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Naperville's summer food fest has grown from a small gathering on Rotary Hill in the late 1980s to a nationally-known event over a long weekend. Anybody remember the first Ribfest? Do you still go every year? And how a about sharing a memory or two as Ribfest marks a quarter century.

For a while now, Wheatland Township officials have been talking about building a new township office building. But as word got around more and more people became opposed to this. It came to a head Monday night as registered township voters got a chance to put direct democracy in action by voting on agenda items. And they got the chance to vote down the spending for the new building.
Does this warm your political heart? Don't you wish other government was this simple? There has been talk over the years about abolishing townships, especially in built-up areas. Should we? Can you imagine a City Council or school board meeting where voters got to do something like this?

UPDATE: A special meeting tonight decides what will happen in regards to the Wheatland Township building issue.
More on this after the meeting. Voice your thoughts.

Got your property tax bill yet? Bob Fischer, vice president of the Naperville Area Homeowners Confederation has. He goes over his in this week's column. Did your assessment go down or up? Were you expecting a reduction on your bill? Or were you resolved to the fact that higher rates were inevitable? Did you break even compared to last year or get soaked?

What issues strike a chord with you this election? Is it the economy, the budget or layoffs and personnel? Time to share those thoughts with others. Comment on the city and/or the school districts.
Again, the Sun editors ask that blog entries concentrate on issues rather than individual candidates. Instead, let us know what the candidates should be focused on.

Mayors A. George Pradel of Naperville and Ed Schock of Elgin have raised a few eyebrows with their Young at Heart radio spots in connection with Walgreens.
Schock explained he believed his radio spot was a public service announcement about senior citizens being able to receive low-cost tests and shots. Pradel stressed to the radio ad representative who asked him to do the spot that he couldn't promote one pharmacy over another. Walgreens confirmed, though, the radio spots were ads.
Columnist Denise Crosby has weighed in on the subject. Have you heard the spots? What's your take?

It's time again for bloggers to start their own threads...right here. It can be about local or non- local issues. So here's your shot to start something you want to see. Go for it. You can start and continue several discussions in this area.

There's parking lots, parking decks and blocks of street parking in downtown Naperville. Yet over the next five years it is estimated the downtown area will need 800 to 1,000 new spaces.
Is this a positive sign or is downtown becoming too crowded for it's own good?

Show-Me's, a restaurant with female servers in short shorts has plans to locate in Naperville and it is not sitting well with local residents.
Mayor Pradel made it a point to visit their Springfield location and found it to be "a regular restaurant" and compared it to a place he went to when he was younger.
Still, residents are planning to picket the restaurant, unhappy with the location along Ogden Avenue.
Weigh in. Is this overblown. Do residents have a concern or is this just business?
UPDATE: Neighborhood residents have spoken. Do you agree?
Also, columnist Denise Crosby has weighed in.

Is Route 59 becoming the new Indy 500?
Last Friday, two Plainfield men were arrested and face charges of street racing after being clocked at 106 mph.
In July a drunken driver was pulled over after doing nearly 90. Earlier this year two more drivers were caught, both also traveling at more than 100 mph. One of them at noon!
The question is: do you look in your rear-view window more often now? Are you leery that somebody is going to speed past you like your standing still, even if you're doing the posted limit - 45 mph for a good stretch through Naperville.
And what's the attraction with Route 59? It's not exactly an empty stretch of road.
Have you seen anybody drive that fast? What's going on?

Much has been said recently on the topic of childhood obesity. People decry lack of exercise, too much TV and poor diet.
Now a group of local organizations is getting together to let people know the steps they can take to live healthier and fight obesity. Read about there efforts here.
Are you concerned about this issue? Are schools and parents doing enough? How big a problem is this? Let's talk.

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