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Show-Me's, a restaurant with female servers in short shorts has plans to locate in Naperville and it is not sitting well with local residents.
Mayor Pradel made it a point to visit their Springfield location and found it to be "a regular restaurant" and compared it to a place he went to when he was younger.
Still, residents are planning to picket the restaurant, unhappy with the location along Ogden Avenue.
Weigh in. Is this overblown. Do residents have a concern or is this just business?
UPDATE: Neighborhood residents have spoken. Do you agree?
Also, columnist Denise Crosby has weighed in.

Followers of Westboro Baptist Church, known for its protests at military funerals, might be coming to Naperville. They have issue with a film "The Anatomy of Hate: A Dialogue to Hope," being screened Monday night. It seems the church is featured in that documentary.
However they may not show up.
What do you think of the church's activities? They've been sued and the case is pending before the Supreme Court. Weigh in before they get here.

That, and the recent firing of Juan Williams by NPR bring the whole issue of free speech into the spotlight again - of how it affects others and how it relates to your job. You can't yell "FIRE" in a crowded theater. Any other thoughts?

pols.jpgSure they're two weeks away but now is the time to get in your two or three cents. Speak out in favor of the candidate(s) you prefer. Let's see if anybody has a new spin. Has anybody out there changed their minds since the last election?
So who's it gonna be?
Brady or Quinn?
Giannoulias or Kirk?
Biggert or Harper?
Why? Why not?
Also don't forget term limits in Naperville and other referendums on the ballot.

Now that pension funding for public employees has been reformed, a question facing Illinois voters will be if they favor changing the pension funding obligations for police and firefighters.
This already has stirred a rift between government officials and those same police and firefighters. Is it a politcal issue or a practical issue? Naperville's fire and police pension funds are funded at 59.2% and 53.5% respectively. They must be 100% funded by 2033. How should lawmakers tackle this issue?

The DuPage Children's Museum is in financial straits to the tune of more than $9 million. now it looks like an intergovernmental agreement would save it and leave the City of Naperville as the owner.
Are you in favor of this agreement? Can the city afford it's share? Is it a dangerous precedent or is it worth it?museum3.jpg

The city would buy the property.
UPDATE II Council OKs purchase.

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