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After three months as interim superintendent, Dan Bridges has been officially been named District 203 superintendent on a full-time basis.
On the heels of his appointment comes word that the Department of Children and Family Services says the West Aurora School District should have filed a report with DCFS regarding a 2010 incident at West Aurora High School of an encounter between a band director and a female student. Bridges was principal at the time and the incident was reported to him

Walmart expansion


Walmart wants to build a new Superstore in Naperville. but they are asking the city for $1.7 million in tax breaks in order to get the project done and Naperville officials appear to be on board. Is the deal necessary? What might be the case if the city had said no?

Looks like this topic has life again. Just how much are teachers getting?


Looking for the highest-paid teachers? Don't look in Naperville. Districts 203 and 204 don't even crack the top ten. Or the top 25. In fact, they barely make the top 100. So is Naperville a bargain after all? What do you think?

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