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Think pensions cause conflict here. Just look at out neighbors to the north where protesters have descended upon the statehouse and Democratic legislators have fled the state to put off a vote on a bill that would strip unions of collective bargaining power and increase public employee contributions to pensions and health care.
There are two passionate sides to this issue:
Some say the state is broke and public employees need to make concessions to balance the budget.
The other side says the bill is simply an attempt by Republicans to bust unions and organized labor, their traditional political opponents.
What side are you on?

And is Illinois next? Mark Brown of the Sun-Times weighs in.

The Downtown Advisory Commission is set to take public comment Thursday on the Naperville2030 Plan for the future of downtown. The plan covers how downtown will look, from a range of land use functions to zoning changes to parking requirements. it even covers bicycle navigation in the downtown area.
Why not let your ideas be known here first?

If you are the City Council wants to put your mind at ease. The Council, and residents in attendance, touched on issues from a smart grid bill of rights to concerns about radiation from the meters.
What are your thoughts?

Columnist Bill Mego has weighed in on the radiation issue.

Keeping in sync with the Naperville Sun's longstanding policy regarding letters to the editor, comments regarding candidates for local elections will not be published prior to the election.
This applies to all blog entries.

A few months ago, protesters appeared outside the municipal center decrying the layoffs of six officers from the Naperville Police Department.
But with upcoming departures of four confirmed, or as many as eight, there is talk that some, or all may be rehired. The City Council is expected to be briefed about it and the matter will be addressed at some point.
So will it be a case of all's well that ends well? Or is the city dodging a bullet. (No pun intended)

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