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Council votes to ban tossing candy at parades

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On Wednesday night in a 5-3 vote, the City Council approved a policy prohibiting the throwing of candy or other items by parade participants. However, they would still be allowed to walk along the parade route and hand items to people.

"We're not trying to be the buzz-kill on anything here. We're just trying to put a little common sense into it, which seems to be lacking at times around here," Councilman Grant Wehrli said. "Just don't bean people with candies and don't throw them in the middle of the street so they don't come running out and get hit by a car."

Is this a sensible precaution, or is it another example of the nanny state taking over? Does this change the parade experience?

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How about teaching your children that having candy tossed to them is symbolism of the nobles throwing schillings to the peasants. Sit back and watch the little peasant monkeys squabble over pieces of sugar. Show some integrity people. My kids watch and laugh at our hometown parades. Chasing candy in the streets one day and the next your chasing the American consumeristic dream. You want your kid to be different then the rest of the cookie cutter robots, then teach them while you are still in influence in their lives, because the longer you wait, the easier it is for the advertising and marketing experts to separate you from your child. They have educational degrees on how to sell and market to your kids, do you have a degree on how to counter the brainwashing??
Wake up America!!

I'm confused, BI. Are you talking about the posters here, or the town council members?

Bloggers intellect,

Welcome to the club!

It's funny to read this blog site. None of you have any clue what you are talking about. The lack of intellect shown on this site is why people read it. Bunch of thoughtless babble on topice sthat are pointless. Same six people doing nothing but complaining on topics they do not understand. Perhaps doing something about the issues instead of just whinning would help. But that would take a train of thought that lasts longer than twenty seconds...

I guess now that Scott has been dealt with our elected officials can move on the next BIG street problem. What's next, no more of those little American flags at public gatherings.... You Might Put Your Eye Out?


I just simply disagree. No one is stopping smokers from exercising their legal right to smoke, the law is just setting parameters for the use of tobacco in PUBLIC AREAS.

I see what you're saying about people choosing to patronize smoking establishments or not, but my understanding is the law is also meant to protect the WORKERS in these establishments. And I know what you're probably going to say next, they have a choice not to work there either. But we have laws that protect workers from air borne abestos and other particulates that are known to cause lung damage. Secondary smoke fits this category as well.


My example was centered on opium not alcohol is the only reason the Kennedy family was omitted. Don't get me started on the scumbag Kennedy's, especially Ted who was likely the most immoral member of their entire family.

Our entire government is in the expansion mode. No level of local, state, or federal government is shrinking and everything is growing despite the economy in general. As long as we continue to allow government to expand we will all pay more in taxes and see a never ending list of new taxes.

Personally I don't have any trouble making tobacco illegal. Reality is that is going to be pretty hard to do for many reasons... culture, taxes, merchants, smokers themselves. With the current mood towards legalizing pot everywhere only makes an argument against tobacco even weirder.

Comparing smoking to heroin is valid and it has been scientifically proven that nicotine is more addictive that crack or heroin. An addict is an addict. I don't care about the difference between addictions, drug of choice, alcohol, gambling, sex, whatever it may be addiction is still a person who is unable to control their desire/compulsion to do something.

The public policy of a compassionate government helps those who are unable to look out for themselves and addicts do fall into this category whether you like it or not. I think we agree that there is too much regulation by government. Where we differ on where to draw the line. Even states like New Hampshire that have an extremely small footprint of state and local government doesn't take it to the extreme you advocate.

Anonymous, you bring up another good point. I don't see any of you who cry about smoking urging the government to quit the hypocrisy and just outlaw it. Of course, if they did, you would be crying about all the tax money you would have to make up. Comparing smoking to heroin addicts just shows how far gone you are into the nanny state mentality.

Until smoking is made illegal, there is no reason it should be outlawed in a private business, and there is nothing unscrupulous about someone who is paying all those taxes indulging in a legal activity.

By the way, I notice you left out the Kennedy's in your list of of 'old' New England families that made their fortunes illegally. Was that omission just because they are staunch liberals? Or was it because you think alcohol is okay even though abuse of it has actually been proven to take innocent lives?

No candy is ALMOST as silly as the NO Cruising signs downtown. Only in Naperdale............


Sorry Ken, just because something may be "legal" doesn't mean it can't also be unscrupulous. Granted there certainly are a lot of immoral people in our society and a whole lot of immoral behavior as well. Just because something is legal in the eyes of an agnostic government doesn't automatically legitimize something as being moral. Being lawful and being moral do not equate equally on many, many topics in our society.

A smoker really is no different than a crack or heroin junky... they are all addicts and the only thing that differentiates them is their drug of choice and if you want to split hairs then whether that drug of choice is legal or illegal. To a junky it doesn't matter if it is legal or not they are still addicted all the same.

The only reasons smoking remains a legal activity in the U.S. is because of our system of taxation and the power and influence of the tobacco lobby. But to understand tobacco you would first have to understand opium and how many "old" New England families made their early fortunes selling opium to the Chinese during he second half of the 19th century... family names like Roosevelt, Delano, Cabot, Forbes, Perkins, Russell, and many others... all under the full knowledge and protection of the US government and its military.

"To me, the smoking ban is an example of good government protecting us from the unscrupulous behavior of others."

What is unscrupulous about partaking in a legal activity? Drunks kill as many people that are claimed to be killed by second hand smoke(no real proof of the second hand smoke claim), so why not prohibit all alcoholic beverages except for at home?

Turns out that anti-parade thrown candy and anti-smoking people are one and the same: People who cannot take care of themselves or their children, so they insist that the government bullies everyone into following their views.

As I said in my first post on this subject, this is a nanny state move, and those who have tried to support the council's action have pretty much proven that to be true.

Ok, time for one single person on the City Council to demonstrate some leadership and responsiveness and step up to the plate at their next meeting and say something like "Maybe we moved too quickly on this and didn't get enough input from the community in terms of what they want or think. It seems that the vast majority of the citizens in our community are against this policy and we need to address this fact."

My vote goes to whoever gets to the microphone first. I know, I know, but there isn't a snowball's chance in hell of that being Grant Wehrli.

WT? –

The smoking ban is not protecting you from others’ actions, but rather forcing your views onto others. Yes, some people want to smoke. But you know what? You could easily avoid it.

The law bans smoking in restaurants and bars. You could make a conscience and informed choice when you chose which establishments to patronize. You could go to a non-smoking establishment or a smoking one. But the important thing was that the choice was your own.

If there was a large enough base of people who preferred non-smoking establishments, more and more business owners would change their smoking policies to lure these customers in. But this wasn’t what was happening in the Naperville market so obviously the conclusion is that having a non-smoking business wasn’t the number one factor (if at all) in deciding which places customers patronized.

The smoking ban is liberalism at its worst. What the market won’t support needs to be enforced by rule of law. The smoking ban forces rules of behavior onto an unwilling populace because somehow it was decided that it was in their best interest, choice be damned.

(a non-smoker)

Can't wait to move out of our over taxed and over regulated city. Use to be a great place to live before being taken over by a bunch of worthless politicians. Time to clean house and bring back leaders with a little common sense.

I thought when moving here 12 years ago that this was a conservative community. To me, conservatism is about teaching one how to be free thinking and responsible for self.

I'm seeing a disturbing trend in Naperville though: a) the Naperville Township Republican Organization endorsed liberal Mark Kirk for Senate and 2) the Naperville Council voted to protect us against ourselves by banning the very dangerous sport of candy tossing at parades.

It appears Naperville is caving in to liberalism...or perhaps socialism, where the government or state really can make better decisions for us than we as free thinking Americans can. Perhaps we foolish ones that want to continue thinking on our own need to spend more time vetting potential council members in future.

Such incredible silliness. It's a wonder any of us survived such a dangerous thing as childhood. Can I bring my parents up on charges now for all the horrors they exposed me to? Tree climbing higher than the 3 story house...oh, the horror of it.

It will be interesting to see if parade attendance goes down. It's not all about the candy for children, but start chipping away at the fun factor and it's easier to just stay away.

I'm waiting for the first lawsuit to be filed after a parade walker gets hit by a moving vehicle as they attempt to get candy to pass out....or is Naperville to ban the passing out of candy altogether?

Such incredible silliness.


To me, the smoking ban is an example of good government protecting us from the unscrupulous behavior of others. Smokers don't care who their secondary smoke effects, they are generally only concerned about their "right" to smoke wherever they want. But I also have the "right" not to be effected in public areas by their choice to smoke. They can smoke up a storm in their own homes or cars, no one's stopping them. The law isn't protecting me from my own actions, it's protecting me from the smokers' actions. So I support the smoking ban, sorry.

But I get what you're saying about the list being endless. I do think, tho, that when it comes to the safety of children, other people's as well as mine, it is best to err on the side of caution than not.

Common sense and concern aren’t bad traits, WT?, it’s the reaction to those traits that’s bad in this case.

Government should have limits. Government needs limits. Good Government is there to provide order and protect us from the unscrupulous behavior of others. Misguided government is one in which a small group of people decide they need to try and “protect” us from ourselves. Arrogant government is one in which a small number of people think they should decide what’s best for us all, even if we don’t agree.

I don’t know about you, but I don’t need to be protected from myself. I’m responsible for my own decisions in life. As a non-smoker I’ve always opposed the city’s restaraunt smoking ban. I could make the conscience choice for myself whether or not to enter the bar or restaurant that allowed smoking. More often than not, I’d patronize the places that banned smoking but not all the time. But at least it was my own informed choice. Why should government interfere? Isn’t it silly to say that smoking is legal, but I can’t decide of my own free will to go sit next to a smoker?

So we’ve banned smoking in certain areas to protect people from their own actions. Now we’ve banned throwing candy from parades. If the city council were really interested in our health they’d ban salt at the dinner table. Perhaps ban cheeseburgers and fries altogether. Maybe ban bike riding. Tear down the skate park. Drain Centennial Beach.

If we’re really talking about eliminating miniscule amounts of risk, what’s the next item on the agenda? Because the list really is endless.


Clearly there are few people who are up at the crack of dawn when all of the various newspaper delivery vehicles are racing back and forth all over Naperville. And yes throwing newspapers from moving vehicles, many times moving far faster than they should be in residential areas.

Maybe the City Council should take this topic on too since they seem to have so little pressing city business at hand to discuss or resolve? Maybe worrying about candy tossing at a parade helps them keep their mind off of solving real problem like the budget deficit?

It is reassuring to know the city council can solve trivial problems like candy tossing yet they collectively remain totally inept at solving the most important issue facing them today.


"Why don't we all stay home and experience the parade via the exceptional coverage provided by NCTV"

Exactly. Perhaps Council doesn't go far enough and at the next parade void of candy tossing someone twists their ankle standing on the curb and falls down into the street and gets a concussion. We can't have that, so we should just make spectating in person not be allowed anymore either. It's all about prevention, you know.

Why don't we all stay home and experience the parade via the exceptional coverage provided by NCTV, gotta go the Gag reflex is kicking in................

"How far am I willing to take the ounce of prevention argument? Not very far, just as much as any reasonable person would."

It appears that most "reasonable" people here think that the council is making nanny state rules. Better go after kids playing in the park next.


I have been following this thread from the beginning. Perhaps you should take your own advice before you dump on someone.

I know event insurance was mentioned, but the city does still issue the permits. Is ANYONE allowed to have a parade for ANYTHING, or does the city set standards for these? And if they do set standards, then they're allowed to have input on what goes on during these events. I don't think the city just issues parade permits to whomever for whatever, this sounds reckless. Can you say for certain the city would never be targeted if something were to happen to a spectator (not a parade participant)?

How far am I willing to take the ounce of prevention argument? Not very far, just as much as any reasonable person would.

There's no such thing as common sense? Speak for yourself.

Original Joe on February 8, 2010 3:03 PM
I hope all of the snow plows stay parked tonight too, because some kid may run out in front of one somewhere and we are better off safe than sorry with a $1,000,000 lawsuit on our hands

I'm with you Joe. I am worried, however, what if the snow plow drivers start throwing candy in addition to plowing snow? Perhaps the city council should pass a law making sure they don't begin the practice.

And just a curious question for anyone. Is the Naperville city council organized by political party, i.e. democrats and republicans? I don't believe they are, but I'm not sure.

Clearly they should just ban parades altogether and even ban driving a vehicle within city limits because kids haven't been taught to obey their parents and they are going to dart out into the street after something and get run over.

I hope all of the snow plows stay parked tonight too, because some kid may run out in front of one somewhere and we are better off safe than sorry with a $1,000,000 lawsuit on our hands.

Wow. Just, wow.

To What the?,

Try to keep up with the discussion. Even better, try to follow it from the beginning so that know what has already been stated.

Point One. The City of Naperville does not organize or conduct parades. Their only involvement is issuing parade permits. Those groups who organize parades must have a permit AND event insurance. If, god forbid, there should be an accident it would be covered.

Point Two. An ounce of prevention? How far do you want to take that argument? Should we also ban anyone from riding on a float in a parade because they MIGHT fall off and/or fall off and get run over by the the float? If you do your own research you will find that there have been a whole lot more serious injuries stemming from people falling off parade floats than have been injured as a spectator.

Point Three. There is no such thing as common sense. If there were you would have as much sense as me and I would have as much sense as you and children would have as much sense as adults and that clearly is not the case. All human behavior is learned and as has already been pointed out numerous times in the course of this discussion... parents bring children to parades with different levels of learned behavior and training. IMO the $1,000,000 dollars would be better spent not worrying about the possibility of one rare or fluke accident and instead spending it on providing better parenting skills to darn near most of Naperville. And YES, you know who you are!

This is so bizarre--why is it the minute anyone shows a modicum of common sense or concern for others they're called a Democrat? And why are these traits considered such a bad thing?

If anyone were injured and a lawsuit filed, the same people who make such a big deal about the City Council restricting their "right" to a few pieces of crappy candy would also be the first ones yelling about their tax money being wasted defending or settling a lawsuit. Since the size of your wallets are the most important thing to you, then look at it this way: isn't an ounce of prevention better than a $1,000,000 cure?

To By One Who Values You,

If there was any merit to your "logical" argument then by your same logic the City Council should ban all youth football and baseball in Naperville. It is clearly documented that far more children and parents are injured, with far worse injuries, during the course of playing and watching football and/or baseball each year than have ever been injured during the sum total of all parades ever held in Naperville.

If this is truly a safety issue and if more serious injuries are more of a concern than minor injuries then our city council has no other logical or legal choice other than to ban such injury producing sports if they are really supposed to be protecting "all of the community".

Some of these comments totally crack me up! I love the idea of bringing my own Tootsie Rolls of Death and waiting for the politicians to come stroll by as target practice. The Council may want to consider a noise policy on fire trucks and school marching bands, as many children are FORCED (gasp!) to HOLD THEIR EARS (what??!) as they march by. It's all about the children, you know.

To One Who Values You,

Everything you explained about child behavior just solidifies the point about not teaching them how to obey their parents or even how to behave while out in public. "Stay here on the sidewalk" means you stay here on the sidewalk. Deviate once, and you leave even if the parade hasn't started yet. It shows them you're not kidding around or being a marshmallow (which is all too common in this town). They'll stay put at the next parade, or you simply don't go next time. If you don't think you can trust them not to run into the street after candy, then you really can't trust them to be safe anywhere like a parking lot, playing out front, walking to a friend's house, walking to school or the bus stop etc and you obviously have a KNOWN safety issue when it comes to your kids. So don't come if you can't control them either physically or verbally. "Honor Your Father and Mother" is a commandment for a reason. One should not feel more obligated to chit-chat with friends and ignore their kids. If you are worried about them impulsively running out for candy then what's to stop them from impulsively running out to pet a horse, dog or go shake someone's hand on a moving float or chasing a ball in the street, chasing after a balloon, or a tumbling piece of trash or running across the street without looking because they saw someone they knew ???

This is absolutely silly that Council has to get involved in a lack-of-proper parenting issue.

I've been to recent parades, the people in cars have not been throwing the candy, people walking along the sides still do though. I've been hit myself. I've been almost knocked over also by a bit older kids running for the candy. Those who think you can control kids...RIGHT! You forget that children depending upon age MAY know right from wrong but still do wrong. I'm not talking about little ones that should be held or be in a stroller but say 5-7/8 yrs. Logical thinking does not first kick in for the majority of children until about 7 & Hypothetical thinking (What if...) is not into the teens & actually recent research shows only 25% of graduating HS seniors are able to fully Hypothetically think. This is why they bring a totalled car from DUI and dropped it on school lawn & a teen that looks just like them but is HIV positive come & talks to them. They are shocked with the invinsibility factor & not thinking "what if" for consequences. So children you tell them they will get hurt or killed, they don't understand what that really means. They also see other kids doing it & then what?

There are many wonderful parents who have taught their children not to do what is wrong only to have their children do wrong things. Heck, give me a break how many adults drink & drive and speed and yet we have to have a system that tries to stop them, but still doesn't. These are adults and they don't do what they know is right to keep themselves & others safe & you are talking about young children now. This is why we don't leave them home alone. It is everyone's job to protect children and that is NOT just the parents.

To say "throwing candy is just part of the parade"..ya there were a lot of things that are "tradition" but are not necessarily good to do anymore. It may not be a huge crisis but that doesn't mean you can't look at it & say can it be a bit better/safer and try to help out. I'm sure plenty of people have videos of their family at the parades & can look at how many kids did run out into the street a bit. And even the most loving & best intentioned parents are at the parade and what happens? Friends come & you start chit chatting with them & then a child is hurt or missing. Happens all the time.

Some just react with extreme points but there is no need for that. Not everything is the GOVT trying to control you! And what is wrong with those in office, those we elected no matter what side, taking care of their citizens? I expect them too...not like Crestwood politicans who for years knew their water was bad & lied to their citizens! They are suppose to protect all the community!

If any of these clowns were conscientious Republicans they NEVER would have discussed it or called it for a vote in the first place. The fact that they couldn't pass on it shows their true colors! We have a a Democratic Trojan Horse right in our midst. Wake up people and pay attention to how your elected representatives are voting and what city business they are allowing to be brought forth for discussion and voting.


All the City of Naperville employees who worked on this initiative should be fired. Total waste of taxpayer moneys.

Same for the councilmen who acted on it. should have been dismissed.

Call for the heads. Great example of government waste.

Bloggers need to get a grip on this.
Go back to the city's website and view the meeting. THEY HAVE BANNED NOTHING!! The SUN has done a very bad job of reporting on this. You can still toss out candy at a parade people! Wherli is right! Just don't bean people and try to keep the little kiddies from running out into the street! It's the parents of these children that would be the FIRST to sue the City! Furstenau would LOVE to get drilled by some candy as he is trying to pad his retirement thru litigation! He, as his record indicates, would sue the city in a heartbeat!
As for the one speaker at the meeting, Mrs. Paula Dulli, she is Doug Krause's shadow. They are seen everywhere together! She ran his campaign and only speaks out at council meetings when Krause needs someone to make him look like he knows what he is doing. I wonder if "something" is going on between them. They are inseperable...
In the end council's actions changed NOTHING. They have just managed to waste all our time and show once again that The Naperville Sun really can't get a story right... but we knew that!

I have a great idea to replace the candy throwing, and everyone who participates would be guaranteed a good work out.

A couple of days prior to a parade just take some quiet time and people watch. Make a list of the most stoic, stiff, or self absorbed ones, and on the day of the parade throw them. Take them back to their childhood days of just goofing off.

I never thought I would see this day....A bigger fool than Dick Furstenau on the City Council. Grant Wehrli by a mile!!! This guy acts like a spoiled little brat. Could Dick be his real father???

To Mark on February 5, 2010 10:44 PM:


Well said. Honestly.


Please stop your silly attempt to inject your tired old Republican-vs.-Democrat arguments into this issue.

The way you people are going on, you'd think that candy-throwing at parades is the highlight of your sad little lives. In the end, who really cares? I'm betting that, if one kid was ever injured by running after the little mints that they throw in these parades, you'd be blaming the City Council for the injury.

And BTW: You said that "Republicans are supposed to be against unnecessary regulation and in favor of keeping the footprint of government as small as possible." Sure. Of course. Except when it comes to reproductive rights, sexual orientation rights, the building of religious schools, etc.


To Anonymouts on Feb 5, 2010 3:39 PM,

"Not everything has to be a partisan issue."

A Democrat trying to pass themselves off as a Republican is hardly a partisan issue. Smacks more of fraud or bait and switch than anything else.

Liberal Democrats want to control and regulate every aspect of our life. Republicans are supposed to be against unnecessary regulation and in favor of keeping the footprint of government as small as possible. If these guys are trying to pass themselves off as Republicans come election time then how come they are acting like a bunch of Democrats when they are deliberating and voting on city business?

I'm going to throw food!!!!

Food fight!!!!!!!!

"It seems we have at least five (5) Democrats who have infiltrated our City Council and who are trying to pass themselves off as Republicans to our community."

Not everything has to be a partisan issue. The throwing of candy in a parade is certainly not one.

They are all so gone! Maybe following Todd Stroger's lead with spend and tax and smokescreens (like this issue) will come back to haunt them on election day. Did I say MIGHT?

2 cents,

"(wow a new concept here we may get some exercise) and pass the candy out of buckets."

Gee, and if Mayor Pradel actually did walk in a few parades this year his tux probably would fit him again by next year...

As for the rest of the City Council members... don't expect to see them walking any time soon. That would actually require them to get within arms reach of those who voted for or against them and that is something they are loath to do unless you happen to have a generous campaign check attached to your outstretched hand.

What is wrong with the City Council ---------- Throwing candy is part parage tradition !!

I am tired of all forms of government trying to protect me and my fammily all of the time.

What a bunch of idiots and self serving jerks !!

Again, Naperville can be the laughing stock of other towns.

Come next election, vote them out!!

This story was in the Tribune today. This is embarassing to our city. There are many bigger prolems facing Naperville than throwing candy in parades.

This should be grounds for voting some of these folks out.

Can't we use some leftover material from the garden plots instead of wasting candy?

I'm with Anonymous of 3:56 pm - great idea!

"The City Council said those in the parade can't throw anything to the crowd. They didn't say anything about the crowd throwing things at the parade though. So how about everyone who attends the St Patrick's day parade brings a big bag of candy and we throw the candy at the politicians?"

Someone should start a Facebook group!

Duh people! What is the big deal if the candy is passed out by hand? The pipe fitters union has their members walk, (wow a new concept here we may get some exercise) and pass the candy out of buckets.

Who wants to see a dead child under a car wheel? Or a marching band members hit because the driver was too busy tossing out a 2 cent tootie roll instead of watching where he/she is driving?

Duh, common sense here!

I do agree, ban the politicians, including city council members. We really don't care about you. Keep the grand marshall and mayor. Honor the real hereos, the veterans.

Naperville parades can best be described as sedate to the point of almost being boring. If it wasn't for a little candy most of the children would probably throw themselves in front of the floats out of sheer boredom. Instead a lot of families with children are just going to stop coming to parades if they are going to become this lame that a little harmless fun has to be eliminated.

I guess none of our elected officials have ever been to New Orleans or other places that celebrate Mardi Gras where the parade watchers beg for stuff to be thrown to them... and all kinds of stuff gets thrown by the ton into a far more congested, agitated, and competitive crowd... most of whom are in various stages of intoxication... yet miraculously don't seem to be racking up all of those injuries someone in Naperville seems to be seeing in their crystal ball.

The next parade up is St Patrick's Day parade. If past history is an indicator it will be mostly political hacks with a peppering of a few bands and floats. Maybe it is time to give these jerks at City Hall a dose of their own medicine?

The City Council said those in the parade can't throw anything to the crowd. They didn't say anything about the crowd throwing things at the parade though. So how about everyone who attends the St Patrick's day parade brings a big bag of candy and we throw the candy at the politicians?

Lord knows most of these politicians are far from adverse to being "sweetened up" if you know what I mean.... except of course Mayor Pradel... and the rumor is the real reason he didn't wear the tux this year is because it no longer fits...

danny on February 4, 2010 12:18 PM
Ban all politicians from parades!!!!!!!

How about this? Only allow moving firetrucks in parades, and make them go at least 40 MPH. Once this speed is reached, throw the Politicians off the firetrucks!!!

I was at a neighboring cities 4th of July parade last year, and noticed that they were not throwing any candy from the floats / cars. They had people walking along each side with buckets where they were handing and tossing the candy. It seems like the issue Naperville has is the throwing from the floats, and this group seemed to handle this restriction pretty well.

I think if a child ran out and got hit by a car, I would blame the parents who can't control their kids, not the city.

Ban all politicians from parades!!!!!!!

I could be just a liability issue. Maybe the City Council sees it as a lawsuit waiting to happen--you toss candy which entices a child into the street during a parade where they could get hurt. Given the highly litigious nature of our culture, it could happen. And I think some of the people that criticize the City Council for acting as the nanny state would be the first ones to criticize the Council if an accident did happen and the city was sued, but this time for wasting taxpayer money defending a lawsuit over a practice that was obviously risky. Given the choice, it's better to err on the side of caution.

Ban the candy throwing? What next mandatory-random specimen testing of all LEO's? nah do not think that will come anytime soon.wake-up view the 800 pound gorilla in the area!

It seems we have at least five (5) Democrats who have infiltrated our City Council and who are trying to pass themselves off as Republicans to our community. That is until it is time to vote like a Republican. A true Republican would never vote for this kind of ridiculous governmental interference which ranks right up there with our cat leash law. The other reality is that the City Council is being led down the yellow brick road by the liberal, unionized, Democratic staff members who have slowly infiltrated City Hall over the years.

All of the parades in Naperville are organized by private organizations. They all have to have permits and event insurance. If children are running around in the street then maybe their parents need to learn how to be more effective parents and how to supervise and control their children's actions.

I wonder how long it will be until Naperville once again is the laughingstock of the nation once word about this continued silliness gets out to the national media and late night comedians?

The City Council seems hell bent on protecting us from ourself. The bigger question is who is protecting us from the City Council?

Surely our City Council and staff have better things to spend their time on than this.

Parents are responsible for their kids. Period. If they don't want their kids to run out into the street, they should teach them not to run out into the street. If they think the parade is an unsafe environment due to candy being thrown, they shouldn't come to the parade. It is not the City's job to protect their children from getting hit with a piece of candy. What's next, a policy requiring shoes to be tied?

We have sanitized our childrens' physical environment to the point that many suffer and even die from allergies to naturally occurring substances. Now we are starting to sanitize their mental and emotional environments so they won't know how to deal with temptation and peer pressure when they encounter them.

To OWVY, the result won't be people handing out candy nicely, it will mean no one will hand it out at all due to fear. Just one more reason why we need tort reform.

I am part of a group that has participated in many parades in Naperville. A few years ago, we were asked not to throw candy from vehicles. So, our volunteers have walked the route handing out candy and promotional material. We will toss candy maybe 4-6 feet to people who are maybe back on the sidewalk instead of at the street. Is that still permissable? Why is the City Council even taking this up? Has anyone from the City Council observed this and actually perceive this to be a problem. It's laziness. The claim is that some groups have not followed the directives from the Parade Organizer. So, instead of working with those groups directly, they get the City Council to pass something - it's a policy, not a law.

What is wrong with you people !! Throwing candy is part of a parade. It would be nice if government would keep its nose out of things. We don't need any more nanny's.

Wake up Wherli --------- but is guess, only in Naperville. This town in nuts !

Every time Grant Wehrli opens his mouth he reminds those who voted for him what a huge mistake they made.

Thank goodness! What could be more dangerous than a tootsie roll hollow point? Since our elite oligarchs apparently have nothing else to do maybe they can set Naperville pillow softness standards. We could pay for these things by simply raising property taxes. That is something they are very good at doing.

Perhaps they should ban parades all together. If it is sunny out, people can get over exposed to the sun - making everyone stay indoors can help prevent skin cancer. Or, what if it is raining? We shouldn't let anyone get wet and chilled. They might catch a cold. Also, the parades should be required to meet very stringent diversity standards - it would be completely inappropriate for any group or faction to be left out or not represented in a meaningful fashion. It is also apparently inappropriate for people to just have fun and to be responsible for their own children.

Well I've been hit & kids near me & not only the children with me but I've witnessed many kids running out into the street. Do they run to the middle of the street? Is the parade going that fast that they would horribly injure a child? No, probably not but why wait until something happens. And what is the big deal of passing it out nicely. Many times they throw the candy & a few eager & older kids get tons & the young ones very little. This may be also a more fair way to please more people. Next idea is it the healthiest idea. I know people will be all over this but in a society where childhood obesity & diabetes is climbing so high perhaps we need to think about something other than every person passing out candy. Perhaps there could be a few passing out candy & something else more healthy passed out? Candy is cheap perhaps but maybe some companies would donate? Maybe some type of bookmark with messages on what to do for various emergencies. Coupons for 1 day at some facility...maybe children's museum or gym or something...not some fast food or something.

The other issue is the change in having politicans in parades? Man when did that happen? I don't mean the current mayor maybe on a float or in a car but all those running for office. This is a parade on a particular holiday! Let them get a permit & have a political parade. Love to see how many show up for that. That will tell you whether they should be in the other parades. HA! What will be next..."Focus on Family" participants? HA! We'll have groups in the parade on Abortion or Pro-Choice & all other causes...ugh! God I hope I didn't give them the idea now!

Tossed candy is a Tragedy? Are you kidding? If you are that worried about getting hit, stand back and let those paying attention and who want to catch it, catch it. How difficult is that?

I have the feeling most elected officials around here are just running scared at the real financial problems facing them and instead have to coward out and chase after non-issues like this and make it into a big deal and pat themselves on the back for averting the next 9/11 event at a parade on account of candy being tossed like it has been for generations without any real incident.

What a joke.

Obvious nanny state law. As OJ said, it is not a problem.

Maybe no one has been struck yet but I have seen a few near misses. Why wait for a tragedy? Tough call but the right one for a change. Now to get rid of wasted tax dollars.

Councilman Wehrli,

How many parade audience members have been 'beaned' by candies or chased them out into the street and got hit by cars?

I believe that answer is 0, sir.

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