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Stats don't lie

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Statistics usually help explain what happened in a basketball game. Sometimes, though, they simply make you scratch your head.

Look at the contributions of Waubonsie Valley starters Jelani Johnson and Kyle Obendorf in the Warriors' 61-40 win over York in their regional title game Friday night. Warrior fans know they've played key roles in the team's 22-win season with Obendorf averaging nearly 7 rebounds and Johnson averaging 13.2 points and 7 rebounds.

As I said to coach Steve Weemer afterward, "If I had told you Obendorf would have one rebound before fouling out and Johnson would score just two points but you were going to win by 21 points you would have thought I was crazy."

"You're right," he said.

But that's what happened. Go figure.

"Kyle was a little down but I told him to stay positive," said Weemer. "He's had a great season. He had a tough night but we stayed alive."

And Josh Daniels, who had a career-high 28 points, said it wouldn't be wise to overlook Johnson's contributions.

The junior did have eight rebounds.

"And Jelani did a good job of locking down No. 12 (York's 3-point specialist Roger Coffin)," said Daniels. "We built off his effort on defense and played hard."

The Yankees are still the evil empire, and he does come off as a little bit arrogant the longer you read into this story, but here he says what we have all been thinking for a long, long time.

To paraphrase Michael Bolton (no, the other one, but you can just call him Mike): There was nothing wrong with the Red Sox until they got good and started winning championships.

is in town this weekend at the Donald E. Stephens Convention Center in Rosemont. It runs until 7 pm today, then 9-6 on Saturday and 9-5 on Sunday.

John Daly will make two appearances at the show on Saturday, which should be fun for all in attendance.

I'm literally sick and very tired of this cold and snow and I'm ready to play golf - while I can't make it to the show this weekend, I highly recommend it for all you other frustrated golfers.

What's up, Knight?

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Bob Knight has never been shy about his disdain for the media, unless they were part of his lackey crew who said what he wanted to hear, of course.

So what do you do when you're sick? Watch the PGA Tour's Honda Classic? The NFL's scouting combine?


You make a list of your top 10 favorite bad Sox players. My memory only goes back to 1987, so that's where I start. Read on for my list, and photos!!!

We've had multiple overtimes, buzzer beaters, a near historic upset of a No. 1 seed, and other compelling contests involving Beacon News coverage area teams.

It's been amazing - and I expect nothing less of tomorrow's regional title games....

If he had $400 million he could go from the sponsor of the Bad News Bears...

bad-news-bears-cap1.jpg the big leagues as the new sponsor to what looks will become the late, great Wrigley Field.

Before I move on, let's have a quick salute to brotherly love...

I know there are people out there that have feelings on this subject, and what better way to do it than here, at the Daily Dose via The Sports Beacon...

Let me know what you thought of my column, of the other columns or news accounts you read or heard or saw...I'm interested in how you feel about sport, and it's place in times like this.

It's not often that columnists get to add to their print product, but fortunately for me The Sports Beacon allows me to do just that.

I did go into last night's contest between NIU and Western Michigan with an open mind. I was willing to be awed by 9,000 strong at the Convocation Center. But after spending four hours around the campus prior to the game, I got a real sense that that wasn't going to happen.

So what do I do? ...

Read on for more, and the entire poem by Robert Frost...

I went out to Northern Illinois University tonight for the first sporting event since the Cole Hall shootings on Feb. 14. I wasn't sure how I'd be affected by it, considering I've never, ever been around anything quite like that.

I was struck by the vibe there in a very positive way. Many people, students and staff, were wearing some kind of a black and red ribbon. 8x10 printouts and signs were everywhere, reminding everyone to move "forward, together, forward."

It was definitely something to be a part of, if only for a few hours...

We've heard plenty about how many high school kids are giving up playing more than one sport to "focus" on the one in which they think they can excel the most. But there are still plenty that are kids for all seasons.

Shouldn't it? You part with a little bit of your hard-earned cash for the opportunity to get into the gym and watch some high school kids play a little basketball. Simple enough.

It's snowing right now. Again. We're supposed to get 10 inches tonight. View image">Again.

I miss Arizona.

Since '02 I've gone out there four times - and it gets better and better. There's baseball, golf, and no wind, snow and roads where people drive on, rather than do this pothole-fishing.jpg
because of all the hot/cold fluctuations. For the record, that is Illinois. I swear. I would never do anything for purely dramatic effect....

Read on for my ode not only to Arizona, but to the Oscars and the Coen Brothers...

Aurora Christian had four weeks to raise $500,000 for its new football stadium project. If the school accomplished that by the end of February, an anonymous donor would match $500,000 and ACS would be able to play home football games for the 2008 season. With one week left before the deadline, Aurora Christian is $82,000 away from its goal. If it doesn't raise $82,000 in the next week, it's likely that ACS will not be able to play home football games in 2008.

A case of the Mondays?

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Only in the internet world would I ask that question...I'm well aware of the repercussions of posing that to a co-worker.

Becker Mississippi State bound

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Mississippi State women's softball coach Jay Miller hasn't forgot his roots. The Aurora native has landed another area product in West Aurora pitcher Stephanie Becker.

The 6-foot-2, fireballing left-hander actually made her decision this past summer but announced it this weekend. The talented junior still has two seasons remaining with the Blackhawks before she steps up to the challenge of the competitive Southeastern Conference.

Former West standout Lindsay Hunley completes here senior season this spring at Mississippi State, so Becker won't be teamed with her since she won't join the program until the fall of 2009. She will team up for one season with Kaneland grad Laurie Siebert, who will be a sophomore this season for the Bulldogs.

On today's column about D.J. Smith (potentially) being the first African-American quarterback to ever start at West's a pretty unbelievable thing - even moreso considering it happened in 2006. And since last year's starting QB - and the projected started in 2008 - John Nunnally, is also of African-American descent, some Aurora old-timers have even called it "old news"...

Oh so close

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Newark's girls basketball team fought hard, but couldn't overcome Anna Jones and Flanagan. The Norsemen lost in the Class 1A state championship game 62-60 in overtime on Saturday afternoon at Redbird Arena in Normal.

I have a question - why are the most important IHSA state events so far down south? I know, I know, the charm of "going to state" is getting on the bus, staying in a hotel, etc etc.

Who knows, maybe the IHSA has tried to bring football and basketball up north and they can't find the right fit, but wouldn't it be sweet to see state football at Soldier Field (which may happen once they wise up and put FieldTurf in there), or even Northwestern.

I'd love to see hoops at the United Center...I've even heard good things about the new Sears complex out in Hoffman Estates...

Emotional night for Davidson, Eagles

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It was an emotional Don Davidson who stepped up the ladder and made the final cuts on the net Friday after his Aurora Christian Eagles claimed a second straight regional title, 58-52 over Genoa-Kingston.

Ironically, it’s the same score AC won by Dec. 29th when beating the Cogs in the third-place game at the Plano Christmas Classic.

It’s the 10th regional crown the school has won in the 31-year tenure of Davidson’s program. It’s the first they’ve won at home and the first Davidson has won since the death of his wife, Stephanie, who passed away last fall.

“It’s been a real emotional year for me,” said Davidson, whose career record now stands at 549-303. “My wife’s funeral was Nov. 3rd and practice began on Nov. 5th. I’m really proud of these kids.”

The team has worn red wristbands citing her favorite Bible verse from Ephesians all season.

“It was one year ago tonight, in fact, when she had surgery on her lung and we got the word that the cancer had spread,” said Davidson. “That was devastating news. The Lord has given me strength and sustained me.”

And his strength has helped his players.

“He’s a man of God and a warrior,” said senior guard Joe Redmond. “He knows it sometimes it gets worse before it gets better. She was with him for a long time. She was his only girl friend. For him to stick with us after what he went through meant a lot to us.”


Here are the top 3 dumbest sporting "events" going on this weekend...

1. The NFL Combine - very few things in sports are dumber than this. Need proof? My beloved Iggles picked Mike Mamula in the first round of the '95 draft because he tested well at this thing. That's right - Mike Mamula.

2. WGC-Accenture Match Play - look, I love golf. It's my sport of choice now. But the way the PGA Tour and the Golf Channel pimp this thing is just too much. No one cares about golf one.

3. NASCAR's Auto Club 500 - The rest of the season is pointless isn't it? Don't they bill the Daytona 500 as the sport's Super Bowl? So what do I care anything else the gearheads do the rest of the year...

When the Illinois High School Association decided to expand the girls' and boys' basketball tournaments to four-classes, it was sold as the opportunity for more schools to compete for a state title.

Not necessarily in number, as 16 teams still go Downstate in four classes as it did in the old days, but in variety. The powers-that-be at the IHSA must have been grinning broadly this afternoon that in the first game of the first four-class state tournament, the Norsemen advanced to Saturday's Class 1A title game for the (you guessed it) first time in school history. Prior to this year, Newark had never advanced past the sectional level, let alone to the title game. Heading into the tournament, it's a safe bet that not many would have seen this coming. But teams making an unexpected run in the postseason has always been one of the fun parts of sports, and something the players, schools and communities will never forget.

How would the Norsemen have done in the old tournament? At this juncture, does that matter? The debate about the class system in all sports will rage on for as long as we have tournaments, but at least so far the result has been just as the IHSA advertised.

You remember those annoying emails you'd get from friends trying to get you to sign up for some "6 degrees of separation" emails where you put your name on it and you supposedly can find out that you somehow have a connection to Mark Paul Gosselaar and Bill Paxton...

Well, here's my version....when it comes to sports.

I am a huge fan of the View image">Wu-Tang Clan - my favorite from the group is the GZA - The Genius created a classic solo joint called Liquid Swords - RZA produced much of the album - they both appear with Bill Murray in a fantastic sketch comedy - Bill Murray is a diehard Cubs fan - I have covered the Cubs.

As a reward - here is Bill Murray, RZA and GZA in Coffee and Cigarettes: Delirium (GZA also mentions the Indy 500 as well, so that's an added bonus!)

More on 10 years ago

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Sure, we had the Sosa-McGwire home-run chase, which was a total farce. But not the biggest of 1998.

Harry Caray passed away in 1998. I wasn't old enough to remember him with Jimmy Piersall at Comiskey me, he was the voice - and the face - of the Cubs.

Here's one of the best Harry moments I could find...

Cracker Jack

and a random audio mix of classics...

Down three with five to play, and Tiger beats J.B. Holmes?

That's just stupid. Like Halle Berry marrying David Justice stupid.

Ridiculous. Holmes is the 53rd ranked player in the world. You don't just do that.

Sure, people will say "well, that just proves he's the best player in the world." No, his 13 majors in 10 years proves that.

This is like Superman coming out of the View image">Fortress of Solitude and saying, "Screw saving the world, I'm going to beat the crap out of men with these souped up tire irons."

This coming NBA Finals is the 10th anniversary of the last Bulls title...

Ten years? Already? Wow.

How bad has the last decade sucked? As the Bulls are about to embark on the second half, they have won 277 games in the last 10 years. Yup. You read that right. That's compared to the 642 victories the previous ten years.

Here's to Jason Caffey, David Vaughn, Jo Jo English, Ricky Blanton, Matt Steigenga and, yeah, View image">those other guys, who helped us win those 600+ games and six rings.

Strange way to win

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I was supposed to go out to see Mooseheart take on Chicago (Waldorf) in the Class 1A boys basketball regional semifinals at Westminster Christian. The Ramblers, as a No. 3 seed were expected to roll No. 14 seed Waldorf.

Lindeman Toledo-bound

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Waubonsie Valley offensive lineman A.J. Lindeman, who was previously going to walk on at Central Michigan University, signed a National Letter of Intent with a different MAC school on Friday - the University of Toledo.

Read tomorrow's Beacon News for a full story.

The biggest downside of four classes

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Perhaps the biggest downside of the new four class system for boys basketball is the travel times and distances it creates.

Going to state...

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Looks like Newark is going to the Class 1A girls basketball state finals....they lead Warren 33-13 at halftime in the Rockford Super-Sectional at Rock Valley College in Rockford....

It'll be the first trip to Normal for the Norseman..

It's interesting that the biggest stories in the Beacon News coverage area right now are Newark and Rosary girls teams and the Somonauk boys basketball teams. I'll be honest - I never heard of Newark or Somonauk until I started working here last summer, and I thought all Rosary had was volleyball and swimming.

I may disagree with the IHSA's belief that "everybody gets a trophy" - but I do like the fact that these small schools get a little more time to shine than usual.

After all, there are about 35 to 40 cities in this state I've still never heard of.

Link to Jason's take

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Click here to visit assistant sports editor Jason Bauman's blog, Jason's take

Photo galleries

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Wrestling titles should be determined on the mats

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This isn't a complaint about the officiating at Saturday's Class AA State Wrestling Meet, although it's going to sound a lot like it is.

By pure accident, I happened to catch the "opening ceremonies" of the Daytona 500.

Wow did it suck.

Chubby Checker? Brooks and Dunn? That other bad 70's band I can't think of right now? Even having the View image">Siberian Prince Michael McDonald and his flowing white mane on hand didn't do anybody any good.

Although...and this is for all you children of the 90's out there...McDonald did give us the song that gave Warren G the sample for - that's right - turn the bass up and Mount Up!

Indiana 80, Michigan State 61

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Hoosier coach Kelvin Sampson probably hasn't slept in five days, and looked like the dead man walking that he is Saturday night against Michigan State.

The finest in intergalactic sport:
1. Japan
2. India
3. Anywhere there is futbol
4. The Sun (where The Fire is always burning)
5. Mars

I know you were waiting for this all day - so here it is, right before Cinderella went back to being somebody nobody wanted. Ever.

It's sad that East and West both have had two important starting players face disciplinary actions this week. But, I have to applaud the administration at West for sticking to their athletic code, and East coach Wendell Jeffries for sticking to his personal one.

While we get wrapped up in the games people play, at this level they're still kids. And kids still make mistakes. And, certain mistakes carry punishments. In the current athletic climate, with overzealous parents, misguided authority figures and over-involved fan bases, too often the punishments are bypassed for the sake of the "team's success" and what fans or alumni want.

Good for these two programs for helping these kids (hopefully) learn some lessons.

As a John Cusack fan, I might be the only person who admits to liking the movie High Fidelity. But it did leave us with a lasting legacy: the Top 5 lists.

I made the trip out to Serena tonight to see Hinckley-Big Rock take on Newark in the Serena Sectional final - and I'll tell ya, it was worth the drive.

Sophomore guard Lauren McNanna hit a game-winning 3-pointer with 1 second left on the clock to win the game for the Norseman, who trailed for most of the contest.

It's the first sectional title in school history for Newark - so congrats out to them.

West hurt by suspensions

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The Beacon News reported today that Corbin Spearman and Marquis Stewart were suspended for violating the school's athletic code.

Spearman and Stewart could potentially return for the Willowbrook Regional title game, should West advance that far. We're interested in hearing your thoughts as to how this may shake up that regional.

Tiger Woods in a major....
"The Shot" - still...
The fire and the passion...View image
The 12th son of the Lama... It will bring me total consciousness one day...
Not having to wait 100 years for a World Series...View image
Standing on the first tee with the first tee time with an empty golf course in front of me...
Pitchers and catchers reporting...
Feel free to add the things you love too!


Nope - to the Iroquis West Regional, which is where the Newark boys basketball team is headed for their playoff contests next week. Don't know where that is? Chances are, neither do the Norseman.

They're going to go 85.72 miles and I hour and 44 minutes - one way, mind you - in a bus. And if it snows? Geez - they're going to have severe cases of the Jimmy Legs halfway to a truck stop in Gilman.

If they win on Tuesday, they would have to play on Wednesday. If they win Wednesday, they'd have to play on Friday. So if all goes well, they get to do that three times in a week.

You get to go through Dwight though, which is nice.

At least it's warm somewhere

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Not here, but that's OK as pitchers and catchers are starting to file into spring training. It just means all will be right with the world soon. I wish the MLB website would show some streaming video of the workouts, I'm so anxious for baseball that I could probably spend the entire day online watching a bunch of guys playing catch or taking grounders.

You know, something like this

or this

Don't worry, it will stop snowing least I think so.

Later this week Batavia and Geneva will play each other for a fourth time in the Bartlett Regional in 4A while Hinckley-Big Rock and Newark will play each other for the 4th time in the Serena Sectional championship.

Now, the situations are different. HBR and Newark were at opposite ends of the bracket and played their way into each other. Geneva and Batavia were screwed in the seeding, setting up this current meeting.

And in other brackets across the classes, Waubonsie could play West Aurora again, Rosary could play Oswego again...nothing like beating your brains in against the same people over and over...

I wonder if this will force coaches to look outside the box (and the Beacon News coverage area) when it comes to scheduling non-conference games and holiday tournaments in the future...

From the moment I saw video of Brittney Griner, which admittedly was a few hours ago, I sat at my desk saying "wait for it...wait for it..." and here it is.

What was I waiting for? That's right, stupid people.

They're always there, always around, but something about young, athletic prowess makes them come out in droves. This applies to all those signing day stories about Terrelle Pryor and his supposed impact on next year's college football Top 25, fan boy drooling over outfield prospects in Class A rookie ball and most especially, the hype heaped on young hoops players.

They say you can always count on death and taxes. In sports, you can set your watch by the stupid people. stupid people.jpg

My favorite show of all time, Seinfeld, always seemed to work in the odd Chicago sports reference - which I love. Perhaps the most well known is in The Limo episode when George and Jerry pretend to be O'Brien and Murphy and think they are headed to see Michael Jordan and the Bulls play the Knicks at Madison Square Garden. ...

But my personal favorite was just so absurd - it's The Heart Attack episode from Season 2, when Jerry finds out that George did not have a heart attack.

One of the items Jerry wants from George when he dies is his Blackhawks jacket...what?! How random is that? Do you have any favorite inane Chicago sports references in movies, TV or music?

Sectional predictions

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I know, I know - the 4A boys hoops playoffs don't start until Feb. 25. A lot can happen in 2 weeks...injury, suspension, ineligibility...but I can't help it. Here are my East Aurora Sectional predictions...

Today is a day to look in a mirror and tell yourself, "I'm a man."

And if you're not a man - if you're a mother, of children - this is for you too!

Smile on this Sunday!

When it comes to high school sports nicknames, doesn't it seem like there are about a hundred different "Wildcats", "Warriors", "Eagles", "Panthers", or other versions of big cats, big dogs or birds of prey.

It seems that way because there are thousands, and it's kind of annoying. I mean, expansion teams in professional sports leagues spend thousands of dollars to find out exactly the right nickname for that particular market. I think high schools should pay a kid like $1 an hour to go through the IHSA school directory to find out what names not to pick.

Anyway, the point in picking an animal is to, I guess, create a sense of pride, perhaps intimidation, some toughness...well, if a school really wants to get gangsta - they gotta go with these:
East Aurora Baby Hippos ... or West Aurora Platypuses ... or Geneva Dingos ... or Oswego Chimps ... or Somonauk Swans. I'm telling you - you can sell all kinds of View image">stupid window decals and t-shirts while really instilling fear....because I tell ya - I came face-to-beak with a swan once and that was a helluva lot more scary than any Wildcat or Panther I ever saw in a zoo...

Happy Saturday

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It's just after midnight here at the sportswriting center of the universe, and here are a few basketball musings to ponder as we head towards March Madness. (Wait, can I use that or do I need the IHSA's permission?)

It's been one of those days - pot holes, a little snow, some wind, busy intersections and for some odd reason, a lot of Heidi Montag and Teri Hatcher...

No matter what I've been through though - hearing Ice Cube tell me it was a good day always brings a smile to my face....

That, and a buzzer beater by Mark Adams of ACC...
Hey, I had to get that a local sports angle in there right?

View image

Batavia gets it done

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I love being right.

Last Saturday I said that Batavia has that "little something extra" that really good teams need to have in order to advance in the postseason...and it was on display again tonight in a 74-68 victory over Geneva.

Trailing by seven early in the fourth quarter, the Bulldogs were led by two unheralded players down the stretch: Jordan Smith and reserve Stewart Charles.

The two combined to score 14 points in the fourth quarter(!), and Smith netted 21 for the entire game. They two "big men" hit the boards, the floor, and the Vikings hard down the stretch to push them to a victory.

Class 4A Boys basketball: Let the debate begin

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Batavia grabbed the Class 4A East Aurora Sectional's No. 1 seed. Waubonsie Valley is No. 2 and West Aurora No. 3 ...

When New York Mets' pitcher Pedro Martinez left his house in the Dominican Republic to join friend Juan Marichal for a night of cockfight-watching, he probably thought nothing of it.

99.99% of the time, recruiting rankings are much ado about nothing - no matter the school. People are going nuts over Nick Saban and Alabama's crop...but what we should be interested in here in The Beacon News coverage area is whether Marmion kicker Alex Picini will try and walk on with the Crimson Tide.

I know Alex can kick at the next level - and I'm not talking about DII or DIII - he's got a DI leg. His high school coach Dan Thorpe calls him a sleeper. I couldn't agree more. Thing is, kickers don't get the same type of media love as position players - and even coaches will wait until the spring and summer to even offer them scholarships - but watch out for him.

I know he could play at Dayton, or even NIU for that matter. But he's familiar with the territory down there (he kicked his junior year in the state) and to me, I'd love nothing more than to see break some SEC hearts in two or three years. Ohio State loses.jpg

The White Sox announced a major contract extension today: that's right, Hawk Harrelson is back baby. Well, OK, he never left...but still...

Was it just me, or when he kept calling Steve Stone the "Stone Pony" last year - were you thinking of Davante Stone from back in the day on WGCI? That drove me crazy...

I heard Hawk tell a local radio station that Ken Williams and Ozzie Guillen have rekindled his passion for the game and for the White Sox...

Funny - I thought Aaron Rowand provided enough fire and passion to sustain Southsiders until the Apocalypse.

Aaron Rowand.jpg

BREAKING NEWS ALERT: The Beacon News has just learned that Waubonsie Valley's 6-6, 315-pound offensive lineman A.J. Lindeman is headed to Central Michigan University as a preferred walk-on. Lindeman wanted to the chance to earn a scholarship at a Division I program, and he'll get that chance with the Chippewas.

If the big lineman improves his foot speed and overall athleticism in his redshirt year with the Chippewas, he'll earn a scholarship....

As a preferred walk-on, Lindeman will be able to work out with the team in the summer, instead of waiting until school starts like other walk-ons...

Don't get star-struck

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It always amuses me to see how much time and energy people spend on bragging or complaining about the bevy/lack of 5-star and 4-star recruits a college football team gets on national signing day.

Signing day Q & A's

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Aurora Christian's Garrett Gilkey talks about going to Division II power Chadron State, which also happens to be Don Beebe's alma mater. The Eagles' coach also weighs in on Gilkey's decision...

Geneva's Rob Wicinski also talks about defensive back Jake Conforti, who is still choosing between three schools...

Waubonsie Valley coach Paul Murphy talks about Spencer Merritt going to New Mexico, Dwight Harris going to Western and A.J. Lindeman walking on at Central Michigan....

So what about...

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You're thinking the same thing I am - what about some of the top football players in the area?

Read on my friend, read on...

Signing day cont...

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Here's what we've got so far...
Football: Spencer Merritt (Waubonsie Valley) - University of New Mexico
Track: Brett Einbecker (WV) - Illinois
Women's soccer: Emily Bielaga (WV) - Jacksonville State; Jessica Blake (WV) - Eastern Illinois; Hilary Blake (WV) - Eastern Illinois; Kailey Gear (Batavia) - Arkansas State; Mary Wondowlowski (Batavia) - University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee; Julie Ewing (Batavia) - Illinois; Sarah Sroka (Geneva) - Northwestern; Brianne Santacaterina (Geneva) - DePaul...

Keep reading for more...

Today is the day for young men and women from football, track and field, soccer, cross country and a few other minor sports to sign National Letters of Intent. It's a great day for them, and for their high schools.

But here's what we forget - it's NCAA Division I signing day. Now, other kids will ink with other schools, but if you're wondering why some kids are being "ignored" - they're not. Teams from Division II on down can get players to commit whenever.

Naturally, football is the big dog today - but in The Beacon News coverage area, only Waubonsie Valley linebacker Spencer Merritt is hitting the big stage by signing with the University of New Mexico...

The Daily Dose: Intro

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Good morning!
It's time to have some fun here at The Sports Beacon ... yeah, yeah, we just started but it's never too early right? This category will be dedicated to digging up the little nuggets of info from the local sports scene, as well as on the big boys in Chicago.
It'll be filled with the things you didn't know about, the things you wish you knew about and the things you didn't care to know about - but trust me, it'll always be worth it.

Let's kick this off with a question: Can Lil' Wayne save John Paxson?
(Oh, you know you want to read more...)

Girls basketball: 20 year drought over!

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When is a first-round girls basketball regional game a very big deal?

Casey Crosby's new baseball card

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Looks pretty tough.

I love the new SCC's divisions.

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I love the way the new Suburban Christian Conference is going to handle its divisions for football.

A Winter Baseball Fix

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The Kane County Cougars held their winter banquet last Friday night, which was a welcome respite from what has become a long, cold baseball-less off season.

Collins homecoming

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Former East High basketball standout Shaun Collins returns to the area Thursday night when he and his Oakton Community College teammates play Waubonsee in a Skyway Conference game at 7:15 p.m. in Sugar Grove. Collins, a 6-foot-2 freshman guard, has recently moved into the starting lineup for the Raiders. He scored 22 points Jan. 15th when the Raiders topped the Chiefs 82-75 at home. Oakton, the defending Skyway champs, are currently 5-2 in the league and 10-10 overall.

At least to Bulls fans...Yup - this is the end of the fourth quarter of Game 4 of the 1991 Eastern Conference finals. Fast forward to the 3:39 mark to watch Isiah Thomas and seven other "Bad Boys" slink away without congratulations before the game is even over...

Very similar to Sunday's sore loser, Pats coach Bill Belichick...

Ok, ok - the live blogging thing didn't happen last night (as you can tell) at the Batavia Night of Hoops. We ran into some technical difficulties, which should have been anticipated because well, we've never done it before. So, read more for some observations from a great night of basketball...

Batavia Night of Hoops

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To whet the appetite a little bit for today's contests, here's a piece of history from the early 90's, featuring Corey Williams, one of the poeople who helped come up with the idea for tonight's event....

Beebe's place in history

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How big was Don Beebe running down Leon Lett in Super Bowl XXVII (27 for the non-Romans in the crowd)?

Friday's cancellations/postponements

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Here's what we've got so far ...

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