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Looks like you'd better. A car burglary ring, referred to as "The Felony Lane Gang" might be operating in town again. Their method of operation involves breaking into vehicles and stealing property. The gang is using information from stolen purses for the purpose of identity theft.
The thefts can occur anywhere anytime. Police Sergeant Gregg Bell advises, "the only way to prevent yourself from being victimized by this group of criminals is to not leave your purse in the car. Remember: these are career criminals who make a living by stealing from others."

cash2.jpgNot just national but local. Bill Foster has $994,000 raised so far in his bid to get back to congress. Judy Biggert has $1.2 million raised in order to stay there.
Obana strategist David Axelrod told an audience at Benedictine University, "Frankly, my biggest concern is this proliferation of money in politics." He noted that political action committees are poised to spend $750 million through the November elections.
Bill Mego in a recent column, talks of voting machine trustworthiness and an effort to get Naperville on board with amending the Constitution so only natural citizens and not "associations of citizens," i.e. companies, have First Amendment rights.
Agree? Disagree? What should we do? What can we do?

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