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Mayors A. George Pradel of Naperville and Ed Schock of Elgin have raised a few eyebrows with their Young at Heart radio spots in connection with Walgreens.
Schock explained he believed his radio spot was a public service announcement about senior citizens being able to receive low-cost tests and shots. Pradel stressed to the radio ad representative who asked him to do the spot that he couldn't promote one pharmacy over another. Walgreens confirmed, though, the radio spots were ads.
Columnist Denise Crosby has weighed in on the subject. Have you heard the spots? What's your take?

It appears the condemnation lawsuit filed by Indian Prairie School District has a little further to go before final resolution. A judge has ordered the district to pay the legal costs and expenses incurred by owners of property south of 75th Street and west of Route 59. The land was considered a spot for Metea Valley High School, since built on Eola Road.
District officials could decide what to do December 6. Should the district pay up? Should they appeal? What's your two cents?
UPDATE: District officials said the ruling was expected. Were you surprised?

It's time again for bloggers to start their own threads...right here. It can be about local or non- local issues. So here's your shot to start something you want to see. Go for it. You can start and continue several discussions in this area.

There's parking lots, parking decks and blocks of street parking in downtown Naperville. Yet over the next five years it is estimated the downtown area will need 800 to 1,000 new spaces.
Is this a positive sign or is downtown becoming too crowded for it's own good?

Less than a week after a new union deal got raises for the members of the Naperville Police Department, a half dozen officers have been let go.
City Manager Doug Krieger said he could see no alternatives other than layoffs to balancing the budget, adding that more personnel cuts could follow.
Any bloggers out there have any suggestions?
City Legal Director Margo Ely on Monday said Naperville "can afford it with seven fewer officers ... with no impact to emergency response."
But does anyone out there have a concern for public safety in view of this move?

Who did you vote for? Why?
Who do you think will win?
Drop a blog post on what's happened today.

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