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It looks like the opponents of Naperville's smart metermeters.jpg installations are not going down without a fight.
Bill Mego say they're safe.
Bob Fischer says the fight is a waste of money.
Why is this issue dragging out? Where do you stand? And when they come to install the meter, will you allow it?
UPDATE: Judge agrees referendum should not be on ballot.
Related: Opponent claims email shows improprieties.

UPDATE The Naperville City Council has been cited for violating the Open Meetings Act during a hearing on Smart Meters. Does this renew or embolden the opposition to Smart Meters? Have you changed your mind on the issue? Anybody want to say "I told you so?"

Central-NAP-072712-2.jpgIt's been 20 years since Naperville Central switched from Redskins to Redhawks. Many alumni still wax nostalgic for the Redskins nickname and you still can buy clothing with the old nickname. Are you a Naperville Central grad with thoughts or memories about the Redskins issue? Do you think the name should have been changed? Should the five high schools in Illinois still calling themselves Redskins have to change their names? Share your comments.

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