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Fall elections are still three months away but pols.jpgexperts are still predicting all sorts of things.
Some say incumbents will hang on to power. Others say there will be sweeping change.
Reporter Susan Carlman recently looked into this and talked to Republicans and Democrats alike.
So, are you chomping at the bit to go vote? What issues are driving you? Are you among those who say it doesn't matter? Why?
Let's set up our own discussion and maybe local politicians will take your hints.

Bill Mego seems to think so. And he's gone on record thanking the City Council in his column. Yet not everyone is all gung ho about the prospect. What's your take on what is a public and very private issue?
To read about the council's decision, click here.

Scroll down to the blog entries for red light camera tickets and Naperville term limits to see links to the latest developments on those issues.

Depending on what they decide Tuesday, the Naperville City Council could give motorists a break on the number of possible red-light camera tickets they might get. The council is set to receive a report from the Naperville Police on whether to continue enforcing right turns on red.
On the one hand, drivers won't have to sweat out a possible fine if they turn on red but don't stop before the white line. On the other hand, those tickets make up a big part of the revenue generated by the red-light cameras. The city stands to lose about $600,000 this year alone with the change in effect Read the full story here.
Now what are your thoughts? Are the cameras worth it? Mediator talking: I know this issue has come up before but now's the chance to sound off before the City Council makes it's decision. There's two days to try to sway the decision your way.

UPDATE: Red light camera tickets for right turn on red lights now won't be enforced by Naperville Police. Read what the council did. note there is an exception at an intersection where such turns are illegal already.

Money Magazine seems to think so. In its survey of America's 100 Best Places to Live it listed two area towns. Bolingbrook at Number 43. And Naperville at 54. Naperville was ranked No. 3 as recently as 2008. What's changed? Has anything changed?
What's the difference between now and two years ago?

Even though Washington lawmakers argued for months over federal health-care legislation the issue is not over. U.S. Rep. Judy Biggert R-Hinsdale is calling for a repeal of the law. Check the story here. Do you like your health care coverage. Biggert has Blue Cross by the way. Do you want to see more change or would you like the whole issue to go away?

As the Operating Engineers strike enters its second week, strike.jpgconstruction projects throughout the area remain idle. Renovations at Naperville Central High School have proceeded but there is a growing concern that seniors' might not graduate in time for college. District officials also say the district might be willing to pay extra money to get construction workers back on the job. Missed the story? Read it here, and share your thoughts on this issue.

District 203 reached an agreement with the International Union of Operating Engineers Local 150 allowing work on Naperville Central High School to resume. The district won't release any details until its July 19 school board meeting, when the board is expected to sign off on the agreement. But the union says agreement includes a requirement that all District 203 construction jobs for the next seven years be done by union workers. And in return those workers would not strike on those projects.

With many municipalities facing budget shortfalls, the town of Maywood California has come up with what may be the most drastic solution yet. it has fired all city employees except the city manager, city attorney and the city's elected officials. Some city council members warn of too much spending and expensive pensions. While Naperville definitely is in much better shape than Maywood, times are still tough with the city facing a $14 million budget gap. The question is, what would cause Naperville to fall that far? Read Jenette Sturges in Monday's Sun or click here and weigh in with your thoughts.


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