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City's website problems


For two weeks Naperville's website and email have been down or out of service.
City manager Doug Krieger suspects hackers targeting the website Oct. 2.
Now the city is looking at a $600,000 bill to fix the situation and help prevent a repeat of this in the future.
Has this caused you any inconvenience? What's your take on the whole situation?


Who would profit from the city needing to spend $600K on a fix? Follow the money and you might find the culprits.

not surprised,

It sounds as like you know a whole lot more about what led up to this spectacular failiure.

Care to share?

When the City of Naperville and the Naperville School District allow the allow the specifying engineer, the installing contractor and the host site to be provided by different companies that are all owned by the same person why would anyone be surprised by a massive failure like this.


This is yet another example of the fundamental weakness of structure of city council. Granted there is enough blame to spread around the entire city council in terms of personal weakness.

However, when the entire city council demonstrates they don't have a spine as in this case and others the only recourse for the voters is to hold the entire lot responsible and toss them all out of office. With staggered terms and the fact that they circle the wagons means they have safety in numbers.

With wards and individual ward representation we will finally be able to hold at least the majority of city council members individually responsible for the decisions they make, the actions they take, how well they represent the ward, and whether or not how they vote is consistent with the wishes of their constituents.

The comments on this article are right on:

Why is our Council so weak that they won't let the City Manager go when it is obvious he is incompetent and/or corrupt?

I would also like to know more about the hacking of the city's website and email system. Personally I think it is unexceptable that this is going into its third week. The city council wants us to believe they are compentent enough to secure our electrical grid? What if this happens to our electrical grid and we our without electricity in the winter for three weeks.

Intrigued would be an understatement.

We really have to wonder about and question some of the info coming out about this.

The number of times the system is allegedly being hacked day in and day out seems highly questionable.

Other systems get hacked and are back up and running in no time, yet the city isn't even making any promises about when the system will be fully restored.

Then of course there is the absolutely outrageous, no-bid, cost to fix the bungled mess created by whoever we wasted our tax dollars on to build a hackable system in the first place.

Yet our elected city council keeps letting the inmates run the asylum we call City Hall with no accountability and no one held responsible for this huge inconvenience and waste of tax dollars.

Oh, and the head inmate thinks it's perfectly ok because he plans to stick the insurance company with the bill for their own incompetence. Speaks volumes about character, integrity, honor, and a few other values that seem to be more and more lacking in how city employees behave and conduct city business.

I'm intrigued by the City of Naperville network being down. The City seems rather quiet about what they may know. Any chance the Sun could dig deeper? (Not knocking the Sun...just wondering if there are more answers that they aren't willing to reveal.

Who would want to hack the network? (They seem to cling to this "millions of attempts everyday" quote too much)

What is the intent of hacking the network, other than to have some tech geek fun?

I would just like some more answers, if possible.

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