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Who will speak for Naperville?

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The headline says it all. With congressional remapping in play it appears Naperville and most of northern Illinois will see a congressional reshuffle. Most of us will be in new districts and our representatives will change too.
The question remains, after all the dust settles who will represent Naperville? Former congressman Bill Foster is expected to run in what is now an open district.
Do you have any candidates in mind? Is this remap necessary? Weigh in.

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If only Pradel was our only problem. Wouldn't that be GREAT! The list of people who are building their ego's and fortunes on the City's dime is long - it begins with a clueless Mayor, and continues through a City Council filled with self important bumblers who haven't any idea how their actions affect real people and the damage they do, and it get's even uglier with the City Manager and his followers who reward themselves at every opportunity for covering up their ineptitude and passing their losses on to anyone and everyone they see as less important than themselves.

Anything less than a clean sweep, and Naperville is going to continue to slip from what was a very nice community for all into a nice place for a few, and a place the rest of us won't even recognize.

Dick Furstenau couldn't possibly be any worse than Pradel when it comes to "speaking for Naperville". Thankfully this is supposed to be Pradel's last term in office. Just a couple more years and Bumbleweed will be gone. Can't wait. Maybe there is hope for Naperville yet.

Richard R Furstenau can speak for Naperville. He has a lot of time on his hands as of late. Poor little fella!!!

Who knows--- as long as it isn't a jerk like Wiener!!!

Who will speak for "Naperville"?

The concept of legislative districts was never intended to "speak" for any specific town, an entire town, or any other defined geographic or governmental boundary. Elected representatives are charged with speaking for all of their constituents period.

The population of the US is growing and other states are gaining congressional seats, yet Illinois lost one. If we don't halt the population decline we will continue to be redistricting on a regular basis.

The bigger issue is more about stopping the decline in population and what is needed to grow jobs in Illinois more than it is about having a hissy fit over the how the map needs to be redrawn.

Tax Slaves, do not worry. It does not matter what congressional district you are in. Fleecing of your wealth or lack of, will continue.

Debasment of the currnecy will be on going. Good luck to all.

The re-map is necessary because the state has lost a congressman. The re-map is necessary because the number of constituents per congressional district has changed. The re-map is necessary because of the population shift in the state.

It's time that two of the largest cities in the state--Aurora and Naperville--had a congressman dedicated to meeting their needs. The new 11th district should do that.

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