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Navistar announced Wednesday it has decided to end its yearlong effort to purchase the former Alcatel-Lucent property in Lisle for its new corporate headquarters.

The company said the deal would bring many jobs to the area, but neighbors of the property opposed the move because of fears over noise and pollution, among others.

Navistar blamed a barrage of recent legal maneuvers by opponents for its decision to give up on the move. Some people still hold hope that a deal will get done, but others fear the company and its jobs will now leave the state for more welcoming areas.

What do you think? Is this a victory for the little guy or a case of a few people halting a project that may have benefitted the community in general? Is Navistar done in the area or is this just a negotiating tactic?

School District 204 has been busy lately. First, board members managed to find a compromise to preserve the music technique program that so many people thought was essential to maintaining a healthy music program. They did this by instituting a fee of a little more than a hundred dollars, which was compared to the price of calculators needed for some higher level math classes.

Next, the district said it would be rehiring 70 of the 145 teachers it said it was laying off. The district also approved a new contract with teachers that freezing wages for the next school year and has teachers pay more for health care. For the following year, teachers would receive a 1.26 percent raise.

Now, the district is considering urging lawmakers to approve a "deadbeat amendment" to state law that would allow the district to withhold making tax payments to the state while the state is delinquent in its payments to the district.

What are your thoughts on these developments?

On Thursday the DuPage Water Commission approved issuing $40 million worth of bonds as part of a plan to eliminate $70 million in debt allegedly amassed due to mismanagement. This comes after two water rate increases, with the likelihood of more rate increases in the future.

Only $20 million of the bonds are intended to cover existing debt, with the rest intended to add to the commission's cash reserves. What do you think about this latest move and the situation in general?

Illinois law allows police to seize vehicles used in the commission of a crime, which on the surface may seem like a great way to fight crime. And while it can serve this purpose, some are questioning the way the law is enforced.

Police can seize any car used in the commission of crimes ranging from murder to driving on a suspended license.

Some of the complaints are that the law does not mandate a speedy hearing in the case, so the owner could be without their vehicle for months. Also, the burden of proof is on the vehicle's owner, not the state. Many of the cases end in a default judgment in the state's favor because the vehicle owners cannot afford a lawyer. And vehicles can be seized before the case ever comes to trial, meaning police keep the car even if the defendant is later found not guilty or charges are dropped. The vehicle can be seized regardless of if the owner of the car is the one charged with the crime. Between 2007 and 2009, the city of Naperville made more than $300,000 on the sale of seized vehicles.

Kane County State's Attorney John Barsanti believes there may be a problem with the law, but DuPage County State's Attorney Joe Birkett has no qualms. DuPage County has seized about 3,000 vehicles since 2006. In DuPage, Birkett amended the local laws to provide for a probable cause-type hearing.

Do you think this law is fair? Is it an effective crime fighting technique, or a way for municipalities to make money? Is it appropriate to take someone's vehicle for what could in some cases be a relatively minor crime?

Read the full article here: http://www.suburbanchicagonews.com/napervillesun/news/2227002,3_1_EL03_04SEIZE_S1-100503.article

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