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Downtown Naperville may be one step closer to getting either a hotel or condominiums.
So reads the story by Kathy Millen about proposed improvements on Water Street.
The Plan Commission is recommending the project go forward. It could be a hotel and condos or just condos.
Bill Mego has weighed in on the topic. He's not too thrilled.
Read up on it. What's your take?

MODERATOR'S NOTE: Since this category has evolved into a debate over the Naperville Mayoral race and the city council, I'm OK with that development. But this is a note to new readers that this topic is here, at least for the time being.

Is Route 59 becoming the new Indy 500?
Last Friday, two Plainfield men were arrested and face charges of street racing after being clocked at 106 mph.
In July a drunken driver was pulled over after doing nearly 90. Earlier this year two more drivers were caught, both also traveling at more than 100 mph. One of them at noon!
The question is: do you look in your rear-view window more often now? Are you leery that somebody is going to speed past you like your standing still, even if you're doing the posted limit - 45 mph for a good stretch through Naperville.
And what's the attraction with Route 59? It's not exactly an empty stretch of road.
Have you seen anybody drive that fast? What's going on?

blago.jpgRod Blagojevich said repeatedly he couldn't wait to testify to clear his name. He wanted to play all the tapes. In the end he said nothing at trial and the defense played no tapes. Read the story here. Does this surprise you?

Guilty, but only on one count. The Feds are already talking retrial. And lots of people have an opinion. What's yours? Should the government try him again or just let the whole thing go?

Much has been said recently on the topic of childhood obesity. People decry lack of exercise, too much TV and poor diet.
Now a group of local organizations is getting together to let people know the steps they can take to live healthier and fight obesity. Read about there efforts here.
Are you concerned about this issue? Are schools and parents doing enough? How big a problem is this? Let's talk.

DuPage County Board Chairman Robert Schillerstrom's plan to finance $70 million in capital improvement projects with federal stimulus money already is drawing heat. County Board member Jeff Redick already is likening the proposal to something former governor Rod Blagojevich would come up with. Many of the projects involve road work but other things like a convalescent center kitchen and jail fire alarm are on the list. Schillerstrom says the projects will create jobs and ease traffic congestion. Redick says the cost to taxpayers will come to $124 million
Look here for the story and a complete list of the projects Schillerstrom has in mind.
Are those things you would spend money on? Is the plan too costly over time?

Local school districts facing tight budgets received some good news. About $15 million in federal aid is earmarked for school districts to retain and rehire teachers. Read the story here. The money won't be immediately available but should be appropriated through the state within about 45 days. The money won't help the state of Illinois with what it already owes school districts. So the question is: How can school districts take advantage of this windfall and make the school districts more financially stable?
What's your take?

The Naperville Park District has made it clear baseball.jpgto a group of young men that they may not use district ball fields whenever they feel like it for pickup baseball games. They can play there if they reserve the fields for $100 a night. Many of the pickup games have been under the lights before the district turns them off.
Columnist Denise Crosby has looked at both sides of this issue. Should residents be allowed to use the fields if no one else is on them? As they say, their taxes pay for the fields. Or, should the Park District deny them use unless they pay a fee, Because, as the Park District says, it's not fair for some to pay and others not to.
What's your take?
UPDATE AUGUST 17: The issue of playing ball has generated spirited debate on both sides of the issue. Read Denise Crosby's follow-up column to see what others are thinking. And while you're at it, why not throw in your two cents.

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