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Mayor A. George Pradel gave his 17th annual address on the State of the City of Naperville and things, according to him, are in good shape.
Pradel cited things like redevelopment projects, an increase in income from local sales taxes and saving money on road salt and snow plowing, as things that are positive about the city.
"People are attracted to Naperville, because they get the best value for their tax dollar," he said.
The question is how do you feel about the state of the city? What's good? What needs improvement? What's bad?
Share your thoughts.

They didn't expect a big crowd. Sponsors of a forum on heroin reserved a room the library that was too small to accommodate the hundreds of people who came out to hear the presentation on heroin in Naperville.
Between the young people who have died or the arrest of those selling the drug, the issue is starting to resonate in the community. In fact, the south end of Naperville has been called "ground zero" in the fight against heroin. The issue does center on south Naperville but the drug plays no favorites, as has been said.
How big an issue is it in your neighborhood?
Did you attend the forum? Should there be more?
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