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As recounted in a story in Wednesday's Sun, many schools in the area are withholding certain activities from high school seniors who have not paid all their fees. At some schools, this means they cannot attend prom. At others, they can't march in graduation.

At Waubonsie Valley, students won't march in graduation if their fees aren't paid up. In District 203, one student in the past didn't receive a diploma until his bills were paid. At Naperville Central, about 90 students owe money from past unpaid fees, current year course changes, classroom books, athletic fees and equipment. The school has sent out an average of two to three notices since January that these fees are owed. At Naperville North, 110 seniors have outstanding balances totaling $10,874.

Local schools say they understand the economy is making it harder for some families to find the money for fees and that they are willing to work with families who have trouble paying.

What do you think of the policy? Do you agree with withholding things like prom or graduation from students because of unpaid fees?

Read the full story here: http://www.suburbanchicagonews.com/napervillesun/news/2208640,6_1_NA28_GRADFEES_S1-100428.article

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As we occasionally do around here, this is an open topic to discuss whatever you want (but not health care, which is already a topic).

In a few years, the DuPage County Water Commission went from a $190 million surplus to a $70 million deficit, and is now discussing raising water rates in the county.

Because of this situation, state senator and County Board chairman candidate Dan Cronin has introduced legislation to dissolve the Water Commission and allow the county to take over water management.

What do you think of the situation? Is county management the answer to the problem, or do you have a better suggestion?

By all accounts, Naperville resident Joe Hornbaker and his mobile hot dog business have proven a welcome addition to downtown Naperville - at least to most people.

The council will soon be taking up the issue of extending Hornbaker's permit, and some objections have been raised. Some of the other businesses downtown have complained he was taking business away from them. And while the Downtown Naperville Alliance says he is welcome, it also says his operation should pay a $700 fee. Hornbaker currently pays $100, while most other businesses pay $300. The higher fee is justified to pay for the messes created by some of Hornbaker's customers.

Do you think Hornbaker's hot dog cart is a valuable addition to the downtown? Do you think he is being treated fairly, or is he treating other businesses fairly?

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