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Downer Place Business: Big Boss Barber Shop

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A Chorus Line at Aurora's Paramount Theater

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Tonight, the third show in the Paramount's broadway series, "A Chorus Line," will open following both "My Fair Lady" and "Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat."
Check out the full gallery on the Beacon-New's home page as well as these that didn't make it into that gallery.


Roller Coaster

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One of my favorite cheers at any high school event is the roller coaster.
One brave sole stands in front of the cheering section and with the arms of someone whose had too much caffeine waves them through the air as the crowd follows suit. Side to side, forward and back as if they were flying around the tracks at Six Flags.

Friday night I was at the Marmion game when at half-time I saw the crowd strapping into their "roller coaster." The motion is the best part of this cheer so I wanted to capture that along with how many people participate.


Painters Sky

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I could tell something amazing was happening as the sunset and I photographed inside the FM 89.1 WONC radio station on the campus of North Central College.
A warm glow spilled in from the windows blanketing the studio and DJ Meredith Lanan.

As I crossed Chicago ave on my way back to the car I was amazed, not only at the nearly 60 degree weather in January, but the surreal colors illuminating the sky.

I made my way down to the parking garage on Chicago and waited for some people to walk up the stairs to go along with the sunset.

Watch for more photos from this amazing sunset in Sunday's Naperville Sun and more from WONC on Wednesday!

Steve Buyansky

Steve Buyansky is the photo editor for the Sun-Times Media West Group which includes The Beacon-News, The Courier-News and the Naperville Sun. He started as a photographer for the Beacon-News in 1983, became photo editor for The Herald-News in Joliet in 2000 and moved to the Sun-Times Media West office in 2009. He has a bachelor’s degree in Communications from Columbia College in Chicago.

Brian Powers

A native of the western suburbs, Brian Powers attended both the College of DuPage and Western Kentucky University for Photography and is continuing his education at the University of The Aurora Beacon News. His professors continue to push him (See Marianne Mather), but he considers himself one of the lucky few who loves going to work everyday....well, ok, most days.

Michael Smart

Michael Smart has been a photographer at The Courier-News/Sun-Times Media for over ten years. Smart grew up in Elgin before heading West to pursue adventures in photography and zoology, earning a bachelor’s degree in both fields. Upon returning to Elgin, he decided to pursue his true passion of photojournalism.

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