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Rio's it....

In case you wanted to know a little bit more about Rio, check this out...

I stayed up to watch the Chicago presentation at 2 a.m. this morning, and it nearly put me right to sleep.
The Obama speeches definitely delivered, but unfortunately the rest of the lineup was horrible. Mayor Daley looked petrified and Pat Ryan looked like he was going to keel over at any moment...
and the athletes they trotted out - my god - bad.
So were the other nameless/faceless jokers...
not good.

You know what they were missing don't you.
That's right.

The Fire. And The Passion...
Rowand face.jpg

I think if Da Coach or Aaron Freakin' Rowand or Dan Hampton or the ghost of Walter Payton could have gone to Copenhagen, or if Samurai Mike could've dropped his pants during the presentation, then we would be celebrating Chicago's victory right now, rather than waiting for the next machete to drop in Rio.

But, live and learn. Next time this comes around I'm sure Joe Crede and A.J. Pierzynski and The Fire and The Passion will be available to boost Chicago's chances....

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