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The national, now global protest against big business and banks has landed in downtown Naperville. Demonstrators decry things like too much money in politics, corporate personhood and the growing disparity of wealth in the U.S. Were you there? Did you see the goings on, or even participate? Did you even think it would happen here? What are your thoughts?

This is a very touchy subject, but it should be up here. The Islamic Center plan for south Naperville is controversial. Just why are some neighbors against it?
The county has spoken on the rules for locating religious establishments.
Why is locating a new church, mosque or other place of worship suddenly so controversial?
Plenty of people speak against them. Anyone going to speak in favor?

Worried about your 401k?
Skittish over stock market?
You're not alone. Traders are frustrated. Businesses are closing and confidence is at a low point.
What's your take on the financial markets and their ever present volatility? How are you handling it? Are you buying gold? Staying in cash? Or picking up blue-chip bargains?

Protesters in Chicago say they are picketing the people they think wrecked the economy. At whose doorstep do you lay the blame?

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