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About 50 local teachers from school districts 203 and 204 are headed to the state capital Wednesday to make their voices heard on legislation that affects things like teacher negotiations and tenure.
If you were a teacher, what would you say to state officials? If you were a state official, what would you say to the teachers?

The Naperville City Council has a busy agenda Tuesday.
A possible reorganization of the police department could save the city $300,000 annually while non-union city workers could get a 2% pay increase. It looks like the city's 2012 budget contains about $760,000 for such a raise.
The police proposal would, among other things, increase the number of deputy chiefs from two to three and shrink the number of commanders from eight to five. Three laid-off officers also would be rehired.
Encouraged by what's going on? Should other things be on the table?
Voice your input, especially before the meeting.

President Obama has made his speech and his points known.
Paul Ryan and the Republicans have stated their case. Now the battle begins over the philosophy and practical application of government budget making.
What do you think is good or bad on either side? Is there a chance for compromise?

State lawmakers have introduced a bill that would drastically change how teachers in Illinois get tenure, can strike and be dismissed.
Under the proposal, which comes on the heels of teacher unions being decertified in Ohio and Wisconsin, Illinois teachers still have the right to strike but must negotiate longer and make their positions public before a strike can occur. And teachers need a specific rating to earn tenure, rather than it being automatic after a certain number of years.
Is this encouraging? Are the kids the real winner as some would suggest? Is this a good first step toward school reform? See this having an effect locally?

gaso.jpgAs gasoline prices climb steadily upward, with some predicting they may hit the $5 mark this summer, how is this affecting you? Are you figuring out ways to economize or are your trips so infrequent, your job so close to your home or your wallet so stuffed with cash that gas price hikes are not a problem?

Naperville County Board member John Zediker is among a group of county lawmakers that will be looking at spending _pay perks, hours etc _ over the coming weeks in an effort to reduce spending. They will be looking at the compensation of about 2,400 county employees, including themselves.
What are some things Zediker et al should look at?

Now that elections are over what's on your mind?
Still mulling the election?
Worried about the government's impending shutdown?
Weigh in.
More local threads coming soon.

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