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Recent instances of late-night carousing, drinking and criminal activity have some Naperville leaders calling for a crackdown on the city's downtown nightlife/party scene. Some say bar patrons are overserved while others say people come downtown already inebriated.
Read Tim West's column on the subject.
Any of you out there among the revelers? Or are you avoiding downtown after dark?
Any advice for the City Council?

Walmart wants to build a new Superstore in Naperville. but they are asking the city for $1.7 million in tax breaks in order to get the project done and Naperville officials appear to be on board. Is the deal necessary? What might be the case if the city had said no?

It looks like the opponents of Naperville's smart metermeters.jpg installations are not going down without a fight.
Bill Mego say they're safe.
Bob Fischer says the fight is a waste of money.
Why is this issue dragging out? Where do you stand? And when they come to install the meter, will you allow it?
UPDATE: Judge agrees referendum should not be on ballot.
Related: Opponent claims email shows improprieties.

UPDATE The Naperville City Council has been cited for violating the Open Meetings Act during a hearing on Smart Meters. Does this renew or embolden the opposition to Smart Meters? Have you changed your mind on the issue? Anybody want to say "I told you so?"

Mayor A. George Pradel gave his 17th annual address on the State of the City of Naperville and things, according to him, are in good shape.
Pradel cited things like redevelopment projects, an increase in income from local sales taxes and saving money on road salt and snow plowing, as things that are positive about the city.
"People are attracted to Naperville, because they get the best value for their tax dollar," he said.
The question is how do you feel about the state of the city? What's good? What needs improvement? What's bad?
Share your thoughts.

Dividing lines

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The Naperville City Council has unveiled it's map for slicing the city up into elective districts for municipal elections. What do you think of the map? Will there be friction as to whom is in what district? Should the city even be divided up at all?

There have been arguments, debates and a lot of opinions on the subject of smart meters and their cost to the city. Now it seems it's time for the installation.
Will there still be efforts to block or get rid of smart meters? Are you still worried about safety?

A few months ago, protesters appeared outside the municipal center decrying the layoffs of six officers from the Naperville Police Department.
But with upcoming departures of four confirmed, or as many as eight, there is talk that some, or all may be rehired. The City Council is expected to be briefed about it and the matter will be addressed at some point.
So will it be a case of all's well that ends well? Or is the city dodging a bullet. (No pun intended)

Mayor A. George Pradel is optimistic about the state of the city for the upcoming year. Despite weathering some hard times, the mayor says investment in the community brings long-term gain. Where do you see the city headed in the coming year?

With tax hikes, the death penalty, pensions and numerous other issues coming out of Springfield, the Naperville City Council is getting its two cents in. The city is taking the approach of meeting with lawmakers to see what is doable first.
The city's priority is controlling the cost of municipal employees. Labor arbitration and compensation are up for discussion. Pension reform, a goal from last year, will be back on the table.
The council is meeting this week to discuss these and other priorities.
What are yours?

Less than a week after a new union deal got raises for the members of the Naperville Police Department, a half dozen officers have been let go.
City Manager Doug Krieger said he could see no alternatives other than layoffs to balancing the budget, adding that more personnel cuts could follow.
Any bloggers out there have any suggestions?
City Legal Director Margo Ely on Monday said Naperville "can afford it with seven fewer officers ... with no impact to emergency response."
But does anyone out there have a concern for public safety in view of this move?

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