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Five years ago, "North America's most advanced business park," as it was called, was dedicated in West Chicago with the intention of bringing high-tech companies and thousands of jobs to DuPage County. Today, the campus consists of only two buildings, one not even occupied. In charge is former Napervile City Council member Jack Tenison, who critics claim is rarely at work and does not do enough to earn his $151,000 annual salary.
Now, the board that oversees the DuPage National Technology Park, where only one company has moved in during the past 10 years, has asked county officials that it be dissolved. This stems in a disagreement about the direction of the technology park.DuPage County has already sunk $34 million for roads and other improvements into what Sun-Times reporter Dave McKinney called a 'wasteland' in West Chicago.
Now the future of the tech park is on the county radar with various interests at odds over how to proceed with the project. What direction do you think should be taken?

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During a routine discussion amending text to Naperville's zoning code, the City Council found out that abortion clinics can establish themselves anywhere in the city. This set off a discussion among council members about just where abortion clinics could or should be located in town. A measure to direct city staff to draft recommendations on where abortion clinics can be located. The motion failed, deadlocked at 4-4. Mayor Pradel, who could have broken the deadlock, was absent. What are your views?

The Naperville City Council has approved a resolution to place a referendum on the November ballot establishing term limits for city council members. It passed 7-1 with Richard Furstenau casting the only "no" vote. Have City Council members stayed too long? Are you happy with things the way they are?

UPDATE: Now it's official. The term limit question will be on the ballot in November. Read the story here.

Just a quick note to the Sun's blogging community to inform you that I have passed the job of moderating the blog on to someone else. I may check in on occasion but he will be the man in charge now and has some ideas for how to do things differently. I will let him introduce himself in his own way. Thanks for blogging with us!
- Chris Magee

It has been well over a month since the Gulf oil spill first began, and the oil shows no signs of stopping, with estimates of 10 million to 40 million gallons of oil already spilled. It has been called the worst environmental distaster in U.S. history.

Worse, nothing that is tried seems to be able to stop the spill, and an effective solution may be months away. Meanwhile, wildlife is dying and ecosystems are being destroyed.

Has this incident changed your opinion of the government or the other parties involved? How about your opinion of offshore drilling?

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