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In case any of you hadn't noticed, gas prices have steadily crept upward for the past several weeks. This past Christmas saw the first time that he national average price per gallon was more than $3. In addition, a former oil executive predicts $5 gas by 2012.
So is it time to finally chuck the big gas guzzler? Anybody going to get an electric car? Is this just a scare tactic? Is it working?

Rather than let this be an offshoot of the School Report Cards thread lets move the conversation here.
The district voted to approve its 2010 tax levy and taxes are going up for district residents. Most will see about a 2.4% increase over last year.
No one in the audience Monday night spoke about this issue. Anyone feel like talking now?

With many religions in American public life it is getting increasingly difficult for public schools to manage their calendars around days off linked to religious holidays. One school district raised eyebrows by including a Muslim holiday. One school district has decided to scrap them altogether. In some ways it does appear to be all or nothing. Either include all religions or none at all. What's a school district to do?

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