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Two-wheeling it to work

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Active Transportation Alliance, a group devoted to promoting bicycling, walking and public transit, has declared June 12-18 "Bike to Work Week." Last year, more than 320 companies participated, including the Chicago Sun-Times. Team leaders can click here to sign up their company. That person will encourage co-workers to bike at least one trip during the week, collect results and submit them online.

Because I live more than 30 miles from the office, and have to lug an 8-pound laptop everyday, I don't think I can bike all the way --- unless I'm up for an hours-long commute. But I may try biking to the closest Metra station, about a mile away, loading up the bike and then biking the 2 miles or so from the Route 59 Metra station to the office. Metra has boosted the amount of bikes it allows on the trains. You can check out your line here to see what is allowed.

Because I'm planning my bike-train commute on a weekend it shouldn't be as crowded nor will I have to worry as much about clothing, etc. But the alliance has some nice tips for people who need to worry about that type of stuff, check it out here.

Let me know if you have ditched the gas pedal for the bike pedal on your daily work commute. I'd be interested to hear how you do it. And I'll let everyone know how my two-wheel adventure worked out.

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Thirty miles? With a laptop? You're just making excuses. Get on that bike! (Don't forget your helmet.)

There's absolutely nothing at all like riding a great mountain bike on a mountain trail - particularly in the spring time. I cannot think of anything that I'd rather go do - well, there's ONE thing .. ;-)

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