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How'd you like Ribfest?

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Share your opinions of this year's summer bash in Knoch Park. How was the food? How was the music? How were the crowds? Any tips on for people coming later this weekend? Let us all know.

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Jeff....been arrested much?

Sure sounds like it.

No too sexist are you....

Hi Jeffrey,

You sound like you must be fairly new to town or just recently discovered Potluck.

Goodness knows Naperville Police at Ribfest and other community events have pushed a hot botton with other and has been sliced and diced thoroughly in other threads on Potluck... most of which are long dead and closed by now.

The simple answer is that if events like Ribfest are going to happen the City dictates how many police, fire, EMS, health and code inspectors, etc who are going to be present every hour of every day the event is running. Every single officer you saw at Ribfest was working a "special event"... which means every single one of them was collecting overtime pay... paid for out of the proceeds from Ribfest. All of the regular officers are still out there doing their normal, daily "fighting of crime"... Naperville style... lol...

We all know there is no crime at Ribfest. The worst thing that has ever happened is a drunk throwing a punch in all these years. The security could be more than adequately handled by a private security firm for less than 1/3 of what Ribfest ends up paying... money that could instead be going to help the children that the event is supposed to be all about raising money for in the first place.

It is a disgusting abuse of power as well as a conflict of interest for the City to mandate this level of police protection and then give the gravy train exclusive rights to the Naperville Police instead of letting Ribfest put security out to a competitive bid like is done at all kinds of other special events around here.

With so many city workers counting on all of that overtime gravy from Ribfest and other special events as part of their annual income don't expect this corrupt little arrangement to change any time soon. Even the city council members we elected to look out for our best interest as citizens and residents have turned a completely blind eye to this corrupt arrangement and they allow it to continue year after year as well as allow the required number of officers to grow as well.

I think the fest was ok except for all the over crowded police patrol that was present . The Naperville Police dept always show an over excessive amount of police at all Naperville functions throughout the Town of Naperville . They call themselves doing good for the community but there really doing is scaring a lot of people away from attending quiet and peaceful functions like the rib fest . What Naperville should realize is that this Town is not like the inner city projects in Chicago infested with guns gangs and drugs to where they feel the need to have so many police patrolling the Town of Naperville so much . I think Naperville should tone it down a little on how many police they put out on patrol at one time so that the residents of Naperville and new comers visiting the Town of Naperville don't get scared by the display of so many police every where . So please Naperville announce to the Police department that this is a nice community with friendly people living here , We don't need so many police patrolling our street's . Keep the Naperville police inside there office where they belong and have them wait for a 911 call to come in before sending them all out on the street's first . Maybe if there is less presence of police walking , and riding around the town of Naperville there might be a better response of people coming to visit the town of Naperville more often then what they do now . Think about it Naperville , Truly think about it !!!! God Bless ! P.S. I think the amount of female police they hire at the Naperville police department is a joke and a waste of the tax payers money , Not to mention making a T.V. series about them as well really makes me sick and sad to see . What is this country coming to these days , I truly do not feel to safe at night knowing there are young woman with hand guns patrolling the streets of where i live wanting to play cops and robbers i mean seriously now , Can we at least get some real men behind these Naperville badges to at least provide a little security for the home owners who live in Naperville . Thank You ! Sincerely , A true Resident Of Naperville , IL.

We go every year; love Love LOVE the two stage design, lots of room now for seating and blankets. Watched Gracie Slick on one stage and country on another, watched Pradel sing the Star Spangled Banner--guy has a more than decent voice--and enjoyed a front row seat to the fireworks. Our girls grew up going to the petting zoo at Ribfest every year, and now college age, they STILL have to feed the goats. Ate ribs but not so many that we couldn't waddle back to our car.

Keep up the good work organizers and volunteers! There are many in Naperville to whom Ribfest has become a summer tradition.

Anyone see DF there? I did not. Usually, he's in the sponsor's tent with his entire extended family. Then goes to the next City Council meeting and asks who got how many tickets, in public.

La Kook,

If you think $80 for a rib dinner is a good deal then I hope you have a ton of cash to back up such a frivolous life style. There are people in Naperville that spend less than $80 on food for en entire month.

The day I see the mayor and city council, city manager and department heads, and hundreds of city workers all wearing aprons, cooking ribs and VOLUNTEERING at least one full day of their personal time to help reduce costs for this so-called CHARITY event then I might be inclined to change my mind that Ribfest is nothing more than a for profit event that is being promoted as a charity event.

Face it the culture at city hall and in Naperville city government is to take and take and take from the citizens and not to give back to the same community that provides all of these government workers with their livelihood. That such a culture was allowed to develop and that it is allowed to continue reflects poorly on the mayor and city council and the city manager and department heads. It is up to all of them to lead by example and they have failed in that regard.

The percent of "profit" that is left over after taxes that is donated to local non-profit organizations should be a source of personal embarrassment to everyone who is responsible for putting on Ribfest. Naperville shouldn't support events like Ribfest and shouldn't waste thousands of manhours or allow use of public property for similar events that really only serve to enrich the personal profits of just about everyone associated with the event.

To qualify for the level of public support that Ribfest receives there should be something closer to at least 90% of the gross revenue being donated to charity before such events should be approved. Heck there are some for profit companies out there that donate a larger percentage of their after tax profit to charity than what comes out of Ribfest which just further illustrates the economics of this event are upside down. There are several organizations that rate organizations based upon their overhead expenses and there isn't a single one of them that would give Ribfest anything other than their lowest rating based upon the expense ratio.

If an event can't donate at least 90% of their gross revenue to charity then they should be denied public access plain and simple. It also seems that stricter state laws are needed in terms of advertising events like Ribfest as being a charity event unless a much, much higher percentage of the revenue actually goes directly to charity. As it is Ribfest is nothing more than a sham charity event that in reality helps enriched a lot of private vendors who are being subsidized with government labor and use of public facilities.

Rumor has it Richard R Furstenau has filed a federal lawsuit based on him not being named a Rib Judge.....

Best part: Country Joe's. fish cheer in mid afternoon right here in kid-friendly. Naperville.

Give me an "F!"

One of the wonderful things about Ribfest is that, if you don't like it, you don't have to go.

You really have no clue what you are talking about.

Wrong... The first nights revenues paid for the entire event. Stay at home where you belong.

Oh come on. It's a festival. Expensive? Yes. But it is what it is, and you go, or you don't. It's a good time in the sponsor tent. Buy a ticket for $80, you get a bunch of entertainment, a rib dinner, all you can drink, and air conditioned bathrooms. It's actually a good deal.

City workers are, City Managers are the one's who do the strong arming and who should be embarrassed.

There are plenty of restaurants in Naperville serving ribs without a $24 per couple charge to walk in the door.

And the local restaurants don't force me to listen to over amplified music from a bunch of over-the-hill has been bands.

Considering how little money actually trickles down to any real life needy children after all of the sky-high expenses are paid we would all be better off directly donating the $24 entry fee and get a bona fide taxable donation receipt without needing to shell out another $15 for parking plus drinks, corn, etc. etc. When is everyone going to realize that this is just a big money maker for a bunch of for profit rib vendors and 'entertainers' and such who suck up the lions share of all the money shelled out during the event.

And don't even get me started talking about all of the fuzzy accounting going on at city hall between what they charge, what they donate from SECA, and what they mandate in terms of off-duty overtime work. Basically pretty sickening when our own city is strong arming the proceeds from an event like this to pad the paychecks of dozens and dozens of city employees. These city workers should all be embarrassed and ashamed.

I am always amazed that someone finds a $12 ticket price ($9 at Jewel) an exorbitant admission fee. Last year Leann Rhimes performed at Ribfest. A month later she performed in Napeville for $80 a ticket. Sounds like the $12 was a bargain.

There you go anonymous. you know you ought to sigh your posts "Debbie Downer." Is there anything you don't hate?

Steamy temperatures in the mid-90's with humidity to match; wall-to-wall throngs of hot, sweaty people; exorbitantly high admission fee; waiting in multiple long, smoky lines to try a few samplings. No thanks! Just look back at the published photos of the crowd scenes in The Naperville Sun on Sunday and you'd be hard pressed to find a smiling face anywhere in the crowd. A picture is worth a thousand words!

Amazing! No complaints? None? None? None?
Looks like I'm a headin' down there.

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