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License Plate Covers - Trooper Talk

License Plate Covers

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"Hello Sgt Ness I have a question and I can't seem to find the answer on the Internet, I recently bought a new car and transfer plates, someone told me its illegal to have a license plate frame on your vehicle now. As I see other drivers on the road most drivers has frames on their plates, I am told I could get pulled over and get issued a ticket for having the frame on my car, could you address this and let me know the truth of this law or if it is a law."
Thanks Kay

Kay, whoever told you this is probably confusing a license plate frame with a license plate COVER. Previously, clear glass or plastic license plate covers were allowed as long as they were not tinted. However, as of January 1, 2006, all license plate covers, clear or tinted, became illegal. It also became illegal to sell any such covers. The violation is considered a moving offense (which counts against your license for suspension purposes).

A license plate FRAME (which only goes around the plate) is legal as long as it does not obscure the plate or registration sticker in any fashion.

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i want to use my license plate cover (clear green) for a personalized touch to my car. so is it illegal in all the states?

From M/Sgt. Ness:
Sophia, you need to check the laws in the state you live in. Most states prohibit any kind of tinted or color license plate covers. Until January 1, 2006, Illinois Law allowed clear covers but prohibited tinted ones such as you mention. Now, Illinois law prohibits covers of any kind, even clear ones. Some other states do the same, the law varies by state.

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