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She'd had enough

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When Naperville resident Susan Miller went outside a few weeks ago and stepped in dog excrement-barefoot she reacted. She allegedly wiped it on the deck of her neighbors' apartment. She also put the sign there reminding dog owners to clean up after their pets. Now she faces disorderly conduct charges.
What would you have done if you were in her shoes?

Just looking around today and stocks are surging, gold is selling at around $1,300 an ounce and the recession ended - in 2009. Anybody out there feel better about the economy? Anybody notice the recession's end? Anybody own any gold??? Are you going to sell it? and what's in store for next year if the Democrats hold Congress? What's in store if the GOP retakes the majority?

In an effort to stimulate small business the Senate cracked a GOP filibuster, clearing the way for a vote on a $30 billion fund for small business loans.
Democrats welcome this as Washington finally doing something to get Main Street the access to capital is hasn't had for months. Republicans have been busy with amendments, focusing on
ways to change a new requirement for businesses to file 1099 forms on transactions over $600.
What's your take? What is it going to take for businesses to expand and start hiring again? Are they waiting for anything other than a sign from Washington or Wall Street? Hopefully some Naperville business people can offer some good insight.

navistar.jpgWell it's official. Navistar is coming to Lisle, and with it 3,000 jobs. It looks like Naperville's neighbor wasn't the only suitor for the firm. Joliet also approved a tax deal to lure the company.
People had plenty to say before the deal was reached. Now you can read about the agreement and weigh in on what will happen next.

We've talked about pensions a lot on this blog. Now let's focus on salaries, particularly on those for people who work for DuPage County. Did you know county board members get $50,000 per year? This is compared to a national average for legislators of $37,500. Or that attorneys for the county election commission command $225 per hour - $270 for court appearances?
County board Chairman Bob Schillerstrom, who takes in $127,840 for his dual role as chairman and liquor commissioner says average compensation is fine for average places. DuPage is extraordinary and you get what you pay for.
Read the story. Check the figures. What do you think?

Naperville fans of the MTV show "Jersey Shore" are no doubtNA02_JERSEY_P1_scn_feed_20100901_19_37_07_4313-249-165.jpg buzzing about the upcoming appearance Sept. 24 of cast member DJ Pauly D at the opening of LIT Nightclub on Aurora Avenue. According to club marketing director Brandon Smith, 400 tickets for the event already have been sold.
So, are you one of the 400? Gonna get all decked out for the big event? And does this make Naperville more of the cool place to be? Come on, sounds like fun!

UPDATE: Well Pauly showed up. Did you?

Naperville Potluck

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