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Blago guilty

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The second Rod Blagojevich trial is over, ending in a guilty verdict, and now it appears that Illinois could have two former governors in jail. On a local note, a Naperville woman served as foreman on Blagojevich's jury. Has any other state suffered this kind if indignity? I guess you could say that since one is a Democrat and the other a Republican that there is some weird balance there. What are your thoughts? Is this thing finally over?

S&P and Moody's think so. Both firms just awarded the city their highest bond rating in conjunction with a $19 million bond sale of general obligation bonds. Moody's cited the city's diverse tax base and its key role in the Chicago economy in giving Naperville the AAA rating. S&P noted Naperville's strong financial position and management practices in its analysis.
So, are any of you investing in Naperville? Or putting your money in your mattress?

President Obama will announce plans this week to bring thousands of troops home from Afghanistan. Is it time to get out altogether? What exactly should our mission be? Should we still be there now that Osama bin Laden is dead? Should we get out just on the basis of cost alone?

With a few threads getting off topic and with the recent technical issues resolved, now is the time for some suggestions for new thread topics. Bloggers can either debate them here or we can start a new thread.

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