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The President and members of congress are working, sort of, to reach an agreement on raising the debt ceiling by August 2. If they don't, the country could default on it's obligations -- everything from military pay to social security. Democrats are pushing for a tax hike, but only on the top 2 percent in terms of wealth. Republicans are pushing for as much budget cutting as they can get. Talks have been testy in recent weeks with GOP leaders walking out at one point.
The questions are:
Will there be a deal?
What price do we all pay if there isn't one?
Is this the right time to play political chicken? After all this issue has come up in the past and it was passed with no real fanfare. Why the big push now?

Share your opinions of this year's summer bash in Knoch Park. How was the food? How was the music? How were the crowds? Any tips on for people coming later this weekend? Let us all know.

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