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Gumby makes a comeback

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What started as a YMCA boys basketball mascot has turned into a hobby for Bobby Pavliga.
"It just kept getting more and more popular and that is where we are today," said Pavliga who was wearing the Gumby suit around downtown Naperville on Friday night.
Pavliga and his friends have been dressing in the suit and filming themselves at different spots around town to win a chance to hang out with the band Lucky Boys Confusion before an upcoming show.
"Over the summer at a Lucky Boys Confusion concert in Lombard, the Gumby actually got arrested after getting kicked out then re-entering," according to Pavliga. "We figured we could have some fun and somewhat reenact what happened on that day."
"We have gotten some funny reactions in the past," Pavliga said, "not to mention some very confused looks as well."
"Usually people will see Gumby, do a double take then whisper to the person next to them, 'what is that?''
Pavliga said putting on the Gumby suit allows you to, "act as gooney as you want."
"You know all eyes are on you and that you have to make a memorable impression on everyone," he said.
While concert tickets may be one source of motivation for the guys, Pavliga said he enjoys being able to bring a smile and a little bit of laughter to the people he sees.
"Gumby wants peace in the world and always tries to bring the best out of everyone. He is always happy, too. I mean, have you seen him recently? When was the last time there wasn't big ol' smile across Gumby's face?" Pavliga said.

To see the video Bobby and company produced check out their YouTube video HERE

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