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Shopping Spree

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Mayor's Tom Weisner of Aurora and P. Sean Michaels of Sugar Grove battled it out at the Jewel-Osco in Batavia on Friday. After a tough battle both Mayor's racked up a bill of over $1,000 for charity.
Photo Editor/Photographer Marianne Mather was there to catch every moment, but this little doosey missed the print edition so we had to share it here.


As the final seconds ticked away Mayor Weisner threw his arms up in victory.

Power Lines

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One of the beautiful things about our job is the amount of ground that we cover. In one day we may go from the historic Tri-cities to the subdivisions of Oswego and Yorkville, then out to the corn fields of Plano and Sandwich.
After spending hours in the truck driving to and from different assignments I noticed that no matter what location I was in, there was one landmark that tied them all together, literally.

Power Lines.

Everywhere you look it seems like there is a web of black wire hanging above you, yet they have become so common that we barely notice them. It has been an ongoing project of mine to document the miles and miles of wire that power our homes and light up our streets. Sometimes there are huge structures supporting them, and other times its a single pole alone in a field, some stand as monuments to the past, but as a new breed of impossibly high towers sprout up and harness the wind, the American landscape may begin to look a little different.


Taste of Spring

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It's been fun hasn't it? The mid-50 degree days, the sun and the blue skies... This past weekend may have spoiled a few of us dreaming of walking outside with less than 10 pounds of clothing on. But alas, spring it is not yet to be and with a more rain and snow in the forecast it looks like we may be in for a few more weeks of extra layers.
It's for the birds I say...


Bball Blur

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We shoot a lot of sports. A lot. Shooting that much of the same thing can put any photographer in the rut of taking the same photos all the time.
I found myself at Naperville North's gym on Tuesday night shooting the regional semi-final girls basketball game between North and Benet.
By about halftime I had plenty of action shots that I was happy with and would work for print. Knowing that, I took the third quarter to have a bit of fun...but first a little lesson on cameras.
One of the functions of the shutter speed is to control how much or how little action is recorded by the camera. The slower the "click" the more movement will be captured.
Most sports have to be photographed at 1/250th of a second or faster to make sure the players will be in focus.
To mix it up a bit I tried slowing down my shutter speed to around 1/4 of a second in order to blur some of the players and with any luck, catch a few standing still.
Here is the result, obviously not for print, but fun none the less.


Downtown Naperville

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The night before the Fox Valley was blasted with 20 inches of snow, I spent a few hours meandering the streets of Naperville's downtown area. There was a strange sense of emptiness in the streets that night, maybe it was the impending snowpocalypse or maybe it was just the single digit temperature.


Snow Squares

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I found an old camera laying around the office last week and thought I would have some fun with it. I didn't have any film on me at the time so as I went out on my assignments over the next few days, I took photos through that old camera with the Nikon camera's I normally use every day. I like the square format that is a result of shooting through the old camera's viewfinder and the scratches along the edges. I hope to run some film through it in the coming weeks to see how they come out!


Welcome in...

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Our hope for this blog is that it will be a place for you to come and see all the photos that we as photographers love to shoot. The ones the editors didn't like or the paper didn't have room for. The ones we shot knowing they didn't help illustrate the story but we couldn't help ourselves, and the ones that we shot because we wanted too, not because we needed too.
So come on in, sit back and take a look around. Leave a comment or two and let us know what you think, but most of all thanks for looking.


Aurora Transplant

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On a warm summer day Chris Hamburg sits outside his father's machine shop in Downtown Aurora and strums a guitar. "How can you not just smile about a day like this," Hamburg said. After moving to Aurora from his hometown of Elgin, Hamburg wasn't sure if it would ever feel like home did, but he says it's days like these that make him happy to be in Aurora.

Around Town Aurora

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An Arm and a Leg

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It's funny how photographer's are so focused on the human face and all its expressions. Yet Staff Photographer Danielle Gardner found four photos of legs, arms and even a nun's feet to kick off the Visualogue. Each one of these photos relies on a graphic element that makes the photos fun to look at. They have a hint playfulness and mystery that allows the reader to imagine what's happening beyond the frame.






Steve Buyansky

Steve Buyansky is the photo editor for the Sun-Times Media West Group which includes The Beacon-News, The Courier-News and the Naperville Sun. He started as a photographer for the Beacon-News in 1983, became photo editor for The Herald-News in Joliet in 2000 and moved to the Sun-Times Media West office in 2009. He has a bachelor’s degree in Communications from Columbia College in Chicago.

Brian Powers

A native of the western suburbs, Brian Powers attended both the College of DuPage and Western Kentucky University for Photography and is continuing his education at the University of The Aurora Beacon News. His professors continue to push him (See Marianne Mather), but he considers himself one of the lucky few who loves going to work everyday....well, ok, most days.

Michael Smart

Michael Smart has been a photographer at The Courier-News/Sun-Times Media for over ten years. Smart grew up in Elgin before heading West to pursue adventures in photography and zoology, earning a bachelor’s degree in both fields. Upon returning to Elgin, he decided to pursue his true passion of photojournalism.

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