officers and their family members, fire fighters and their family members, city officials or city council members.

In my opinion and through knowledge I obtained over the years, the above groups are given Professional Courtesy between 95% to 99% of the time. An exception may be CM Fustenau who will never see a break again for daring to break ranks and sue the NPD. Unfortunately, that is how it works in the real world.

In my opinion this is an abuse of the system, unfair and bordering on corruption.

The Chicago Sun-Times was able to study almost every city and town in Illinios for ticketing patterns of traffic violators.

I know Sun Staff are very busy. But I would love to see them study ticketing patterns in Naperville. While this is costly, if my allegations bear out, the Naperville Sun will begin to sell more copies.

Once they run that headline and the other one I mentioned on another thread of




sales of the Naperville Sun hopefully will go through the roof. Hard honest journalism sells. Soft journalism in which a newspaper rubber stamps City Officials always causes a newspaper to lose credibility and circulation. A perfect example is the Daily Herald which has ciruclation approaching 0 in Naperville due to hollow soft journalism. Those folks in that paper only publish press release of the City of Naperville that amount to propaganda. They refuse to dig into anything. They refuse to question a city official. They amount to a Stepford Wives Newspaper.

Just some food for thought for those good folks running the Sun and wondering what they can do to increase circulation in the declining and struggling newspaper business. If there is a will, there is a way sometimes. But brevity is needed!


Well... from not only your tone, but also your approach it is clear that you are a know it all who has a very acute mind and a lack of respect towards the fact that others may simply hold a different opinion.

Or is it from the slice and dice approach that you just like to argue for the sake of arguing? The slash and burn approach is too in your face for my taste. You really should learn that the keys to success are found in making your own points and not in attempting to tear down someone else. Regardless, my points in this discussion stand as stated. Those who understand "get it". As for you, furthering the discussion is pointless as we simply agree to disagree.

Fact is I learned a long time ago that it is a total waste of time and energy and that nothing good is gained by attempting to have a discussion with certain types of people; especially those who always insist on having the last word.

Good day to you sir.

There are tons and tons of spillover effects that such attitudes either do not consider or simply choose to ignore. For instance take the emotional and psychological toll of police, fire, ambulance, ER who have to constantly deal with accident victims.

Um...this is their chosen line of work. They are not forced to work this job. In this job, they will see people in all manners of injury and death. If you are saying the reason we should have a mandatory seat belt law with fines and enforcement is to protect the emotional well-being of these workers, I must say I disagree. If you think the unbelted drivers are hurting these workers above and beyond their usual emotional trauma, I will also disagree.

Think about how many times emergency vehicles rushing to accident scenes are themselves caught in a secondary accident.

Not caused by someone who is unbelted. Do you think they would mosey there if they knew the drivers were restrained? Or are you proposing that those ambulance drivers getting into secondary accidents are driving unbelted??

Think about the higher insurance premiums we all pay as a result of all accidents, including those accidents which end up being more severe and more costly because someone didn't wear a seat belt.

This was addressed above. I may have miswritten above. Companies do not always charge more for poor behavior, they give rate reductions to people with good behavior. Same end result. Maybe you should ask the insurance companies to charge more or the state to demand a higher coverage limit.

Think about the higher taxes we all pay to provide free medical care to those who are under or uninsured.

What does this have to do with the insured driver not wearing their seat belt. Should we have checkpoints to verify insurance? If you are concerned about the financial well-being of those around you, random insurance checks with on the spot arrest would likely be more fruitful than mandatory seat belt laws. (Hey--I'm not really suggesting this.)

Think about the fact that a lot of people who do not wear seat belts or helmets are injured so badly that they often require continuing care for many, many years or sometimes the rest of their life.

First of all "a lot" means nothing. Think of all the people who eat the wrong foods, smoke the wrong substances, do not take time to exercise, or fail to take their medications and suffer a poor outcome as a result. Maybe we can fine people for these transgressions. Call Walgreens and check everyone's refill pattern.


I'm still waiting for the Naperville police to crack down on most bicycle riders that disobey the traffic laws. Enforce the vehicle laws now and equality to all drivers including out of control bicycle riders.

By e^(i*pi),

"You really think those who do not wear seat belts think that their car cannot kill someone else?"

Not what I said and sorry to see you missed the point. Let me spell it out for you. People who do not want to wear seat belts tend to argue that their "freedom" to wear or not wear a seat belt should be their own decision and nobody else's business and that if they get hurt while not wearing a seat belt that is a risk they should be able to accept.

There are tons and tons of spillover effects that such attitudes either do not consider or simply choose to ignore. For instance take the emotional and psychological toll of police, fire, ambulance, ER who have to constantly deal with accident victims. Think about how many times emergency vehicles rushing to accident scenes are themselves caught in a secondary accident. Think about the higher insurance premiums we all pay as a result of all accidents, including those accidents which end up being more severe and more costly because someone didn't wear a seat belt. Think about the higher taxes we all pay to provide free medical care to those who are under or uninsured. Think about the fact that a lot of people who do not wear seat belts or helmets are injured so badly that they often require continuing care for many, many years or sometimes the rest of their life.

Maybe they are not PHYSICALLY harming someone else, but do not mistakenly accept their argument that they are causing no harm to others because it simply is not true. It is a different form of harm, but it is just as real.

OWVY wrote:

"You do something wrong, anything, they have a right to stop."

You and I are in agreement about this. My complaint is that I did nothing wrong, and was pulled over anyway on a DUI fishing stop. Then I was given two false reasons as to why I was pulled over. I wish all squads would be required to have dash cams so they could not make up probable cause after the fact.

OWVY wrote:

"If they suspect, they have the right to INVESTIGATE!"

They only have the right to investigate within the law. Once again, making up probable cause after the stop does is not legal. Without a dash cam recording all video and audio, there is nothing to keep the cops honest, which is why you don't find that equipment in most squads. Cops have citizens at a disadvantage from the start as most people think cops are above lying to make their case. Most people are wrong, and don't find out until they are in court because of a dishonest cop.

quick addendum:

It seems as if the compensation effect is seen in small study groups in non-natural driving conditions, but larger retrospective studies after mandatory seat belt laws do not have the ability to separate out the effect from the noise. The conclusion is then that wearing seat belts does not seem to induce riskier driving behavior, but there are too many confounding variables to make a decision either way.

More later.

On topic: I have had family members get tickets for getting into the left turn lane a feet too early. Ridiculous.


Hmm...People who don't wear seat belts or helmets think the only one that can be hurt is themselves.

You really think those who do not wear seat belts think that their car cannot kill someone else?

I am having a lot of trouble following your logical argument.

Are you proposing those who do not wear seat belt or helmets:

1) Have no insurance.
2) Cause more crashes specifically because they do not wear helmets or seat belts. Careful...
3) End up costing the system more money when they DIE in the accident.

If you have a beef with the uninsured drivers causing financial problems, I won't object. If you are lumping those who do not wear seat belts with other groups, you are sadly mistaken.

If you think insurance companies should charge higher premiums to those drivers who do not wear seat belts or have passive restraint systems -- fine! That already happens.

I remember reading research that those who do not wear seat belts tend to drive faster when they are forced to put on their seat belts. I'll try to find the source.

On motorcycle helmets, there is a small agreement from me that failure to wear a helmet increases the chance of a flying object striking the driver and causing them to have an accident. That is why eye protection is mandated for motorcyclists in Illinois.

I can see no reasonable correlate for seat belts. I can see no data anywhere saying the a driver is more reckless because she fails to wear a seat belt, although, as mentioned above, there may be some data to the contrary.

e^(i*pi) -- always wearing my seat belt ...standing up against the government telling me to do so


You wrote: "Someone driving without a seat belt puts herself at risk and nobody else."

On that I would have to disagree and for the same reason as motorcycle helmets. People who don't wear seat belts or helmets think the only one that can be hurt is themselves. This is a flawed assumption and a very selfish attitude. Many studies have been done on the true, total costs of accidents. Without even getting into the heartbreak it causes to family and loved ones there is a huge cost to those with insurance to their insurance company and the company paying the premiums. To those who don't have insurance and there are a huge number who don't have insurance or don't have enough insurance and We The People end up having OUR money put at risk because we end up paying higher taxes for the "free" health care they end up getting. There is no such thing as a free ride (no pun intended).

OWVY wrote:

Anyone who complains on being stopped for not wearing their seat belt obviously needs to think some more. Why would you be upset someone wants to make you safe? Same thing with making sure about anyone being drunk.


You do something wrong, anything, they have a right to stop.

Why should someone be able to pull me over for doing something which makes ME and ME only unsafe? Do you really think anyone is given a seat belt citation and says -- "Wow! I just learned that wearing a seat belt is safer than not wearing a seat belt. Thanks for reminding me, officer. Thanks for keeping me safe from my own actions."

Someone speeding puts others at risk. Someone driving drunk puts others at risk. Someone driving without a seat belt puts herself at risk and nobody else.

Should I ask the police to follow me in the McDonalds drive-thru to make sure I didn't Super Size my meal? Should I ask the police to make sure I am not smoking in my own car? Should I have them follow me home to make sure I have a CO detector at the right distance from my room?

In regards to your second statement, it depends what "wrong" means. Not wearing your own seat belt is far from "wrong".

Thank you for valuing me, OWVY. Value me by letting me make my own right and wrong decisions.


You do something wrong, anything, they have a right to stop. If they suspect, they have the right to INVESTIGATE! Part of investigating is gathering data. Sometimes you have the data & sometimes you do not. If you have it you arrest or ticket if you don't you can't. Stopping is not just for ticketing.

I don't care whether they use the money for revenue for more officers, new buildings to give to charities etc. If you do something wrong there should be consequences. There would be no revenue if people just simply obeyed the law. It can only have a huge revenue if people are disobeying like crazy.

I remember watching an interview with Rudy Giulianni while he was mayor of N.Y. He was credited with the turnaround in violent / felony crime in the city and was commenting on how the reduction was achieved.

He referenced a book called "Broken windows" (or something like that - no time to find the link). The premise is that if you fix and take care of the little things (like broken windows being repaired), the entire community benefits. This same rationale was used by the NYPD by cracking down on everyday crime such as jaywalking, parking offenses and jumping the subway (riding without paying). The idea is that crimes that are petty were potentially being committed by people who "tended" to commit more violent crimes (quite a leap I know). I guess that murderers also tended to be jaywalkers and litterers - who knew?!! New york's effort to get the "little guys" resulted in many arrests for outstanding warrants and a dramatic reduction in violent crimes. So if you believe the research experts, NY's increased crack down on petty crimes resulted in a reduction in violent crime. I don't know if this broken window theory has been proven or disproven, but I remember giulianni making a pretty reasonable case.

Unfortunately many police departments thought this could work for them so they began implementing road checks, safety stops and pulling people over for rolling through stop signs. I believe towns like Naperville pull over for this reason - that potentially they could land a "Big Fish". I think they rationalize it by calling it a safety issue, but the revenue from tickets is too alluring to stop, and when someone occasionally does catch a violent criminal they justify it all. The article talks about police discretion, but I wonder how long an officer would last if he chooses not to write any tickets?

Ticket policies are unfair. Red light camera's, cops hiding in unmarked cars and vans, cops all over the place and their attitude. Feel like I am driving in a police state!

All in the name of safety -------- Fat Chance. It is nothing more than a revenue builder !!! Plain and simple.

OWVY, maybe you enjoy getting pulled over for no reason, and then lied to about it, but I don't. If a cop can't make his case by simple observation, he should not pull a car over. Unfortunately, people drive drunk and get away with it, but that does not mean I will thank a cop for illegally pulling me over to try to make a case.

I too have called in on obviously drunk drivers even though I know it is pretty much a waste of time. If a cop did respond to my call, I would expect him to make his own case instead of relying on my word, as that is the law.

What other rights are you willing to give up in the name of safety, OWVY? I am not willing to give up any of my rights, and could not care less if Naperville gets bragging rights for the most DUIs when their quest impedes on anyone's rights, much less mine.

The Naperville Police should stop being jury, judge and executioner and give tickets 100% of the time if one is in violation. That is the only way they can treat people equally. They need to have the same fair standard for all.

Professional Courtesy should not be tolerated. The Naperville Police practice this and it was admitted by Ms. Police Officer, who was married to a Naperville Police Officer, right on this blog site. Since then, I assume, she has been muzzled by the NPD and Chief David Dial.

The NPD needs this money to plug the $20.5 million in pension deficits they and the firefighters experienced this year that will really be an insurmountable hurdle to overcome, since apparently many corporate stocks they both owned filed for bankruptcy. They need to save their pensions.

It is better that money is raised from traffic violaters than from real estate taxes assessed against citizens living at home peacefully and minding their own business.

Let's see, they will need to issue 205,000 tickets for a $100 to just overcome the deficit of this year for the P @ F Pension Funds. And if Dupage takes half the money as I suppose, they will need 410,000 tickets. That is about 8 tickets per driver in Naperville assuming 51,000 of us drive and the rest of us are children or non-drivers. I guess this is impossible because after the 3rd ticket in one year, we are suppose to lose our driving privileges if the letter of the law is followed and the NPD could not get us for another 5.

Is each one of you ready for 8 tickets assuming you will drive on a suspended or revoked license after your 3rd violation? And if we all drove perfectly where would the NPD get money to plug the pension deficit? Everytime you forget to turn on your right signal, don't feel badly. Consider it a generous contribution that will go towards the $81.4 million deficit of the P @ F Pension Funds.

If you all drive perfectly, the City of Naperville will need to tax each homeowner $2000 dollars to overcome this massive pension LIBILITY deficit which I believe is closer to $100,000,000 dollars than my above rough estimate. I am just awaitng for the final number from CM Bob who also reported about this pension issue on this blog site in prior years. Hopefully, he will be a good sport and rejoin us soon. He has an obligation to convery the bad news as well as the good news. We as taxpayers, have a right to know the bad news, as we are ultimately responsibile for this Pension Tsunami....not the police officers and fire fighters who ultimately made the bad investments and actually lost this humongous amount of money.

(I hope no one is holding their breath waiting for City Officials to issue a press release admitting the P @ F Pension Funds lost $20.5 million in one year and not one HEAD in City Hall rolled.)

I say give everyone who leaves a downtown bar with an alcohol content of .08 or more a DUI. No breaks! No professinal courtesty! Let us beat Chicago this year and truly be number 1 in the State without the BIG CITY EXCEPTION and maybe, just maybe, we can put a small plug in the Pension Deficit with the money Dupage allows us to keep from these DUI's.

I am simply thinking out of the box and not trying to upset anyone. Thinking in the box has got us in a SINKHOLE!

Ken: You could be right about the turn signal stop actually being a drunk driving check. Never thought about it. THAT makes more sense.

I think the police in Naperville are fair. I have lived in Naperville for over 40 years and have been pulled over twice; once resulting in a warning and once in a ticket. Both times I feel I deserved a ticket and both times the police officers were cordial and professional.

If the police are ticketing drunk drivers, then I support their efforts. Someone who has been drinking doesn't belong on the road.

Anyone who complains on being stopped for not wearing their seatbelt obviously needs to think some more. Why would you be upset someone wants to make you safe? Same thing with making sure about anyone being drunk.

If they are not really drunk it should not be a problem. Better safe than sorry. I would thank an officer if he stopped me & I was not drunk. He/she is not only concerned about my safety but others. It could be my family member who may be hit. Hell I could hit my own family member. I've had 5 family members hit by a drunk driver in my lifetime and it is not fun.

Just a few weeks ago there was a driver in front of me on 80. Seemed fine for quite some time but then heading toward the car to his right. I slowed down considerably noticing it was much too close. He noticed, straightened out & then headed soon to the left & hit the cement wall causing sparks & going up. Looked like he was going to flip over but he managed not to but didn't stop...just sped up more. He did eventually pull over to the right shoulder. Yes, I stopped ahead & called 911...and let me tell you that was something! I got transfered 4 times & ended up in a voicemail. Called again & transferred twice. Crazy! An officer friend said chances are he was drunk. If a cop had stopped him prior to this "just to check" he would not have even done this & it could have been soooo much the person. Competition? If they are all actually legally drunk that they ticket & take off the road, they should be off the road. Who cares! If there was such a thing as a competition, I would think you would want to win to say you have the safest roads. I'd be proud of that and very thankful.

I think that police in Naperville are fair, but wish that they would drop out of the competition for the most drunk driving tickets. That competition has resulted in two unnecessary stops for me in the past. What the?'s midnight stop was for the same thing as the turn signal thing, while valid, was just an excuse to see if she was drunk. I would like to see them fairly enforce the speed limit on many of the roads that people seem to think are drag strips around Naperville. Just setting up regular radar areas on Route 59 and 75th street could end up in a budget surplus.

Lived in Naperville since 1961 and have received about three tickets and one warning. I will say I never got a ticket I did not deserve and the warning should have been a ticket too. I was NB on River and passed stopped traffic to turn WB on Ogden going over double lines etc. Was pulled over and he actually told me we are a couple of older guys out here and we have to be careful when we are driving. (We were both mid 50's) So I took the break and now I watch out to lane markings more. Anyhow, they do a good job and IMO are fair. When I lived over at Modaff and Tupelo, I was very thankful how close they paid attention to drivers speeding on Gartner, Modaff and all over the West Highlands. And so were my neighbors! When I lived over there and was walking early evenings, it was not uncommon to see people driving 50 or 60MPH down Gartner between Magnolia and Emerald to hook up with WB 75th Street, actually passing cars going the speed limit. It was incredible. The % of tickets actually written is a meritless number in my opinion.

Lived in town for 17 years and have been fortunate not to get pulled over for a moving violation but got caught this year on local election day by the annoying seat belt patrol. I usually wear my seat belt but not 100% of the time. I get nailed by dumb luck because the cop car is stopped next to me at a red light on Washington. Unfortunately for me, there was no talk to just a warning since that was the purpose of extra patrols out that day - write seat belt tickets. The officer was so kind to let me know that 4 or 5 officers were assigned to do this on Washington and plus other officers elsewhere in town. Boy, doesn't it make you happy to know that with the city's concern about budgets that they have all this manpower and budget available for seat belt patrol. Obviously my beef isn't with the rank and file but with the department leadership and the city government.

Our family has had two instances where we were pulled over for moving violations in Naperville and in both cases we were not ticketed.

One happened to me, I was pulled over for not signaling before a turn. I had just picked up my oldest from a friend's house so she was in the car with me. Given that the violation occurred in a subdivision around 12 midnight where there were no other moving cars in sight, I was annoyed and thought like most folks would, geez, don't they have anything better to do? But I kept the exchange cordial and light, and when all checked out he sent me on my way, ticketless. This was one of those teachable moments for my daughter, as I told her to always be friendly and respectful to the officer in this situation; that they are people just doing their jobs who appreciate being treated with the same consideration as we all do.

She must have remembered this the first summer she got her license and was stopped on Knoch Knolls for speeding. To make it worse, she didn't have her license with her either. And get this: the officer called me at home to let me know he had pulled her over and that tickets for a double whammy like this could really cause a new driver a lot of grief. He said that since she was acting in a polite and respectful manner, he was willing to let her off with a warning. I thanked him, but also asked him to put the fear of God into her about the consequences she would have faced if he had ticketed her. He was happy to oblige. Now THAT'S service!

So my experiences have not indicated any bias. On the contrary, they have shown a preference for education over punishment.

On this issue I have no personal comment simply because I have no personal experience. After living in Naperville for 21 years I have yet to get pulled over by a Naperville police officer.

I would add that I am not a perfect driver either so maybe I'm just overly lucky. I do try to stay close to the posted speed limit, come to a complete stop at intersections, and generally do my best to comply with the rules of the road. Anyone who is lucid and driving around Naperville knows full well there are a lot of drivers with a damn the torpedo's attitude and drive pretty fast and pretty recklessly. If these are the drivers that account for the 72% who get no mercy from the police who observed whatever it is that they did; then in my opinion they probably deserved whatever they got.

Naperville police officers in my observations seem to cut an awful lot of slack with minor infractions. In general, from what I have seen it isn't a question of being in or out of bounds or a line call rather a flagrant violation that results in being pulled over. Of course those who get caught usually blame the police for their own bad behavior instead of taking responsibility for their own actions. Those who find themselves racking up too many violations maybe ought to have a little heart-to-heart with themselves about what THEY need to change in terms of their own driving behavior.

The Naperville Police practice and implement Professional Courtesy as an unwritten policy. If you are part of the Establishment, another police officer or a family member of a police officer, or a fire fighter or a family member of a fire fighter, or a high ranking City Official, you will most likely not be ticketed unless you cuss the cop out.

If you are an ordinary Naperville Citizen, you will most likely receive a ticket. It is really an unfair systen when you let the police officer play both prosecutor and Judge.

It was nice to learn that at the last City Council meeting the RED LIGHT ENFORCEMENT CAMERAS have actually caught cops and city employees running through them and being finally ticketed like the rest of the civilians. According to the Manager of the City, they are being forced to pay their $100 fines. At least these CAMERAs, do not offer Professional Courtesy. Two more are being added, so watch out cops for you are finally being ticketed like the rest of us.

Too bad the cops could not be as fair as the cameras and treat everyone equally.

Chris, not to burst your bubble, but this was a blog about a year ago, still in the archieves in case you dont review your own paper? I am interested in this study, are you able to provide a reference?

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