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FOID Card Processing

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Dear Officer.
I am trying to check the status of my wife's FOID card and we cannot get through to the office number provided. She sent her application in on 2/27/09 and the check was cashed on 3/9/08. As of 4/21 we cannot find out status. Is there any other way to check status?

Thank You.


I'm sorry you're experiencing delays in getting the FOID card processed. I have received several E-mails with the same issues. Unfortunately, there has been a large number of persons applying for the cards, and it caused a backup. The result has been longer processing times than normal. If you sent an application in, rest assured that it will be processed in the order it was received. There is a number you can call to check on your information. A team was put together to answer these calls, at (217) 782-7980. Hope this information is helpful.

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