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State releases 1,700 criminals early

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Under a controversial state program aimed at saving money, the state released more than 1,700 prisoners recently who had only completed small portions of their sentences.

While the program was supposed to only apply to nonviolent offenders convicted of minor crimes, an Aurora street gang member convicted of murder conspiracy and 20 other criminals from throughout Illinois with murder or attempted murder in their backgrounds were released. Six were convicted of murder, five of second-degree murder, one of manslaughter, one of murder conspiracy and seven of attempted murder.

Under the rules of the program, previous offenses could not be considered, only the offense the person was currently serving time for, accounting for the releases.

Quinn has said the program was a "mistake." What do you think?

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Quinn is one worthless politician and must be impeached. This idiot spends all his time trying to raise taxes on the people of Illinois. We need a governor with a little intelligence that will cut taxes and stop out of control spending without causing harm to the citizens.

I agree with Ken who said, "a prison sentence should be served in its entirety." No plea bargaining, and no time off for "good behavior" (What an oxymoron! Good behavior in prison?). So now that the politicians have opened the prison flood gates and let the criminal offenders back into the regular population, is it OK for the rest of us to now carry guns to protect ourselves from these criminals who have obviously not finished paying their price to society? If there ever was a reason for TERM LIMITS, Quinn and Blago are the poster children!

Here's another thought I can't seem to shake:

If we need the room, why didn't they just use the Thompson facility?

I say go ahead and let 'em out early. We need to clear lots of cells for the politicians that belong there anyway!

To By Anonymous on January 7, 2010 10:15 PM,

If you want to start impeaching elected officials in Illinois for gross incompetence there will be a very long line indeed.

For way too long the good, law abiding citizens of this state have been abused and mislead by deliberate disconnects between the legislature, the justice department, the legal community, and the corrections department.

Time off for good conduct? Who was the moron who came up with this crap? These are convicted felons who are supposed to be paying their debt to society. Instead we have fools in charge of the system who seem to think that by bribing bad boys and girls to be good boys and girls while they are behind bars that they will play nice with each other.

Personally I could care less about playing nice with any of these losers. In fact, the longer we can keep most of this human garbage away from the rest of society the better off law abiding citizens will be.

Forget the whole concept of one day off for each day of good time. Instead, let's go with a system of two additional days for every bad day and keep sentencing systems truthful. If your sentence is 5 years you have to serve a full 5 years... no one gets out early, no exceptions. If you don't behave you get to spend some more time behind bars... time for the convicts to make smart choices instead of playing the rest of society for a bunch of jokers.

Oh, and while we are talking about reform in the correction system... we are long past the point in Illinois where our entire state prison system should have been privatized. The incompetent bureaucrats have driven the cost of housing, feeding, and caring for prisoners to astronomical levels and the only way to reform the entire system at this point is to simply get the state out of the prison business and let those who know how to efficiently manage and control costs in the private sector to take charge.

The Captain of the ship is relieved of command when the ship runs aground.

Quinn and the entire parole board should resign or be impeached by the Illinois House for gross incompetence and dereliction of duty.

I think that a prison sentence should be served in its entirety. If you want to relieve over crowding, use modern technology and put non-violent offenders on house arrest. Violent offenders belong behind bars for their whole sentence.

I have to agree with Quinn, this is a big mistake. What happens if someone with a history of murder that is now serving time for a lesser crime goes back to murder? I guess lawmakers will just shake their heads and say oops.

How pathetic. There should be a study to see how many of the released offenders commit the same or any crimes in the next year. The number will be one-hundred percent. Time to stop feeling sorry for the bad guys and require no early release non-sense. One person that has this much power to release people is another problem. Hey, how is governor Ryan doing these days. Hope he is enjoying his stay.

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