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Survey results are always more fascinating when you can look at percentages or the number of folks who voted rather than a rating system.

The Herald-New requested the data via the Illinois Freedom of Information Act.

There were 3,018 people who responded to an online survey questionnaire. The district asked people to reflect on the last five years. They could choose strongly disagree; somewhat disagree; neither disagree or agree; somewhat agree and strongly agree. There were some people who didn't answer the question.

The survey results were broken down by several categories, including school level and staff.

For example, there were 34 percent or 1,513 people district-wide who strongly agreed that students have adequate access to current technology for instructional purposes. However, there were 13 percent or 597 who disagreed.

But if you look at the answers by certified staff, they tell a different story.

Out of the 494 certified staff members who responded to the question, 56 percent or 273 people who agreed there was adequate technology. However, 32 percent or 156 teachers and certified staff disagreed that students had adequate access to technology.

You also have to remember the staff who provides technology in the classrooms almost lost their jobs until the board decided to use a federal grant to save jobs.

It will be interesting to see how this survey impacts the board's decision next year and if those jobs will be saved to keep technology in the classrooms and if the district decides to place technology as a top priority among its goals in the five-year strategic plan.

Below the Herald-News lumped "the agrees" together and "the disagrees" together to show how parents, staff and community members rated Plainfield School District.

The survey says:

Satisfied with gifted services for children: 79 percent agreed and 15 percent disagreed.

Satisfied with special education services for kids: 76 percent agreed and 16 percent disagreed.

Elementary schools provide adequate opportunities for extra- and co-curricular activities: 67 percent agreed and 18 percent disagreed.

Classroom instruction is designed to meet students' individual learning needs: 65 percent agreed and 20 percent disagreed.

District administrators and staff is helpful and supportive: 64 percent agreed and 13 percent disagreed.

I am satisfied with the level of technical skills that students learn and use for learning: 63 percent agreed and 19 percent disagreed.

My school provides adequate support and resources to meet non-academic needs, such as post-high school plans, personal counseling and crisis support: 60 percent agreed and 13 percent disagreed.

Resources have been developed to fulfill the vision, mission and goals of the district: 60 percent agreed and 18 percent disagreed.

Student discipline is fairly consistently administered on the bus: 58 percent agreed and 16 percent disagreed.

My elementary school provides additional time, support, resources and programs before, during and after school to assure student learning: 54 percent agreed and 19 percent disagreed.

As a high school parent/guardian, I feel encouraged and welcome to participate in my child's classroom and school: 48 percent agreed and 24 percent disagreed.

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