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New year, new Congressman


With the fall elections in the past the 113th Congress will have a member Foster.jpgfrom Naperville. And he's eager to get to work.
The question is what should he be working on?
Let's use this space to let our new Congressman know what is important to you and what he, and Congress, should do on things such as spending cuts, the debt ceiling or whatever else is on your mind.
Let's hear some suggestions.


Looking forward to Bill bringing some sense to the House Science committee.

He is more than an opportunist, he is a carpet bagger. While in Congress, he married a women and they live in NEW YORK!!!!!

More amazing, I found this out from a Republican party source. Not a wimper.

So our money will go to New York and not even Illinois.

This guy is disingenuous!!!!

Lets see, if he is a good party man, he should work on:

1. Killing babies in abortion clinics, disproportionately African Americans.

2. Making able bodied adults defenseless by taking their guns away.

3. Taking money from the Suburbs and the Countryside and redistributing it to Chicago via every means possible.

4. Gay Marriage, because .... not sure why this is good, wait til the gays experience gay divorce... perhaps this is a new money maker for the Divorce Attorneys.

5. Correcting the real problem with the Military, Too Christian, Too White and Too male.

6. Curtailing Free Speech by strangling the Internet.

7. Criminalizing Free Speech aka "Hate Speech", which can mean anything not PC

8. Ensuring the schools are completely undefended, while supporting the Democrat's constituency on the Left Coast the pumps out violent movies, video games and music and bombards our kids with it 7x24.

9. Support the Feds right to force us to buy Insurance products from Warren Buffet's Insurance companies.

10. Support the big banks bankrupt monopolies and the big 5 vertically integrated media monopolies that control most of the TV, Print, Radio, movie and music industries. I now have to watch Pravda and Chinese news on PBS to see any intelligent debate of US macro issues by well known Americans.

11. Support our first President whose Citizenship is ambiguous at best.

12 Almost forgot, stick the Suburbs with the bill for the Teachers Union's unrealistic Pensions that their politicians promised them.

I'd say he has a full agenda.

I see Mr. Foster as an opportunist. He won Dennis Hastert's seat after he lost his speakership, and then was promptly kicked out after voting for the President's healthcare bill.

Elections have consequences and with the Democrats having full control of the state, redistricting basically allowed Foster to win since Naperville is not a Democrat town. He only moved here because he knew that Judy Biggert was very much weakened by the redistricting that now reaches to areas with, of course, more Democrat votes.

I do not know about anyone else around here, but I am not pleased with this outcome. By the same token, Judy Biggert is in her 70s and should have retired two terms ago so we could have had a candidate established with a possible better shot to win.

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