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Will County Executive Larry Walsh on Monday pleaded guilty to drunken driving. He was ordered to pay $1,250 in fines and court fees, plus a $185 fine for improper lane usage. He has to seek counseling and will have his license suspended for 30 days, after which he can drive for work-related purposes only for another 60 days.

Walsh has apologized for his error in judgment. About 40 percent of Naperville's 142,000 residents live in Will County, where Walsh is the top elected official.

What do you think--does the punishment fit the crime? Walsh's lawyer says he sought no special treatment by the court, and the penalty appears consistent with what a first-time offender would receive. Do you agree? How do you think the incident will affect the political career of Walsh, a former state senator?

The first installment of real estate tax bills is due June 1 for many Naperville residents in DuPage and Will counties. Most homeowners pay the bulk of their real estate taxes to local school districts. Other taxing districts on bills are the city, county, township, park district, forest preserve, community college, and more.

How do your taxes this year compare to last? What about your assessment--how has the value of your home changed? A higher assessment can be a big part of the reason for higher taxes, though a taxing district's rate may have increased due to a referendum. How much are you paying, and are you getting your money's worth?

Friday's Sun reports that Will County authorities are asking the federal government for funding to begin the long-awaited extension of 95th Street, east of Plainfield-Naperville Road, over the DuPage River, to Boughton Road in Bolingbrook. If the project is completed by 2011 as officials hope, will it have been worth the wait?

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