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Is downtown getting too rowdy?


Recent instances of late-night carousing, drinking and criminal activity have some Naperville leaders calling for a crackdown on the city's downtown nightlife/party scene. Some say bar patrons are overserved while others say people come downtown already inebriated.
Read Tim West's column on the subject.
Any of you out there among the revelers? Or are you avoiding downtown after dark?
Any advice for the City Council?


Funny that Wehrli says the Mayor should close Black Finn. Doesn't he, the Mayor and their families hang out at the Lantern all the time? Wait, that would benefit the Lantern. No, that couldn't be the basis for his comments. Where's Jimmy saying that Black Finn should be closed?

Not looking good for Black Finn after this weekend.

Suspension highly likely, revocation a strong possibility.

Hell to be a sacrificial lamb.

It's a big ruckus over nothing much.

Naperville is the fifth-largest city in the state. And with its vast selection of great restaurants & bars, it has arguably one of the nicest downtowns in the state, too. These bars are just steps from North Central College and its 3,000 students.

People around here don't like to call Naperville a "college town," particularly when each of its 5 (FIVE!) high schools are larger than the college. ... But take a look at things downtown on a Saturday night -- it's a college town. Rowdy 20-somethings at bars is a basic problem the police department should be able to handle. And the taxpayers wouldn't complain if this was handled aggressively.

But don't ever expect these problems to totally go away. You've got bars. You've got college students. What did you expect?

"If you build it they will come."

"You reap what you sow."

Even a moderately intelligent 12 year old could have foreseen and predicted the problems we are facing downtown.

For years the city staff and and city council have been absolute whores about collecting inspection and licensing fees along with property and sales tax from all of the downtown drinking establishments.

If the bar keeps want to put their license in jeopardy by not having enough security screening who enters then why should we care if they loose their license? If more security or police are needed the bar keeps should be handed the tab for the cost of the extra protection.

If the bar keeps want to over serve their customers then why should we care if bartenders or owners get arrested and fined? Seems like a good candidate for some stink operations by the NPD and a few notches up the ladder from assigning them to the famous potty patrol.

And if after 20 years Krause doesn't understand the training or responsibility of the Naperville Fire Department in terms of occupancy loads then he has no business serving on city council.

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