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What do you think of Quinn's budget proposal?

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Gov. Pat Quinn unveiled his proposed 2011 budget Wednesday, and the one thing everyone seems to agree on is they don't like it.

Quinn proposed a 33 percent income tax increase Wednesday that he said would prevent deep cuts to education funding, part of a budget plan that depends mostly on borrowing money and letting unpaid bills pile up for another year.

He presented legislators with a stark choice: Cut support for schools by $1.3 billion or approve a tax increase. But even with a tax increase and spending cuts, Quinn's budget would depend on letting about $6 billion in bills simply go unpaid in the coming year.

He asked lawmakers to raise the tax rate to 4 percent, up from 3 percent now. That would generate $2.8 billion a year, the same amount he sought unsuccessfully last year. His staff said the money would go solely to prevent education cuts and to make overdue payments to Illinois schools.

Quinn's proposal would "balance" the budget by cutting expenses $2 billion, borrowing $4.7 billion to pay overdue bills and simply letting about $6.3 billion in bills go unpaid until the next fiscal year.

If Quinn gets a tax increase, the $1.3 billion in education cuts would be abandoned. That means the total spending cuts would amount to only about $700 million. Quinn aides say the governor already has cut about $2 billion in bureaucratic spending.

Between bills left over from the current year and the projected gap next year, the total deficit will top $13 billion, Quinn said.

Local legislators noted Quinn's proposal said nothing about controlling the cost of pensions, and Quinn's opponent in the November election, Bill Brady, called for a 10 percent across the board budget cut.

What do you think of the budget proposal?

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Before any taxes are even considered, all benefits and free handouts to illegal aliens must cease immediately. This includes ending food, medical, unemployment benefits, housing and insurance for every foreigner in the state of Illinois illegally. Until this is done, I don’t want to hear about any tax increase.

Little doubt government is gutless to reduce expenses instead of constantly increasing taxes.

I think he is a very poor governer and operating over his head.
We need a strong business minded govenor who can cut even more, but correctly. Government is overspending. Everyone from the top down needs to make do with less. Period.
And it can be done. Even the tribune laid out a plan. But no one in government, the government "we" elect, has the guts to do what is right.

To Danny on March 11, 2010 2:04 PM

You are asking them to double their work load!!

Quinn uses the typical threat of taking away money from education to try to get more money to blow. I'm surprised he didn't threaten the elderly and disabled too. I find it hard to believe that he can't cut much more out of the bloated government employee sector, and many other places too.

How about every state employee has to take a 20% pay cut and work only 4 days.

Quinn's budget proposal:

"Lets tax and borrow money to pay back the public service unions who keep me and my friends in our political offices.

The people who don't vote for me and my friends can pay all of the new taxes and assume liability for all of the new debt."

Redistribution plain and simple

Like Obama, Quinn should be renamed Karl Junior.

Do you know what sucks? How about state employees who get 75% of their salary in pensions while paying 0 for their health insurance and they get Cost of living increases ( something unheard of in the private sector). When is realty going to reach the leadership in Springfield? Kicking 6.5 Billion down the road is not leadership.

The state needs to restructure its pension and Medicaid before it asks the taxpayers for any money.

In accordance with the constitution, all current pension benefits should be frozen at current amounts earned, annuities purchased to fund those costs, and ended. Going forward, the pension plans should be converted for future earnings to defined contribution with the state's contribution limited to 10% like the private sector plus 5% to be equivalent to social security. Employees would be allowed to join social security in which case their contribution to the stat plan would be reduced by 5%.

As to Medicaid, all reimbursements should be done at the Medicare rates. I am told that 75% of the hospitals in Chicago and downstate would close since they are seeking reimbursements at substantially more than this cost. That means we are subsidizing losing operations. That must end. If Chicago wants to keep these hospitals open (in addition to failing County and Provident), then let them foot the bill through higher Chicago property taxes.

Gov.Quinn is trying to sell this as 1% to solve the Education problem. This is not just 1%. It is 1% more than we are paying now for an Education system that doesn't work. With no improvements to the system, no cuts and no end insite. It also does nothing to fund Social Services for the Illinois population that can't help themselves. Gov.Quinn is out of ideas and it is time for him to go!

God love governer Quinn! He should give all the teachers a big raise and then they will be soo happy that they will teach better and the kids will be smart enough to get us out of this mess.

It sucks!

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