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The Sun-Times annual ranking of Illinois schools puts Naperville institutions in a good light yet again and some have improved over last year. Read the story. Check the database. And comment on this issue of local importance.

Mayor A. George Pradel is optimistic about the state of the city for the upcoming year. Despite weathering some hard times, the mayor says investment in the community brings long-term gain. Where do you see the city headed in the coming year?

With Republicans taking back control of he House and winning many more state and local elections, due in large part to conservative activists such as the Tea Party, many local conservatives see this as the right time to get more people involved..
As one man said: "There's been so much apathy in this country for way too long."
Do you agree? Are you taking part? And is there anything similar to that on the left?

With tax hikes, the death penalty, pensions and numerous other issues coming out of Springfield, the Naperville City Council is getting its two cents in. The city is taking the approach of meeting with lawmakers to see what is doable first.
The city's priority is controlling the cost of municipal employees. Labor arbitration and compensation are up for discussion. Pension reform, a goal from last year, will be back on the table.
The council is meeting this week to discuss these and other priorities.
What are yours?

A measure to nearly double the state income tax is on the table in Springfield.
Gov. Quinn has reportedly reached a deal with leaders in the General assembly to raise the rate on individuals from 3% to 5.25%. The measure could be on the House floor as early as today (Jan. 7).
Anybody going to call their state reps?

They had to start somewhere so they started with their own budgets, said new House Speaker John Boehner, R-Ohio. On its first day, the new Republican led House of Representatives made its first budget cut, albeit a small one, 5% of office budgets. This means cutting things like postage and bottled water to the tune of about $75,000 per member of Congress.
Is this encouraging or just window dressing? What's your view of the economy going forward in 2011?

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