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For the last decade the bridge connecting 95th Street in Naperville with Kings Road in Bolingbrook has been on the back burner. Now it seems the $33 million project is coming to the forefront with both communities committed to the project. The question is why now? Is this too much to spend in these financially strapped times when every level of government is looking to cut costs anywhere they can? And will the connection even save that much time for local motorists? One resident is taking a stand against the project on the grounds it will destroy a part of the area that is still pristine. Others say it's just another NIMBY. What do you think?

There's still plenty going on with the national economy. We're still in Afghanistan. And there's a special recall election today In Wisconsin. They're also planning to remake "Dirty Dancing." Anything sound good? In addition to the ongoing debate about District 203 is there anything else on your mind? Drop a note here and we can start a thread.

For a while now, Wheatland Township officials have been talking about building a new township office building. But as word got around more and more people became opposed to this. It came to a head Monday night as registered township voters got a chance to put direct democracy in action by voting on agenda items. And they got the chance to vote down the spending for the new building.
Does this warm your political heart? Don't you wish other government was this simple? There has been talk over the years about abolishing townships, especially in built-up areas. Should we? Can you imagine a City Council or school board meeting where voters got to do something like this?

UPDATE: A special meeting tonight decides what will happen in regards to the Wheatland Township building issue.
More on this after the meeting. Voice your thoughts.

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