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Marshall in as Police Chief

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Assistant City Manager Robert Marshall has been chosen as the new Naperville Police Chief.

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How in the world does the City's Legal Department file anything in this case? This has nothing to do with them. This is between the Pension Board, the State, and Bob Marshall. By their support, they are saying that they WANT Mr. Marshall to get his penion and be able to be Police Chief. Do not for one minute think that the City Council is not behind this, or that it's about what's legal and not. This is cronyism at it's finest. They can never talk about pension reform again.

How was this not thought about before he was ever offered the job, or by him before he accepted. Sun, where are the Mayor and Council's comments on this. Nothing? Did you even call?

Finally the police chief's pension deal that got cut is being questioned by others outside the self dealers at city hall. This questioning sure took long enough and is way overdue.

Anyone with half a brain knew this was underhanded at best and who knows what at worst.

Perhaps the State Attorney should be conducting a full blown investigation to restore confidence to all citizens that no laws have been broken and if they were to ensure those who had any hand in this are prosecuted to the full extent of the law.

We can hardly afford the grandiose payouts for individual pension payouts for those who are truly retired.

It is a slap in the face to all working people to allow someone to collect a police department pension while still being actively and gainfully employed in the police department and it is even worse when this person is employed as the chief.

The question should be real simple and easy to understand by anyone on city council, anyone in human resources, and anyone in the city legal department... do you want to work or do you want to be retired? If you are working you do not get to collect a pension you get to collect a salary. If you are retired you get to collect a pension and not a paycheck. Pick one.

We can hardly afford to fund the grandiose pension benefits that are being handed out. To then put the person back on the city payroll and allow him to collect a pension is just wrong. Playing slight of hand games by enrolling him in other pension plans is also fundamentally wrong. What pension plan was used for Dial all the years he worked in Naperville? Did these same kind of games go on with him?

The whole game of different pension plans is all designed to game the system to eventually collect two or even three retirements by some people. How can it be legal to enroll Marshall in the sheriff pension plan when he is not a sheriff and does not work for the sheriffs office? How is is the sheriff pension plan funded and who oversees it that this kind of abuse can take place?

It is time we all got mad and fed up with the abuse that goes on by all of these pension plans and people that worm their way through the system to collect two and three public pensions.

It is time to do away with all of these individual systems and come up with one state wide system for all public employees. Let them all pay in and accumulate credits while they are working at any public job at the state or lower level. Let them hop around from public job to public job however they want, let them vest, give them the ability to carry credits from one city to another or to the county or state as their career develops. But at the end of the road they only get to collect one pension and it should be based upon what they earned and what they contributed. Fair and rightfully earned as it should be. More than fair and actually downright generous when considering the vast majority of US citizens no longer have any kind of a traditional pension plan.

Chief Dial was always a man with a lot of integrety. Bob Marshall has always been a man of politics. He was a do nothing assistant city manager who followed Doug around like a lap dog. How the people of Naperville let this happen is unbelievable.

Dial had to constantly deal with a City Council that was trying to tell him how to run the department. Now, you will have a department that takes its orders from these crooks that are elected.

We can only hope ...... if the current group gets flushed the way they should, this City could once again be terrific. IF however, the news organizations like this one continue to ignore what is right under their noses, and voter apathy continues so that "that name sounds familiar" continues to get elected, the shame will continue.

Good news is that Dial is finally out. Pradel will be gone soon and we will soon have a new city council.

Doug and Company should be worried about a new city council. Very worried.

Bumbling Bob is the least of our concerns at this point. What we should be most concerned with is how many more senior police will now retire or seek employment elsewhere rather than work for him?

The new city council will hire a new city manager and the first order of business will be to sack Bumbling Bob. Second order of business will be to clean the dead wood from the department head ranks.

By then most of the rest of the current cast of characters at the department head level who are already whispering behind Bumbling Bob's back will have seen the handwriting on the wall and have fled to greener pastures.

Better times are coming for Naperville. Maybe, just maybe Naperville will again become a great place to live again.

Like any leader that was around for 20 years, there is good and bad. I think Dial mainly did good things, but had some bad times as well. Remember, he was stuck with a meddling City Council and ineffective Mayor for his whole tenure. Having Furstenau there was a huge liability for the Police.

Interesting news today, Gary Bolt, the guy that should have got the Police Chief job, is leaving. Really? How... strange. That's what happens when you put the stupid kids in charge. Again, to the Councilmen that questioned the process, thank you. To those of you, Cherico, that are personally connected to Bob Marshall, then talk about how great he is (like he's comparing him to other candidates) shame on you. Police Chief is a big job in any community and you let us down.

Sun, this is a great story. Too bad you let it slide. I can only conclude that you don't want to criticize City Hall and are part of the problem. Shame.

cluck 22 rtf2,

You are entitled to your opinion with regard to how well Dial performed during his tenure.

Just know there are many in Naperville who disagree with your opinion and have an equal number of examples of his poor performance as well as the department.

Why can't the Sun do an in-depth analysis of this? it would be a great service to the community AND would be excellent news!

Naperville Sun editors wrote:

His pension depends on how long he serves as chief. The Sun's article explains this as well http://napervillesun.suntimes.com/news/12249291-418/naperville-names-new-police-chief.html

I don't think it's very clear at all. I think the key point for most people is whether or not he concurrently receives pension payments along with his salary as police chief. The Sun article does not spell this out. Thankfully, the Tribune article did, and the answer is "Yes".

What's still not clear is what his future retirement compensation will look like. If he retires as chief in less than ten years, his pension contributions will be credited into the IMRF, but what will his payout then look like? Will it be 75% of his salary as chief? If so, will this be the case even if he steps down after one year? If he works as chief for at least ten years, he apparently gets a Sheriff's pension in addition to his current police pension. Will that be based on 75% of his chief's salary?

It's a crazy system that allows for this kind of stuff.

Annon 5/7@1131hrs: First, Dial did a good job during his tenure. NPD also does a good job and there are too many examples to list. His leadership was solid and only sour grapes can argue the point without basis. But it is my opinion they should have selected either a candidate from the outside who is currently active LEO or naturally promoted from within the ranks as first choice. The fact they did not tells me the city council either decided no one was capable inside the department (which I know is not true) or the city council wants people they can control which I suspect is the case. Back to Dial; I will always remember during some meeting about budget cuts the amusement Dial had on his face answering incredibly STUPID questions from the so called leaders of our community. It was priceless. I wrote it before and I write it again, have a good retirement Chief and get the heck out of this godforesaken state.

Can anyone explain why we, the tapayers, are paying for pensions (if we are) for part time politicians like the council and the mayor?

Also, can you explain why we are paying for medical coverage for the same, ESPECIALLY the ones that already qualify for medicare?

Marshall will be a BIG issue during the first alderman elections. There will be ward pressure that will come to bear on the city administration that Doug and Company having NO experience at dealing with.

Don't expect to see Marshall last more than a couple of years because while the current city council may have his back, led by an incompetent retired police chief mayor times are a changing and it is about to become a whole new game.

Expect to see a lot of department head departures as well. The state of Naperville city goverment does have a light at the end of the tunnel.

Plain corruption allows a police pensioner to return to a full time job in the same department and continue to draw a pension. What are these people thinking?

It is bad enough that we seem to have to tolerate it when someone retires from one government job and then takes another government job and starts working on a second pension.

However, when they reset the clock by returning to the very department they retired from that is not exactly fair play. And reading that someone pulled a fast one and enrolled him in the sheriff pension plan sits even worse. How is this legal? He isn't a sheriff, who can permit him to enroll in a plan when he doesn't even hold the position?

Enough is enough. How about ONE pension plan for all government workers in Illinois? How about only the ability to collect retirement benefits when someone is actually fully retired and not working. How about they continue to contribute whenever they are working and not be able to draw a benefits at the same time?

Whoever set up this system to work like this was corrupt and they have totally violated the trust of the people.

When they talk about pension reform they mean for everyone except the important people like them. We see it all the time - gotta make cuts, but those cuts can't come from the top - they are sacrifices that OTHER people need to make. That is why the Management at the City is still getting car allowances, and people like Marshall who have made no contribution whatsoever can be promoted and collect multiple pensions while workers can only dream of a 2% increase (with insurance premiums that increase by significantly more than 2% will cover). Of course, again, Management get's a better deal, but then, they are all so important ..... who else could run a perfectly wonderful City into the ground the way this council and Mr. Krieger do.

No matter what he does with his second or third pension(s), he continues to draw a police pension and get paid for a police department job. SLEP or IMRF will be the same for him when he combines the years of service.

What a joke that the double dipping Mayor can't say a thing about this and the Council let it happen. When they talk about pension reform you'll know that's about getting votes not real reform.

They sould have made no double dipping a condition of employment. They could do that.

Not really. According to the articles will either get the IMRF with credit for his term as chief or he will get the Sheriff's pension with credit for his tenure to IMRF. But not both. It appears that since the two pensions are state funds, they interact like teachers who serve both in the downstate fund (TRS) and also have contributions to the Chicago plan. Similar discussions came recently when Dailey had contributions to three pension plans.

??? Good that now this guy get's to work toward a 3rd Pension??? Disturbing maybe, but good, I don't think so. 3 Pensions for an incompetent yes man for the council to play at the expense of the residents and police. Tragic.


It appears from an article in another newspaper that Marshall will be participating in the Sheriff's pension plan--not IMRF nor the Naperville Police Pension plan. It is good that Naperville learned from the problems that arose from Jim Teal's lack of a pension do to his being unable to participate in IMRF.

I'd post a link but I know the Sun frowns on that.

I'm sure the other candidate knew the fix was in, the fix is ALWAYS in, or at least it has been since Krieger has been City Manager. Everyone who has ever had any contact with this guy knows he's a complete incompetent, without a single idea that isn't put in his head by either Management or Council. But hey, at least he is out from under foot for the City Manager - that was the goal right? The other perk being the council now has a stooge in the position who will do whatever they tell him to.

This appointment is a total embarrassment to everyone who lives here - but it's business as usual in Naperville.

I'm willing to concede the point if you give me the reference that he's remaining an IMRF eligible employee.


What are you talking about? He's getting a Police pension and getting paid for serving as Police Chief as an IMRF employee. As an IMRF employee he can get both. Just like when he was the Assistant. There is no difference. He would never take a $90k pay cut. Who would?

Some other points. What town our size does not do a national search for a Police Chief? NONE. Also, isn't it odd that the other candidate, a current Deputy Chief, all of the sudden withdraws, before the interviews, and takes another job? If I were a Councilman I'd be a little concerned.

Word has it that he knew the fix was in, and got out before he had to work for Marshall. One more, Councilman Bob made an intelligent comment about wishing that there was open competition for the job, but said something about his PD sources saying Marshall was ok. I have sources too, and that could not be farther from what I hear. Marshall is despised. He's a management boob who can't think for himself. He'll do whatever the Mayor and Council want-no questions. That is not good for residents.

Didn't you like Cherico's comments? He killed in the interview. Killed what? Compared to who? There were no other interviews. I'm sure it was an open book test, or Cherico slipped Marshall the questions in advance if he had any smart things to say.

You should be happy. He's no longer double dipping. He no longer is drawing from his police pension. He is no longer receiving a salary as asst city mgr. He is only receiving a salary for police chief.

How about the hiring of a double dipping Police Chief without ANY competition? Sun, you've totally buried this story. It appears that you're connected to City Hall.

Can anyone explain this pension issue in english?

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