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Trucks on Lake Shore Drive

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Dear Randy,
My husband lived in the city of Chicago his whole life. We recently married and now live in a sw suburb (Willow Springs IL). I had a small pickup truck and my husband had a car . So Now when we go into the city to see how the reconstruction on his house we take Lake Shore Drive but we use his car, he said my truck was not allowed ?? We see pickup trucks traveling on Lake Shore Drive all the time ... small ones, full size, and they have no caps or covers on the bed with truck plates as mine.
Have any kind of ordinances changed as far as what kind of trucks can be on the drive or did my husband misunderstand something ? I'd really appreciate an answer at your convenience.

Thank you so much,

Your husband is correct. Trucks of any kind are prohibited from many Chicago Streets and Boulevards (including Lake Shore Drive) by City ordinance. This is normally enforced by Chicago Police Department Officers, and is Chicago Muncipal traffic ordinance Chapter 9-72-020. Apparently, the intent of the restriction is to keep delivery and other trucks off of streets and roads meant for passenger vehicles. It has become popular in recent years for people to use pickups for personal transportation, although their original purpose was for hauling materials and commodities. As I understand the ordinance, it applies to vehicles required to display truck plates. While many SUVs, Hummers, etc are larger than some pickups, these vehicles are intended for passenger transportation.

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It is a ridiculous law that needs to be changed. It is unfair to allow monstrous SUV's but not to allow personal passenger trucks. Is this law even legal. Is it legal to tell someone they can not drive a legal licensed vehicle on a public roadway?

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