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What's in a nickname?

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Central-NAP-072712-2.jpgIt's been 20 years since Naperville Central switched from Redskins to Redhawks. Many alumni still wax nostalgic for the Redskins nickname and you still can buy clothing with the old nickname. Are you a Naperville Central grad with thoughts or memories about the Redskins issue? Do you think the name should have been changed? Should the five high schools in Illinois still calling themselves Redskins have to change their names? Share your comments.

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Can anyone explain why Redskins is more offensive than, say, Trojans? Cowboys? Spartans? Red Horde?


I’m pleasantly surprised Naperville Central mustered up any social consciousness in the first place. The decision to dump "Redskins" came 20 years after the city’s unwritten Sundown laws went out of style.

Did your parents ever teach you to be polite? Did you ever study history? Are you satisfied with bigotry? Do you want to go through your entire life with an incomplete worldview? Are you the center of the universe?

Without a doubt this is one of the lamest threads ever posted on Potluck.

With all that is going on locally, state-wide, and nationally this is the best topic anyone at the Sun could think of to post?

Come on Sun staff, you can do better than this, much better.

I went to and graduated from NC in the 1980s and never once gave thought to "Redskins" being offensive. The change later was silly, and an excercise in political correctness and no doubt cost the district (us taxpayers) money having to change the name everywhere in the school, down to letterhead and business cards.

Are the Washington Redskins or Chicago Blackhawks going to be changing their mascots? Probably never, and this should not have been considered by the board at that time for this reason alone. Nobody outside of Naperville is going to know, or care, what our mascot was during or after that period.

Still too offensive --- "Redhawks" excludes all the other hawks, thus creating a class system among hawks. This can create bruised and/or broken egos, lower self esteem, self-doubt, and an obstacle for hawks to meet their future potential.

Perhaps just "Hawks", though again exclusionary to all other aviary members, or just "Reds", but then what about the other colors?

The safest answer form our children and the fragile egos of all is just plain "Naperville Central Participants"!!

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