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Tired of paying taxes? How about one more just for us.
The Chicago City Council warmed to the idea of a one percent income tax on commuters who live in the suburbs and work in Chicago. The tax was one suggestion how to impose a $300 million tax levy on suburbanites only. Toll gates on Lake Shore Drive were ruled out. But the idea of taxing suburban residents is gaining more strength in the council as it looks to raise new revenues for Chicago.
This issue opens a whole can of worms in regard to fairness, and opens the doors for Naperville and other suburbs to impose retaliatory taxes.How to figure just who would pay the tax isn't clear. If it goes through should a tax on Chicagoans who work in DuPage and other counties be next?

There have been arguments, debates and a lot of opinions on the subject of smart meters and their cost to the city. Now it seems it's time for the installation.
Will there still be efforts to block or get rid of smart meters? Are you still worried about safety?

Naperville leaders wringing their hands over an $11.2 million budget deficit can wring a little less. The deficit is now only projected to be $3.4 million. The good news is based on revised sales tax income and city cost controls.
Good news no? Are you surprised? As a taxpayer are you relieved or even happy? When it comes to the economy, is Naperville bulletproof?

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